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Oaks and Pines School is an online role-play game for adults.

Oaks and Pines is a private finishing school for girls set in Switzerland. Affectionately known as the School for Princesses by the girls themselves. They are privileged girls, but without airs and graces. It's a very traditional school with a rigorous routine of classes and old fashioned discipline, where the girls make their own fun with pranks and all kinds of adventures. The girls are loyal and look after each other. Bullying is unheard of and it feels to them like they're part of a big happy family.
Parents send their daughters to O&P to give them the best education that money can buy and to ensure that happens the girls are strictly supervised by the Principal and tutors who are firm, but fair. No girl is ever punished unjustly. 
The school is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, near Montreux, in the shadow of the majestic Alps. The girls reside in a beautiful 18th century Château set in a large arboreal park. Schoolrooms, tutors' studies, apartments, a library, a common room, dining room and other facilities are located on the ground floor. On the first floor, each girl is provided with a comfortable individual room. It is to be noted that the girls’ rooms have no doors, which is a considerable aid to keeping mischief in check. 
Mischief happens, it would be irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Fortunately the school's superbly trained and dedicated faculty is well prepared to address any infractions that may occur. It sometimes happens that the only way to get a pupil's undivided attention is to put her over one's knees and warm her backside. In serious cases sterner discipline may be required, and the use of a cane, or a strap is not unheard of. 
In our role-play game you enter this world of fantasy, playing the part of a high school aged girl. You design your character, give her a name and invent her family and schooling history. You send us a photograph from the web so we can see what she looks like. And finally you tell us about her previous experience with corporal punishment and what your expectations are in that area. 
If you are worried about your writing ability, don't! We don't care about your grammar, or your spelling! As long as you have the imagination to write you are a writer!
If you are interested in joining our role-play game, as a pupil or a teacher we invite you to visit our Oaks and Pines website at : and to prepare a profile, introducing  your role-play character which you send to :  
If you like we can help you prepare your profile giving hints and suggestions of what to include. Just drop us a line via email expressing your interest and we'll get back to you.
By submitting an application you are confirming that you are over the age of 21 years. Should the owner or moderators feel that you have misrepresented your age, you will unsubscribe as this is a game for adults only.
To sum up. 

If you want to play a schoolgirl and have your knickers taken down for a spanking for misbehaving, or if you want to be the teacher that's spanking her.
Then come and join us at O&P! For fun and adventures!
If you miss your schooldays and like making new friends.
Then join come and join us at O&P! For fun and adventures!
If you are looking for a realistic online writing game.
Then come and join us at O&P! For fun and adventures!
A new world awaits you, where your dreams can come true.
We look forward to welcoming you.
Please visit our website:
If you have any questions, or would like more information,
then please email us at 



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