Saturday, October 3, 2020

Ballerina part 2

Then it was lunch. While filling up my tray I was told to join table number two, the one of my dorm. There was indeed a free chair. The girls introduced themselves. They were quite friendly.

One of them joked, "Let us guess, you've explored instead of sorting your cupboard and Miss Matron gave you a bare bottom spanking."

Another girl added, "Then you rubbed, and she gave you another one."

One more chimed, "And she smacked your thighs for everyone to see that you were punished !"

"Huh! Yes..."

"Welcome to the club !"

Next to me was Judith, we befriended, "I am American and French, I have flunked the Quadrille exam of the New York Ballet. Mum who's French was a Coryphée of the Paris Opera Ballet before her marriage... I am staying with my uncle and aunt..."

"They delivered me an hour before you..."

After lunch which was quite good and well balanced, we were both told to report to Mademoiselle Margot. Our new friends pulled long faces...

She had an impressive study with plenty of trophies and autographed pictures. She was a tall slender woman in her early fifties dressed in black.

"Welcome to my academy young ladies. I have read your files very carefully, I have also called your schools. You are both very talented, but you have missed the last step because you didn't have the backbone. You have been given a second chance, and let me assure you that none of the girls who have followed my program have failed... You will quit or you will succeed..."

After a brief silence she picked up a crook handle cane from a tall Chinese vase. It was dripping with water, she wiped it dry, and swished it, We shuddered as it whistled, "You are going to be punished for having failed you exams." We blanched and she barked, "Take your skirts and knickers off !" We froze, and she again barked, "Do as you are told or leave..."

I knew that I would be punished on arrival for my failure. The brochure was quite clear about that. Papa and Maman had teased me with saying that a spanking would do me a world of good, but I am to be caned ! I couldn't imagine how painful that will be, I had butterflies in my tummy. I felt my ears tickling as I lowered my knickers, I knew that I was blushing as red as a tomato.

Naked from our navel to our ankle socks, and shamefully blushing, we kept our hands in front of our minous. "Bend over the back of those big leather chairs with your hands flat on the seat. To achieve such a position we had to be on our toes. It was very embarrassing.

I was expecting the cane to swoosh or swish, it didn't. I did hear the thwack and felt it ! "Oooouuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiccccchhhhhh!" She alternated between the two of us, Judith's own, “Yeeeeeooooowwwwwhhhhhh!” echoed mine.

I danced on my toes. I must have showed everything I have. With the third stroke I couldn't differentiate the streaks of fire crisscrossing my bum. I got six strokes and my butt was fiercely burning.

I was also given two across the top of my thighs. Although they weren't administered with the same strength as those applied to my bottom, they were as stingy ! I opened and closed my legs and reopened them as I surrendered with wet eyes. I now knew what it meant to be caned.

She gave each of us a handkerchief, "You have two minutes to stop sniveling, and you may rub all you want..." She returned the cane to its vase, and it made a soft watery like noise.

When the two minutes were up she ordered, "Pick up your skirts and knickers and follow me..." We marched behind her with one hand rubbing our naked incandescent derrieres and thighs. We came across a few mistresses and staff members, and kept our heads down. We heard a soft brouhaha, and knew that we were heading for our dance class....

The girls of our dorm and dance class kept their heads down when they saw us. "Judith in that corner, and Isabelle that one is for you. Drop your skirts and knickers on the floor and keep your hands on your head." 

We had to wait an eternity till the dance mistress called a break. "Judith and Isabelle, you are relieved from corner time..." Our chums picked up our skirts and knickers and took our hands to lead us to the locker room. They told us to remain standing and applied a soothing balm to our grilled buns. "We call it après fessée, it means after spanking. It was a blessing and we thanked them. They also gave us short wrap around dance skirts. Ten minutes later we stood as we watched the afternoon lesson...

 Isabelle and Judith

To be continued...

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