Saturday, January 9, 2021

Girl Guides part 1

 On board an old Scottish puffer traveling the Highlands. Cécile and Brigitte two French girls in their late teens, wearing short shorts, were eyeing two Scottish boys wearing kilts. The two girls were whispering in French, "Scottish boys are said to be wearing nothing under their kilts..."

"In your dreams ! The one on the left is wearing navy shorts."

The lads were also whispering, "I would love to slowly peel down the shorts of the red head..."

"She's French and a red head, too hot for you !"

Suddenly the train stopped dead with brakes screeching. It took everyone by surprise. The girls' backpacks fell out of the overhead compartment, but they weren't underneath. They had been sent flying on the knees of the Scottish boys. The girls and the boys had their hands full ! The girls eventually stood. They all profusely apologized, and it was hard to say who was blushing more. The boys were about to help the girls with their fallen backpacks when the train hastily reversed. This time the boys landed on the girls knees. They again had their hands full, and all of them laughed.

The intercom crackled, "There has been a landslide, the tracks are covered with mud. We are reversing till the last station..."

The girls were chatting while they adjusted their backpacks as they prepared to leave the train.

"The other boy is also wearing navy shorts..."

"He got a good feel of your bum and you didn't mind too much !"

It was a miniature station with only one room. It wasn't expecting a train to stop on that day, the single ticket booth was closed. They went through and stopped in front of a horse drawn carriage. On the front bench sat two girls wearing British girl guides uniforms. They called out, "You're the French girls ?"

"We're French, why ?"

"Hop aboard ! We have been waiting for you since the landslide !"

Cécile was about to say that they aren't French girl guides...

Brigitte hurriedly shushed her. They exchanged high five and climbed aboard...

The two girls introduced themselves, "I am Dorothy and she is Camilla..."

"I am Cécile and she is Brigitte..."

Dorothy warned, "Sister Maria won't approve of your shorts..."

Camilla offered, "We can stop somewhere and you can change into your uniforms..."

Cécile did a great job of having a contrite like tone, "Oops! We forgot them !"

"Oh my ! Sister Maria will roast your butts !"

Brigitte followed with, "We have jeans skirts, they are quite shorts, but they might be more agreeable to Sister Maria...

Dorothy nodded, and Camilla steered the horse towards a grassy curb. Cécile and Brigitte search their backpacks and exchanged their shorts for jeans miniskirts. The English girls mused, "I would love to wear such shorts !"

"You would have all the boys drooling !"

Dorothy noticed the French girls miniskirts, "I don't know if Sister Maria will be happier with those skirts..."

Cécile whispered, "They said that we are going to have our butts roasted…”

Brigitte laughed, "Don't tell me that you are afraid of a spanking !"

"I sure aren't, and I have probably received more spankings than you !"

"That's impossible !"

They exchanged challenging high fives as they went under a ranch like gate with a sign reading, "Holy Loch Ranch" It was actually a campsite with a dozen or more small chalets like bungalows by a shimmering lake on a hilly backdrop. There was also an old two floor stone and wood house with a couple of smoking chimneys. They guessed that it was the dining hall with the kitchen and some offices. Obviously the rooms of the sisters were above.

Camilla had the horse stopping by a large terrace in front of that building. There was a stern looking middle aged matron standing on that terrace with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a dark grey dress with a leather belt. Dorothy whispered, "That's Sister Maria..."

She welcomed us with bellowing, "What are those trollop skirts ? Why aren't you wearing your uniforms ?"

"Soz Sister, we forgot them..."

"Come here !"

When we stood in front of her she had our ears ringing with, "Having forgot your uniforms and wearing trollop skirts ! I am going to give you a lesson to remember..."

"What's your name ?"

"I am Brigitte Ma'am..."

With one swift move she grabbed my wrist and pulled me over her knees while sitting on a nearby wooden bench. She raised my miniskirt and yanked my knickers into my crack. Then she spanked me. She had hard callous hands and spanked fast. It was a long and fiery spanking. She did more than alternating between my cheeks, she also smacked my upper thighs and I couldn't help pedaling as a well spanked naughty girl. I felt lucky to have kept my knickers. I didn't know how many smacks I got. She concluded with, "Next time you misbehave I'll take down your knickers !" 

 She had me standing up, and grabbed Cécile. A few minutes later, which must have felt much longer for Cécile, we discreetly pulled out our tongues as if challenging each other, and we didn't rub our fiery bums. Then Sister Maria ordered, "Camilla, Dorothy, they will be bunking with you, and take them to the store for uniforms !"

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued...

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