Sunday, February 27, 2022

Pom-pom part 2

I slept well, and awoke with the scent of grilled lamb chops. I had a look outside and saw by the pool Uncle Amias flipping burgers on a large barbecue while Aunty Angelina was setting up a buffet with a huge salad. Their girls were wearing jeans shorts, and I knocked on Loulou's door and shouted, "Rise and shine!" Then I had a quick shower and also dressed with jeans shorts.
I joined our adopting American family by their pool and apologized for having slept till 11 am. "Loulou will be down in five minutes."
Uncle Amias queried, "Loulou?"
"Yes, Louise is called Loulou and am called Babette instead of Elisabeth."
Aunty Angelina chimed, "We also have nicknames for our girls, Belinda is 'the naughty one' or Belle, and Lilla is Lala or Lilly."
She also added, "Or our best behaved girl!"
Belinda laughed and asked, "Who's the naughtier one?"
Loulou had joined us and chanted, "Babette! Three fessées this last month!"
I blushed, and Belinda gave me high five!
We helped our friends with clearing up after the barbecue and Lilla announced, "We are awaited at the Russel Stars' clubhouse for your welcome party, and we have to change into something more formal such as school skirts for you and cheer team uniform for us..."
On the curbside in front of the house was an old 4 doors Jeep convertible. "What kind of cars have you got back home?"
"I have a classic chick car, a Beetle convertible."
Loulou added, "I have a very French Citroen Deux Cheveaux."
I echoed, "She's such a snob! The Deuche is no longer produced, and a good reconditioned one costs as much as a new WV!"
We parked in front of the Russel Stars Clubhouse. It was a two floor building with colonnades on each side of the double door entrance. Inside, after a vestibule it was a grand hall and the whole team was in uniforms and assembled with its coaches. We were impressed! A team of eighteen girls when back home our team is only twelve. We were honored by the French tricolor standing along side the lone star flag and the Russel Stars pennant.
A G.I. Jane like lady welcomed us, "Bienvenue, I am the head coach, and these are my assistants..." A tall girl from the team stepped forward, "...and this is Veronica the team captain. "There's no tryout as you were scouted, and your team won the French national as well as the EU championship a year ago."
She observed a few seconds of silence with a huge teasing smile. Belinda and Lilla were giggling as well as a number of girls. We were quite curious of what was next...
G.I. Jane added, "You have to be baptized before you are allowed to wear the Russel Stars' uniform. According to our tradition it is for our latest newbie to be doing the honor. Abigail please step forward."
With a purposefully wicked smile she pulled from behind her back a big old fashion school paddle decorated with silver stars. We silently mouthed ohs and ahs.
"Elisabeth and Louise please kiss Miss Paddle." Abigail presented it to us and we respectfully kissed it.
"Now Miss Paddle will return your greetings with kissing your butts! Drop your shorts, keep your hands on your knees, Abigail please spank them !"
"And another one for good measure !"
That paddle had a fierce bite although Abigail didn't have the swing of a tennis star. I watched Loulou, saw that she was still in position and not rubbing. I also remained in position and resisted the urge to rub my fiery bum.
Miss G.I. Jane laughed, "Rub your butts silly Stars!"
This new Russel Star rubbed her bottom with another convincing, "OUCH!"
Then she told us. "There's only two such old paddles at Russel, one with the College's Principal and one with me. Although you are, if warranted, liable to have both of them applied to your nates, we usually first use a belt."
I couldn't figure if that was a blessing...
She sternly added, "Every month I will review your scholarly assessment. If you have less than 70% you will be punished in front of the team, and contrary to today it will be on the bare!"
We blushed and I gulped.
Then we were both given a team sports bag with our uniforms and ordered to change, "The locker room is this way."
In the bag we discovered sports bra, ankle and knee socks, all white. There was several uniforms with pleated or straight skirts or very short shorts. They were white with red and blue trimmings, or blue with white and red trims. The knickers or panties as they call them in the USA were white or red or blue. We had seen that today the team was wearing the white uniform and dressed similarly.
We returned to the assembly hall. Miss Coach slowly walked around us  inspecting our uniforms. She raised our skirts and saw that we were wearing red knickers matching our well reddened derrieres. She ordered, "Abigail turn around and lift your skirt to show them your panties."
We saw that she was wearing red knickers and breathed a sigh or relief. It was a short one! G.I. Jane bellowed, "Girls with red butts wear white knickers! Go and change! Double quick! We want to see what you can do."
We ran and changed...
Babette and Loulou
To be continued...


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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Mirror, mirror me

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Further more our friend at Spanking Emporium as started to publish an old story of mine which was edited, and hopefully improved.

Echo - part 4

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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Pom-pom part 1

June 27th I turned eighteen and got my baccalaureat with honors, my name is Elisabeth, but am called Babette.

July 4th to celebrate the American Independence we had the French Cheerleading Championship. It wasn't the first time that our Dunkirk Wildcats had won, but my best friend Louise, called Loulou, and I weren't part of the team then.

Our coach waved for Louise and I to follow her into her office. She introduced us to Miss Fletcher. "I am an American talent scout, and I am offering the two of you a year at Russel College, Texas, for joining its all girl cheerleader team the Russel Stars..."

For a few very long milliseconds we were mouth opened and our coach added, "Its an opportunity not to be missed!"

We exchanged high five, and answered in unison with huge grins, "We are your girls Ma'am!"

"In Texas you are minors, and I require the consent of your parents."

We pulled out our cellphones and arranged for our parents to gather at Loulou's home. We also asked our coach to accompany us.

Miss Fletcher gave more details as she met our parents. It is an exchange program of the twin city committee of Dunkirk and Russel. You will be housed by a family with two daughters also members of the Russel Stars.

Our parents and our coach exchanged the contracts and carefully read them. Maman read aloud, "Russel College firmly believes in the corporal punishment of pupils misbehaving or poorly working..."

Loulou's father also read aloud,

"...and the Russel Stars have a strict discipline program of their own."

Maman added with a smile for Miss Fletcher "Excellent! Babette tasted her father's belt on a number of occasions."

Louise's Mum echoed, "So did our girl, and its doing her a world of good!"

We both blushed.

Miss Talent-scout added, "The family who will be housing them also believes in firm guidance."

Our coach laughed, "You aren't afraid of a little spanking."

This time we blushed crimson.

Our parents teasingly winked for us and signed all the forms. They also offered to house Texan girls in a year.

I whispered for Loulou, "We will have to watch our steps."

She echoed with, "Or rub our butts!"

Our friends were jealous and worried, "How are we going to win the next 'nationals' without the two of you!"

We took the milk train from Dunkirk to Lille, and the high speed Eurostar from Lille to Roissy CDG airport. Then it was a long flight!

The American Immigration Officer reminded us, "Over here in Texas, you may drive with your French International Licenses, but you are minors, therefore not allowed to buy and consume alcohol or cigarettes." Then we were escorted till Miss Fletcher welcomed us, and the manager of the Russel twin city exchange program signed for us.

We were invited to climb into a huge American 4x4, and it was a two hour drive. We were asleep when we reached the house of our American loco parentis. It was an affluent neighborhood of large houses with double garages. We were warmly welcomed with, "Bienvenue à Russel", in French. We weren't too surprised, we were told that Mrs Johnson is the head of the College's French Department.

"I am Amias Johnson and this is my wife Angelina and our older daughter Lilla. No need to be formal, call us Uncle Amias and Aunty Angelina.

We were helped with our luggage and stepped inside to discover a large comfy lounge. We just about stopped in our tracks when we saw a girl about our age standing in the corner with her hands above her head. Her school uniform skirt was rolled up, her knickers down to her knees and her bottom was streaked in red. "Our second daughter Belinda was again caught speeding, and she was warned that she taste the switch."

Her sister led us upstairs to our rooms and offered a visit, "Our rooms, our parents room, and your rooms with a view of our pool."

"Whoa! A pool ! No pool in Dunkirk, its too cold."

Loulou chimed, "We do have nice summers, but only three or four months and for sure no as hot as in Texas."

Lilla mentioned, "Mum told us, she taught English in Calais for 2 years as an exchanged teach."

She added, "You will find your school uniforms in your wardrobe, as for your cheerleader uniforms there will be a ceremony at the team's clubhouse tomorrow. Dinner is in 10 minutes."

Belinda was released from corner time, she pulled up her knickers with a grimace and adjusted her tartan uniform skirt. "Soz guys, I wasn't able to properly welcome you. I was... how to say?"

Her sister teased, "Showing your red bum to the world!"

Aunty Angelina warned us, "We had a long chat with your parents this morning. They fully agree with our disciplinary methods."

Babette and Loulou

To be continued...

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Saturday, February 19, 2022

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Further more our friend at Spanking Emporium as started to publish an old story of mine which was edited, and hopefully improved.

Echo - part 3

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