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Marie-Chantal in Germany, part 2

It was Saturday, and I woke up with the sun. I soon understood that I wasn't the first one up, my new chums already had their showers. I followed their lead. As I got dressed, I had to decide between one of Eva's plain white cotton knickers, or a powder blue one to compliment my jeans miniskirt. I mused. 'Vive la difference.' I am twenty, not a ten-year-old! I pulled up my lace trimmed white knickers.

While exchanging lively, good morning greetings, I noticed that Onkel wasn't around. I was given a tray with coffee and a bread roll filled with cheese and ham for him. I carefully went down the stairs to the shop. It smelled of leather. That wasn't surprising for a saddle-maker's workshop.
He showed me photographs of his father and grandfather on a wall covered with pictures and newspaper clippings. "We have been in business for over 117 years." I recognized several famous people. They were photographed with their Schubert saddles. He reminded me that my bicycle was in the garage.
After breakfast, with help from Eva and Emma, I unwrapped my bike, and they took me for a tour of their village. After having showed me the landmarks, I asked where our school is.
Emma laughed, "Let's enjoy our last weekend of freedom!" Eva answered, "It is in Billerbeck, about seven kilometers."
Next was their favorite coffee shop to introduce me to their friends. I immediately noticed the none attached boys. The girls had grabbed their boyfriends, as if to say, 'in your dream, that one is mine.' I smiled for the available boys. The girls understood I wouldn't try to pinch their boyfriends, and they warmly greeted me.
After a snack, they voted to spend the afternoon at the swimming pool. Objections of not having brought a swimsuit and towel were dismissed with, "You will rent those at the pool!"
Two girls were outvoted, and we all rode to the pool. I rented a bikini and a large towel. In the locker room we were allocated, I discovered my bikini was quite skimpy. I had a feeling that the attendant had given me the skimpiest one on purpose.
The two girls who had voted against the pool weren't too enthusiastic to change into their rented cossies. They were teased till they did. We soon spotted faded stripes escaping their bikini's bottoms. One of their friends had those swimsuits changed for more covering ones. I was impressed by such solidarity.
Two boys courted me. I proudly beamed. They both looked great and understood my Germano-Franco-English. I was hesitant, till one of them made me laugh. I caught my breath and asked his name. "Its Roméo, and what's your name?"
We laughed some more, and he told me that his name is Hans.
It was a great day and on the way back home, Eva and Emma teased me to no end. "Frenchy bagged herself a boy!"
"She batted her eyes, and voilà!"
They were telling me of their own boyfriends, Joshua for Eva, and Hugo for Emma, when an old lady who might have ventured too far from her church mouthed a surprised OH!
I realized that my miniskirt had ridden up while pedaling faster to overtake a grandpa on wheels. She must have seen my knickers, tomorrow's laundry. I hastily tugged down my mini.
When Emma chanted. "We're back!" Her mother had just hung up the telephone after having said. "Yes Miss Wichtigtuer, it is indeed disgraceful. I will chastise the culprit!"
She turned towards us with furrowed brows and marched onto Emma. She grabbed one of her braids, "Showing your knickers to the whole village!"
"But...but... Mama..."
She had already pulled her across her knees. What was to follow was quite obvious.
"Mom, it wasn't me!"
"Miss Wichtigtuer has described your braids."
"Plenty of girls have braids!"
"Who was it then?"
"I don't know!"
I couldn't allow Emma to be punished for my mistake. I stepped forward with a blush. "It was me, Ma'am."
She realized that I also have braids.
"I remember the surprised old lady. I am sorry Ma'am."
"Good to be owning up, but you will not escape a good spanking!"
She had let go of Emma and grabbed my left hand. She pulled me over her knees. Both my hands were on the floor. She pulled my miniskirt up.
"What are those frilly things?!"
She had discovered my lace trimmed white knickers.
"In this house you will wear plain white cotton knickers as my girls!"
"Yes, Ma'am."
"You will wear those lacy things when married!"
"Yes, Ma'am."
She took them down and off. I blushed crimson. I was going to be spanked on the bare in front of my new sisters.
Then she started my spanking, left cheek, right cheek, againleft cheek, right cheek, left thigh, right thigh.
"Oh! Ah! Aie!"
She had strong hands from gardening, and she was spanking as hard as she could. She obviously meant a severe spanking for a big girl.
 The smacks applied to my thighs were the worse. I hadn't counted. I was too busy pedaling my legs and wriggling my bum in vain attempts at escaping my punishment. She grabbed my right arm and pinned it behind my back. She relentlessly continued.
She had counted. She said fifty in German. I was batting my teary eyes.
"For those silly knickers you will get another spanking."
It was again four smacks for my bottom and two for my thighs.
I was for sure showing everything for Eva and Emma. Batting my eyes no longer helped.
She again said, "Fünfzig." And she helped me stand up.
I couldn't help a quick run, but soon remembered the second helping from Mrs. McTavish.
She pulled my skirt up till it was bunched around my waist, and exposing my curls and my throbbing buns and thighs.
"Bring all those frilly knickers to me, now!"
With tears, and both hands in front of my curls, I went up to my room. I hurriedly rubbed, gathered all my lacy knickers, and returned to the lounge.
"Drop them on the coffee table, pull your skirt down, and help Eva and Emma set up the table for dinner."
When Uncle Manfred came up from his shop, I was acutely aware that my reddened thighs were peeking under my mini. He didn't miss my shameful predicament and asked. "Why were you punished Marie-Chantal?"
Red face, I avoided the more embarrassing details. "I was a naughty girl on the way back from the pool."
Tata Bertha spelled it out. "She showed her knickers to the whole village while riding her bike."
Marie-Chantal and co
To be continued...
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