Sunday, July 24, 2022

Wee-wee girls part 1

Its 5 AM and the sun is peaking. It was a great night, my friend Maya and I have attended a friend's bachelor party. We had drank more than a few, and were singing silly songs as we cycled back home. We were still quite far from our house when I told Maya, "I need to have a wee. I'll never make it!"

She chimed back, "Same here!"

Into an alley we squatted with our miniskirts up and knickers down to our knees. Just then a dog barked, and lights were turned on in the house across the alley. 

An old lady opened her window. She must have been awaken by our singing or the barking dog. She shouted, "Peeing in the street as trollops!" There was a flash and she triumphantly announced, "Got you!" We hurriedly pulled our knickers up and rode on.

A week later a postman rang, "Miss Sylvia Hamilton and Miss Maya Fletcher?" I nodded and was asked to sign for two letters with the crest of the village, one for each of us. I gave Maya hers and opened mine. There was a very clear photo of the two of us having a wee. We blushed and read our letters.

The Woods Municipality

 "Indecent exposure and urinating in the street.

 You are fined £100 for each offence"

 "If you can't pay your fines within 15 days you should request community work."

 Maya uttered, "£200 each! We won't be able to pay the rent!"

Next day we took an hour off work and presented ourselves at the office of the Municipal Constabulary. We were quite distressed when told, "Sorry, we have filled our quota of volunteers for community work. Would you like to see the Sergeant?"

We did, "You girls have been naughty and unlucky. That old biddy is always on the prowl. Sorry I have no community work."

"We won't be able to pay the rent."

"We'll be evicted!"

"We don't want that. Let me call the mayor's office."

"Yes Sir, I understand ... Six of the best."

The Sergeant had turned the loudspeaker on, and we had blanched before blushing.

"You've heard .... and I won't be the village's whipper. You will have to find someone."

"Sighhh... Who...?"

"The school's matron... or the reverend... or that old biddy... I don't know."

Maya protested, "Not that old b..." She did avoid that b word.

"You have 14 days till reporting back to this office."

As we rode our bikes back home we considered our options, "What options?! Moving to a trailer park or finding someone to cane our butts!"

"Were you caned when in school?"

"Nope, I was mostly hand spanked... Exceptionally it was Mom's hairbrush, and you?"

"Samo, but twice got the belt from my father."

Saturday morning we started our quest for a chastiser with the school's matron. I told Maya, "It will be easier with a woman."

Maya wasn't too reassured, "Some women are quite mean .... even meaner than men."

The school's matron didn't look mean. "How may I help you?" We blushed as we showed her the letters about the fines, and explained that we can't afford to pay and no community work is available. I took a deep breath and blurted out, "Huh... we were told that we should be caned."

"Ah! I haven't caned anyone for years, and I sure don't want to be known as the village's caning lady. Sorry, I can't help." She agreed to keep our conversation confidential, and we thanked her.

Next was the reverend.

There was no reply from the house, we decided to explore the church. We were quite surprised to hear resounding smacks. We winked for each other as it sounded like a spanking in progress. We might have found our spanker.

We silently approached the vestry. The door was ajar and we saw a girl our age getting a bare bottom spanking from the reverent. 

He was athletic and he did quite a job of it, her bottom was glowing! He suddenly stopped, he had spotted us and teased, "What have we got here? Two peeping girls! You want a spanking as my naughty daughter?"

He ordered her, "In the corner, hold your skirt up, and no rubbing!"

He turned back to us, "How may I help you?"

We handed him the letters about our fines and he laughed, "Hahahaha! You are the two girls Mrs Peabody caught peeing in the street!" We sheepishly nodded, and Maya poked me. I understood that it was again for me to do the talking. "We can't pay the fines, we wouldn't be able to pay the rent, we'd lose the house. We asked for community work, but none is available. We were told that we should be caned."

Maya finally decided to help, "Please Sir..."

I continued, "...we would have to move to the trailer park."

"We can't have that! I'll help, but the only girl I have caned was my older daughter a year ago, and I no longer have a cane. You will have to buy one, actually best to buy two."

"Where from Sir?"

"The village convenience store, Mr and Mrs Morrison."

We cringed when he added, "Don't forget to soak them in your bath tube the night before. We want them to be whippy."

Then he sternly added, "You girls will remember that!"

Sylvia and Maya

To be continued...

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