Sunday, July 31, 2022

Wee-wee girls part 2


"Phew what?! We are twenty-two and we are going to have our bums caned like schoolgirls. You've seen how he spanked his daughter. Her bottom was crimson!"

"Lets go buy those canes."

"Oh, my! Isn't that going to be fun? We'd like two school canes, Ma'am."

I laughed and echoed, "Who is it for, a boy or a girl, and what's his or her age?"

"It's for us Ma'am!"

"Would you like to try them? I could ask my husband."

We were no longer laughing when we discreetly surveyed the shop after having parked our bikes. A couple of customers had just walked out.

"Lets move! There's only Mrs Morrison at the counter."

We were already blushing as we entered the store, and the door had chimed as loud as a church bell."

Again Maya poked me, and as fast as I could I stammered, "G... g... good morning Ma'am, may we please have two school canes."

Mrs Morrison greeted us, and acknowledged our request with a strange grin. "Good morning, young ladies, two school canes, yes, of course." Just then we heard the door chiming, and a middle-aged couple entered.

She also greeted them. "I'll be right with you."

She disappeared at the other end of her shop for a few very long minutes. Maya blushed as red as a traffic light, and I felt my cheeks glowing. She reappeared with two school canes. If that couple hadn't heard us earlier, they now saw the two rods. "It will be £7.50, please." We paid, and just about ran!


Then it was time for our atonement. Sunday morning before the service, we presented ourselves at the vestry wearing the miniskirts we had worn that night. Surprisingly, they had never felt so short.

The reverent smiled when he saw us. He turned to his daughter, the one we had already met, "I have asked Helen to witness your punishment. It is only fair since you had witnessed hers." He swished the two canes, and we shuddered as they hissed. "Excellent! You girls will remember that!"

He gave his daughter a thin blue felt pen and told her to draw a line on our thighs to show where our minis reached.

Then he sternly commanded, "Sylvia, raise your skirt, lower you knickers to your knees, bend over the back of that chair and grab its seat."

"Oh please Sir, it's so embarrassing, may I keep my knickers, please."

"It was on the bare for my daughter, therefore you will bare your bottom!"

Having said that, he gave me a very convincing stroke across my knickers, and I shamefully lowered them.

The more I lowered myself over the back of that tall chair, the more I was conscious of what I was revealing, and the more I blushed. I grab the seat of that chair, feeling my fuzzy peach well exposed.

I heard the cane whistling through the air, and a split second later it felt like a bolt of lightning had come from the sky, and struck my bare bottom. It wasn't Daddy's belt!



I breathed deeply and braced myself for the next stroke.



After the third stroke, my whole bottom was on fire. I stomped my feet, and my knickers fell around my ankles. Number six was across my upper tights and I bawled.


"Stand and sit on the chair!"

I did. I'll never remember how, but I did. With the tip of the cane, he raised my skirt till revealing my tuft and decorated the front of my thighs exactly on the blue line drawn earlier by his daughter.



"That one should teach you to keep your skirt down! Pick up your knickers, stand in the corner holding your skirt up while I deal with your friend, and no rubbing!"

I was sniffling, and hadn't dared mention that we were to receive only six strokes. My bottom and thighs were still throbbing when we were told to pull up our knickers. "You will now attend the service on the first row."

Maya had escaped the corner time.

I was very self conscious when I walked down the aisle with my shortish skirt caressing the fiery cane welts decorating my thighs. I felt like a well punished schoolgirl attending Sunday service with her parents. The front row bench was hard for our sore derrieres. We squirmed from one cheek to the other. Next to me Maya sniffled. "Next time I'll wee in my knickers."

Back home, we crammed together into the bath tube for a long soak with Epsom salts. We also very gently massaged each other's bum with all the creams we had.


"That reverend is a mean old sod!"

Sylvia and May

To be continued...

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