Sunday, September 26, 2021

Whippingham Fitness Camp part 4

We were surprised by the classroom; it was as Victorian as the mansion. There was an old blackboard, the kind used with chalk. The school desks were antique, with inkwells, and attached bench for two. The professor, Mr Muesli, had a small, yet noticeable beer belly which was amusing for a nutritionist. His desk was atop a platform, allowing him to monitor all of us.

He told us to be seated in silence. He insisted on the words, 'in silence'. We discovered that he has a falsetto voice. We giggled the more. He smacked his desk with some short rattan stick, and we calmed down.

We explored the inkwells while he started his class, they seemed empty.

"Adult active young women, as you need an average of 2400 calories which are to be provided by a proper balance of nutrients. He pointed his stick to call Annabelle. "Young lady, please tell us the basic food groups."

She stood to answer. "First one is pizza, the second is cheese for the pizza, the third is sausage for the pizza, and the fourth is more cheese and sausages."

We roared with laughter.

His voice hissed as a rattler about to strike. "Silence! Next impertinence, it’s a bare bottom spanking in front of the whole class!"

We calmed down, and he pointed his stick at Louise, who adeptly answered. "First one is about breads, cereals, rice, pasta. Second is vegetables and fruits. Third is dairy products. Fourth for meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and nuts."

He continued. "Your diet is to be balanced between those food groups, one serving of meat, two for dairy, and three servings of?"

He had pointed is chef like baton for me. A few girls from another dorm teasingly mimicked chickens. "Cot cot cot cot!" They were obviously implying that I must be a chicken. I sprang to my feet and chimed, "Three cans of beer!" They applauded, and I took a bow.

Mr. Muesli became purple and seemed to have smoke coming out of his nose and ears. He charged between our desks, and grabbed one of my ears. "Ouch!" He pulled me by my ear, as if I was a ten-year-old Victorian schoolgirl. I didn't have much of a choice. I followed my ear.

He had me climb on his platform. With his hand not holding my ear, he pulled his chair in front of his desk. Then he sat, and pulled me over his knees. I felt a hot flush as I blushed crimson, when he raised my skirt and lowered my knickers.

Then with his short rattan stick, he spanked my bare bottom in front of the whole class. I heard giggling and was quite mortified. I couldn't blush any redder than a tomato.

My feet stomped the platform as he whacked, striped, streaked and striated my bottom with his mini cane. It was a blazing inferno. I surrendered. "Oh! Ah! Ouch! Sniff, I am sorry Sir! Sniff, very sorry! Sniff."

He helped me stand with my knickers still at half mast. He rolled my skirt above my incandescent moon before ordering. "You will be summing up on the blackboard what I have been teaching."

I started with a pyramid for the number of servings per food groups and rubbed my throbbing derriere. There was more giggling, some whispered, none too discreetly. "She's rubbing her bum!"

He swiftly turned around and twice decorated my thighs with his short rattan stick. I danced and rubbed my legs as a punished schoolgirl.

The lesson was almost over when he allowed me to pull up my knickers and adjust my skirt. Still red face, I turned around to face the classroom. It seemed like I gave the signal for June to fire a splotch of ink onto the face of a giggler.

I had a huge smile and was real proud of my friend. She was also lucky not to have been caught in the act.

April and June

To be continued...

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