Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Camp Rosy Cheeks part 6/6

Having returned at our campsite we expected to be immediately punished for the hanky panky and drinking with the boys scouts. We had been promised to be taught a new dance we wouldn't like. Instead we had our usual diner with a camp fire. We overheard the mistresses chatting none too discreetly.
"Let them roast marshmallows before we roast their butts!"
"The hanky panky, although they were warned, we can understand."
"The drinking, never, they are to learn discipline!"
I didn't sleep too well that night, and I could hear Anna tossing and turning under the tent we shared. We eventually slept and were fast asleep when the bugle sounded reveille. We hurried up to assemble and Agatha was the last one. She had to take off her gym knickers for a dozen strokes of the switch, boy did she dance.
Next she was told to remove her uniform t-shirt, and we had to form a circle  around her. We understood that our punishment for our hanky panky and drinking had started.
"All of you take off your knickers, and pick up a piece of rope from that bench. You will hold it between your hands and keep your arms high above your head. Then you run around Agatha."
We started our merry go round dance around Agatha, and discovered that our mistresses had long switches.
Each time we ran in front of a mistresses her switch whipped our naked butt or thighs. "OUCH!"
"If one of you drops her rope, the dancing will be stopped, and she will get a dozen strokes."
None of us dropped it!
We tried running faster, but we still got our bums well whipped.
We had a concerto of "AH! ARGH! AIE! OUCH!" and "AIEEE!" or "OUCHEEE!"
Next was preparing and eating breakfast with one hand rubbing our bums and thighs.
For our last week we had final exams. I had made great progress and escaped the switch, but I did get a good spanking with that leather paddle because of the math quiz.
Two days before the end of the month I was switched because Harry had sneaked into our campsite, and we couldn't help keeping our hands out of each others pants. Harry had very sweetly kissed and licked my furry kitty goodbye.
On the day of our departure we had a couple of surprises! Miss Chieftain announced. "You will be travelling home with you Camp Rosy Cheeks uniforms, and don't you dare change into your jeans in the loos, we have informed your parents!"
We changed into the brown A-line skirts that weren't too long, and couldn't be lowered because of the leather belt, and the yellow t-shirts with red monogram none too discreetly reading Camp Rosy Cheeks.
The second surprise was that we were each given a leather paddle for our parents. There was also instructions for properly using it.
Clarissa is a good girl, but she should be encouraged to apply herself when her grades are faltering. For proper encouragement tell her to remove her skirt and knickers before bending her over your knees. Then grab her wrists behind her back and spank her bottom and upper thighs. No less than twenty smacks as a warning and forty or even fifty for a punishment. Finally she will be told to stand into a corner exposing her crimson derriere with her hands above her head. Camp Rosy Cheeks is open over Easter...
Anna and I concluded our reading with. "We'll have to pull up our socks!"
Then we checked each other's skirt, and figured that we wouldn't be advertising that we were switched if we didn't run.
The old army truck drove us back to the local train station. Our Mistresses waved us off, and we waved back. We nervously laughed when they said, "We'll see you for Easter!"
On board the old puffer, we had to be on tiptoe to load our backpacks into the luggage rack above our seats, and we heard the lady telling her twenty something daughter sharing our compartment. "Next time I'll switch your thighs!"
We sat, and saw that she was blushing as much as us...
Clarissa and co
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