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Pom pom part 5

On the way back home I asked my sisters if Aunty would be lenient for signing my Punishment Notification.

Belinda said, "I wouldn't bet on that!"

Lilla added, "With Dad you can try girly tricks as batting your eyelashes, looking contrite and rubbing your bum. Same as when you try to wrap your own father around your little finger."

Loulou mentioned, "All of that backed fired quite a few times with my Papa."

I nodded. I had the same experiences.

Bella warned, "Don't try to sweet talk Mum!"

Lilla further warned, "She'll have you cut a switch and decorate your thighs!"

Loulou took the words out of my mouth, "Oh no! Cheer leading practice with thighs streaked in red !"

Our new sisters explained, "With a Punishment Notification best to leave it on the dinning room table and go stand in the corner with your knickers down and holding your skirt up, and wait. Hopefully they will feel that your punishment was severe enough."

We had arrived at our new home and I followed their advice. The Punishment Notification was on the table, and I shamefully stood in the corner with my red bum well exposed.

I heard the front door being opened and the voice of Aunty Angelina, and there was another voice, it was a male voice, it wasn't Uncle Amias! I could see in the corridor's tall mirror my rubicund nates and the boy from across the street who cuts the grass. I pushed myself against the wall as if it could swallow me. "

I heard the door being closed and prayed that this boy hadn't seen me. Aunty Angelina said, "What have I got here? One of my French girls with a well spanked derriere and a Punishment Notification. Why were you punished Babette?"

"I whispered the answer for a French grammar question."

"Who were you trying to help?"

"I can't tell Aunty, I am not a rat!"

"Ah! I am guessing that it was one of my girls!"

She bellowed, "Belle, Lilla and Loulou come down here this instant!"

Babette said, " 'I whispered the answer for a French grammar question' .... and she won't tell me who she was trying to help. She also said, "I am not a rat!" I have a feeling that she is protecting one of you."

I could see the three of them heads down and carefully studying the rug.

"It can't be Loulou she wouldn't need help with French grammar..."

Belinda stepped forward, "She was trying to help me."

"You will go cut a switch. You wont be punished for cheating, you hadn't ask Babette to give you the answer. You will be switched for having poorly prepared your lesson."

Later Uncle Amias was back from work, "Whoa! Two naughty girls decorating the corner of our living room!"

Aunty Angelina told, "Although I had to punish one of them I am quite proud of them. Miss Babette tasted the paddle of the college's principal for having whispered the answer to a French grammar question, and refused to give me the name of who she was helping. Belinda admitted that she was the one Babette tried to help. She hadn't ask for help, but she had poorly prepared her lesson and tasted the switch."

They clapped their hands, "OK you two, go find your sisters for soothing rubs !"

Next morning Miss G.I. Jane, our cheer leading coach, texted all of us to announce that we are invited for a day by the famous Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Two days later, we had donned our best cheer uniforms and Lilla and Loulou inspected the naughty girls. First it was Belinda, "Well, its obvious for us that your thighs were switched, but you actually have very few faint stripes. "Babette your next and raise your skirt for us." They teased me with a fun dialog, "I am telling you, that girl was paddled."

"It could be sunburn."

"Nah, such a shade spells a good paddling!"

I went into the corridor to have a look for myself in the tall mirror, "Its a very faint hue."

They laughed, "Only one who was paddled will know!"

We weren't late for our coach, and didn't mind the early morning drive. We enthusiastically sang all the way to Dallas. Having arrived we were impressed by their clubhouse. It was another dimension, it was a team of pros.

A dozen of them with a pair of coaches warmly greeted us, and led us to their huge indoor gym, "Show us what you can do!"

We did our French cancan and a pyramid and more. Then Loulou and I concluded with our multiple back flips and wheels. For the first time Abigail did three back flips and a perfect wheel. They applauded and retired away from us to chat among themselves..

When they rejoined us. One of their coaches said, "We feel that you should compete in the nationals. You will need a real pyramid, a three level one with a full split on top."

She pointed to Veronica our captain, "You have a great split you should learn to do it atop the pyramid."

One of the Cowboys girls, pointed to Belinda, "Yoh the girl who got her thighs switched, you did great with your handstand, you should do it atop the raised hands of a teammate."

Another Cowboys girls waved for me, "Yohoy the girl who had her butt paddled, and your partner, and the young one, how many back flips are you able to do? Give us your best!" I did nine and landed on my bum. The Cowboys girls cheered with "OUCH!" and everyone laughed. Loulou did eight and was applauded. Abigail did four and we cheered her!

Then they invited us for lunch at their cafeteria..."

Babette and Loulou

To be continued...

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