Sunday, November 20, 2022

District Remedial School part 4

Private tuition with Mr Matheson was at his home on Saturday morning. His daughters were surprised when they opened the door.

"You're still in school!?"

"Silly! Look at the crest on her blazer."

"She's from the Remedial School."

"Poppa usually gives private lessons to younger girls."

"He smacks their bare butts."

"Spanked bare butt at your age."

"He will tell you to take off your knickers."

"Then he will pin your skirt up."

"And smack your bare butt."

They both chanted,

"Shame! Shame! Shame!"

"Bare butt! Bare butt! Bare butt!"

Mrs Matheson chased them, and Mr Matheson lead me to his office. I discovered a large blackboard affixed to the wall and two old school desks with inkwells. They were obviously meant for his daughters and private pupils. He had me remove my blazer and sit at one of those desks. He carefully explained the exercises I had stumbled on. Then he had me do similar exercises on the blackboard. I was successful with the first two, but I didn't get the third one.

He sternly ordered, "Take off your knickers, and come here!" I left my knickers on my desk and took a few steps to be in front of him. He walked around me, raised my skirt and attached it between my shoulder blades with a clothespin, exactly as his daughters had said. 

While standing he copiously smacked my bare bottom and thighs as he reexplained the exercise. I had to redo it, and again failed. He pulled me over his knees and re-spanked my derriere and legs while repeating the formula.

 During the reminder of the lesson my knickers remained on my desk. and I sat on my blazing bum with my skirt still pinned up. I even got another resounding spanking. He has the leather hands of a gardener.

Once the lesson was over he opened the door without giving me time to pull up my knickers. I grabbed my satchel and knickers and left his study. On the way out I saw his daughters in the staircase.

"Knickers in one hand, satchel in the other."

"You were spanked."

"And you're bare bum under your skirt."

"We heard it all. You were spanked three times."

"Look! He also smacked her thighs!"


I hissed, "Pests!"

I was too embarrassed to pull up my knickers in front of them. I stuffed them into one of my blazer's pockets and left.

The new wide leather saddle of my bike felt cool. I pedaled as fast as I could with carefully keeping my bottom on the saddle. I had a date and I was late.

He is one of the young legal adviser. A tall handsome devil, dark hair, tiger-brown eyes, well groomed, but shaving only every other days. That gives him a super virile look. He also always wears posh suits. As I entered the restaurant I saw him sitting at a table over looking the street side terrace. He was very elegant with grey cords, a white shirt and a navy blazer.

"I am sorry, I am late, and I haven't had time to change. Hoping you don't mind having lunch with a schoolgirl from a remedial school." I hadn't told him that under the strict disciplinary regime I can't change out of uniform till Sunday.

He smiled, stood and pulled my chair out like a gentleman. "I love schoolgirls from remedial schools! Look over there." He discreetly pointed to a girl on the terrace who was wearing the same uniform as me. "She is obviously waiting for someone, and she has been fidgeting on her wicker chair."

"Tha's Agatha, she's in my class. She twice flunked the math test." With a wide smile he added, "She must have had her pretty bum well smacked!"

I mischievously teased him, and whispered with quite a blush, "I got a super spanking from Mr Matheson, and I am bare bottom under my skirt, bare blazing bum."

Adrian had a huge smile, and ordered a superb sea food platter which will cost him a fortune. I told him that I have to visit the powder room. He said, "Wait!" I was intrigued and waited. With a naughty smile he whispered, "Give me your knickers so that you are not tempted to put them back on."

I blushed, eyed the couple at the nearby table, and closed my hand onto my knickers so has to hide them as much as possible, but school girl knickers aren't skimpy lacy things. I felt a strange excitement as my white knickers showed between my finger while I gave them to him as discreetly as I could.

Then I slowly went to the little girls' room. I knew that my short skirt would be doing a poor job of hiding my still reddened thighs. I had a cheeky grin as I felt a few eyes caressing my legs. In the loo's mirror I undid my silly remedial school bunches and got a jealous glance from an older lady. I returned to our table. Adrian had a funny frown, "I did love the bunches."

After lunch he loaded my bike onto the back seat of his convertible. They leather seat felt hot with the car having stood in the sun. "Oh! Ouch!" He drove me home. I invited him for another coffee. I stood on tip toes to find my best china, which I had conveniently relocated that morning. He of course had an eyeful. One thing led to another, and I didn't protest too much when he lifted my skirt. "You have indeed been a very naughty girl!"

I simpered, "My derriere is still burning..."

"Want me to rub it for you?"


"Do you have any Pond's cream?"

I did and he had me purring like a kitten. We had a great shagging party!


To be continued...

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