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The Magic Mirror part 5

Lulu the minx was going to be caned, and it will be well deserved.

"Do I have to wear my schoolgirl costume?"

"Yes, and I'll wear mine, as I will be accompanying you."

As we prepared, I advised. "You don't want to be confused as a twenty something med student dressed as a schoolgirl. You better remove all makeup, tie your hair in bunches, and no need to add any rouge to your cheeks. You will soon be blushing as a school brat!"

Lulu frowned and fired back. "So will you with that naughty girl cane stripe across your thighs."

I had another look in her tall mirror, and she further teased. "No doubt about that. It hasn't faded enough. You're the picture of the naughtiest girl in the school!"


Laughing, we ran to the tram station with miniskirts flying as if we were at least four years back in time. It was magic! I did blush when I felt a couple of schoolboys gazing at the cane stripe under the hem of my skirt.

Lulu laughed, and teased them. "She got that for having punched bloody the nose of a perv like you!"

Later, as we stood in front of the automate, she was no longer so cocky! I encouraged her. "Tell how you invited two boys you barely knew to your apartment."

She confessed. "I am Lucinda, and I confessed to having invited two boys I barely knew to my apartment, and I was shagged silly, and it was in the middle of the week, and the next day I had a poor grade for a surprise quiz."

The automate chimed. "You will be severely punished, Lucinda!"

I accompanied her to the assigned booth by the automate and told her to touch the mirror. She had a surprised OH! as it magically vanished, and the lady with the cane appeared.

"Belinda, I am surprised to see you again so soon after your last punishment. Have you already been naughty?"

I instinctively rubbed my school skirt over my bum as she questioned me. "No, no Ma'am, not naughty. I have been a very good girl!"

I didn't have to introduce Lulu. "You have brought your accomplice! Lucinda, we now know that you played the leading part in that night of debauchery. There's nothing wrong with having fun with boys at your age, but you barely knew these young men, and it was during the week while having classes the next day, and it resulted in poor grades. You will be punished!"

Lulu was head down during that lecture, and blushed when told. "You are getting the full six of the best because you were the leader. Five strokes onto your bottom plus one across your thighs, below your skirt's hem line, for everyone to see that you were punished as a naughty girl. Take your skirt and knickers off!"

Lulu obeyed, and I blushed when I saw her exhibiting her fuzzy peach. The lady gave her five stingers, and Lulu duly acknowledged them.


"Stand! Pull up your knickers, adjust your skirt so that I know where to aim."




She danced on the spot while rubbing her thighs. That was soon interrupted by the lady sternly ordering us out.

Lulu tried to rub more discreetly as she realized that she was out in the middle of the shopping center. I told her to run and followed her. I almost laughed when I saw her rubbing her thighs while running. At the tramway station, I teased. "You've showed your knickers to everyone!"


"As well as the cane stripes peeking out of them!"

"Grgrgrgr! My butt and thighs are on fire. She canes like the devil, my old school Mistress didn't cane that hard!"

 On the tram, we overheard two old geezers. "Some schools still know how to deal with young hussies!"

We had a blushing competition. I whispered. "Don't you feel excited to be again a schoolgirl with a burning butt?"

She whispered back. "I have wet my knickers."

I invited her home. "I have Epsom salt and Arnica."

I was preparing a hot bath with Epsom salt when she said. "If you don't mind, I'll first have a rub with Arnica."

"On the bed, naughty girl, skirt up and knickers down! Don't be shy. I saw it all!"


"Oh! You are going to give me a rub! Thanks!"

I did, and one thing led to another. I soon also wet my knickers.


To be continued...


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