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Farm life part 3

Yesterday had ended with everyone enjoying a barbecue by the pool. Claudine's bikini generously offered her derriere for Henri's hands, all traces of the morning spanking had faded into a nice pinkish blush. Manon's bikini was also quite skimpy. In fact, they were both more daring than me. Not that I have any reason to be shy of my figure.
They took their tops off and teased me. "Show us your lolos, take it off!" Josh teasingly smiled. He was obviously siding with them! I didn't want to be a prude and took it off. They applauded, "You're a new BB" I understood that they were referring to Brigitte Bardot and blushed. Henri, and Charles toasted Josh, who proudly beamed. Henriette hadn't taken off her top, and said with good humor that such silly games are no longer for her.
We had a busy night, and were thankful that the bed didn't creak!
We were again awakened by the ducks and after a great breakfast with sausages wrapped into crepes, the boys returned to the fields. We girls fed the ducks without inspection from Henriette.
We had lunch at the castle since the boys had finished harvesting and Louis decided that we should go into town. I was looking forward to discovering the town, which turned out to be a large village mostly built with amazing red stones. We visited the farmers' market on the town square by the church. Our hosts were well known, and quite a few teasingly called Louis, citoyen baron. Josh translated citoyen with citizen, and I knew what's a baron.
With Henriette, he stopped by the stall of an antique dealer who seems to have more junk than anything else. While Louis examined old petrol lamps, Henriette pulled some school books and chimed. "Here is something to help Claudine and Manon for their coming year at the professional college.
I saw them pull long faces, and Josh echoed. "It should also help Debbie with her French grammar." I also pulled a long face. The pseudo antique dealer discreetly pointed to an old handmade martinet while saying. "A great implement for encouraging lazy grownup schoolgirls!" The three of us blushed in unison, and as red as the tomatoes of the next stall when Henriette answered. "Indeed, and we already have one!"
On the way back to the farm, Claudine and Manon explained that they are preparing a professional organic farming certificate. What followed when back at the manor wasn't too surprising. I tugged down my short skirt, and sat between Claudine and Manon at the imposing dining table.
We were each given a devilishly named Cahier de Vacances which I knew meant holiday workbook. We had to start with a grammar lesson, to remind us a few fundamentals we might have forgot. That was followed by numerous exercises to practice what was just refreshed. The following dictation would be about testing how we apply these basic rules.
Henriette warned Claudine and Manon. "Your work will be graded, and you will be punished if you don't have at least 10/20." She hadn't said anything about me, but Josh had a naughty wink. I didn't need him to say anything to know that I might be stepping into potentially hot-soup, but I bravely winked back.
Louis slowly dictated, and repeated himself while peering over our shoulders to make sure that we had followed. He had a warm baritone voice. He was eventually done, and we reread our work. I now had a feeling of having jumped both feet first into the proverbial hot-soup.
Our work was collegiality corrected by the boys and Henriette. We overheard them laughing and commenting. "Oh, the naughty girl! For that mistake alone, she deserves la fessée cul nu!" We didn't know who they were referring to and blushed.
Louis solemnly read the verdict. "7/20 for Claudine, below 8/20 its the martinet. Manon 8/20 you are escaping the martinet, its a severe spanking. Debbie 6/20 although you were given a credit of two points! We nonetheless advise leniency, no martinet only a fessée, but cul nu and a very severe one!'
Henri, ordered. "Claudine, please fetch the martinet." 
Red face and with a strange glow, she handed it to her hubby, who sternly added, "Skirt and knickers off, elbows on the table, you are getting twelve strokes, and there will be extra if you break position!"
 The martinet had her singing "Ow! Ah! Aie! and Ouch! The chastising leather thongs decorated her well exposed derriere. After the fourth stroke, she stood up with both hands frantically rubbing her bottom already painted by a pattern of thin red stripes. That stroke was repeated and she got an extra one across her thighs. She hurriedly re-assumed the position of the naughty girl to be punished.
She sang even louder as the martinet had her dancing from foot to foot. She again stood and rubbed. The stroke was twice repeated and her thighs were twice caressed by the infernal implement. Till then she had kept her legs tightly closed...
...but those extra strokes had her shamefully expose glimpse of her minou as they say in French.
She was told to stand and immediately rubbed.
"No rubbing! Back over the table!"
She duly obeyed and got three more strokes across her butt, and ditto for her thighs.
Her bottom was crisscrossed by fiery stripes, and Henri concluded. "Hands atop of your head for corner time."
I was bewildered by the cheeky look she gave her hubby as she obeyed...
Debbie and Josh
To be continued...

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