Sunday, December 17, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 8

Sunday morning I woke up with a headache. It wasn't an actual hangover as I hadn't drank that much at Amelia's birthday party, but I did have a few. 

I remembered Grandma/Mom having caught me returning home after my curfew time in classic eighteen years old fashion, through my bedroom window. I had climbed over the garage with Brian giving me a hand, and teased him for having an eyeful view of my knickers. It was great fun. I hadn't had so much fun since I was eighteen. Thanks magic ring for allowing me to be again eighteen!

There was a drawback! Grandma/Mom had wished me good night with. "Tomorrow morning, before church it will be six of the best!"
I fell asleep with my mean little voice telling me not to take off the magic ring. You deserve the cane for all the partying which led you to fail your A Levels back in the present.
I was now fully awake and toying with the ring, the little voice was meaner than last night. You deserve to be caned!  
The ring remained on my finger, and I went down for breakfast. Grandma/Mom had prepared her great Sunday morning breakie and Grandpa/Pop gave me a tall fizzy glass with an Alka Seltzer.
There was eventually no breadcrumb left to delay the issue, and Grandma/Mom sternly ordered. "Take a shower, dress for church and come back with your cane! You have twenty minutes! We don't want to be late for the service."
 I was very careful not to be late, and wearing my red summer dress I was back in the kitchen with quite a few butterflies in my tummy, plus my cane. Grandma/Mom took it and tapped the old table. "Bend over the table, and grab the other end."
I obeyed, and felt my short dress rising. It didn't stop, she rose till uncovering my knickers. Then with one swift move she lowered them to my knees. I was quite aware to be bare bum in the kitchen with the door leading to the garden opened. I prayed that the neighbors wouldn't be visiting.
The cane hissed and SMACK!
It was a streak of fire across my bum, and both my legs left the floor.
Hisssss and SMACK!
It was another fiery stripe, and I pedaled my legs.
Hisseeeeee and SMACK!
The whole neighborhood must have heard me, and my derriere was on fire!
"Sniff... Sniff... Sniff..."
 I got my six, and had no doubt that they were the best.
"Pull up your knickers, adjust your dress, return the cane behind your bedroom's door, we are leaving in five minutes."
I was sniffling as I rubbed my incandescent derriere with the cream I had found the other day. It wasn't much help. Then I rinsed my puffy eyes. A minute later, the cool leather of the car's back seat was a blessing, but it soon warmed up.
On the way to church, that meanie voice, again chimed. Now you know what to expect if your grades slip under 10/20. I inwardly nodded, my bottom was burning, and felt reassured that I wouldn't be again failing my A Levels.
Grandpa/Pop had parked the car. On the way to the church across the parking lot I felt like my still blazing bum was burning through my light dress, and advertising to the whole congregation that I was a well punished naughty girl. Even with such a thought I couldn't help a couple of discreet rubs.
Inside the church, we sat next to Lucinda and her parents. The chairs were devilishly uncomfortable. I kinda giggled for thinking that the devil is in the details. All that was now needed was for the pastor to sermon us about the devilish miniskirts.
I saw that Lucinda was wriggling as much as me in her chair, and I whispered.
"Traded mea culpa with six of the best!"
She whispered back. "Samo, and no discount!"
Later, was a barbecue in the church garden offered by candidates for the city council. We wandered away from our parents to join our boyfriends. We soon found a discreet corner for slurpy kisses, and we just about jumped out of our knickers when they filled their hands with our derrieres. We had to tell them of our respective caning. They of course wanted to have a look! We brazenly raised our short summer dresses, and I giggled when Brian offered to kiss my bum and make it all better.
To be continued...
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