Thursday, July 1, 2021

Buxiban part 1

 I am eighteen and my name is Amelia. I have flunked my A-level. Needless to say that my parents aren't too happy. I was to retake them after a year at a cram school, but Pop was offered a great expatriate job in Asia, and Mum suggested that I come with them.

We discovered an amazing seaside city with wide avenues, surprising high rises and superb parks. There's huge air conditioned shopping malls with all the shops opening onto giant indoor atrium with fountains and glimmering suspended mobiles. 

It was also quite surprising to find very clean streets and no graffiti. Everyone speaks English. People are courteous and disciplined, there's no jaywalking or illegal parking. During the week all youngsters wear school uniforms, even girls my age!

Pop was allocated a suburban semi detached house near the local silicone valley. It is located in a condominium with a huge pool and four tennis courts.

Almost next door, Pop's colleague and wife, who arrived a month before us invited us for lunch. I wasn't too keen, but Mum announced, "Amelia you are coming, they have a daughter your age."

Their house is a carbon copy of ours with two parking spaces in front and a garden in the back. It is tastefully furnished and I was introduced to Emma. We were both wearing jeans mini and we exchanged shy smiles as our parents chatted. I blushed when Mum mentioned that I flunked my A-level. Emma's mother chimed, "Same with Emma! We have registered her at a local private girls only junior college to retake her A-level. We were told that they have excellent results!"

Her father added, "No boys and strict discipline with the strap and cane!" I saw how Emma blushed crimson. Pop echoed her dad, "Excellent we will register Amelia as soon as tomorrow!" It was my turn to blush.

Emma's mother told her, "Please show your school uniform to Amelia."

She lead the way upstairs to her bedroom. We hadn't reached her room that I was asking, "Is it true about the strap and the cane?"

"It is clearly mentioned in the brochure."

I discovered her lovely room. She invited me to sit on her swirly chair and she handed me that brochure. I read, "All girls, no exception, will be subjected to corporal punishment for misbehavior or poor results. According to the offence or short coming, a spanking with or without a leather paddle, or 6 to 12 strokes of the strap, or 4 to 8 strokes of the cane. All punishments administered on the bare bottom and thighs. It is also to be noted that punishments might be administered in front of the culprits peers."

"Oh boy! I have never received more than a few hand smacks from Mum..."

"Same here."

"We are in for a rough ride!"

"For sure .... do you want to see the uniform?"


She displayed it on her bed. I picked up the grey pleated skirt and held it in front of me, "It is quite short!" I also noticed the white collared blouses and navy  cardigans and sweaters for the few colder days.

"There's also a school tie."

"A tie! I don't even know how to knot one!"

"And white ankle socks in the summer and knee high in winter, with black leather shoes!"

"Oh! My..."

"And navy burumas..."


"Sports knickers."

"What! Only knickers for sports? No shorts!"

"Last but not least, white cotton knickers."

I slumped back on her chair sighing, "We even have uniform knickers."

Her mother called, "Time for lunch girls."

We rejoined our parents. and Mum asked, "How's the uniform dear?"

"We are going to look like twelve years old."

Her father mentioned, "All schoolgirls your age wear a school uniform."

Pop asked, "What about discipline?"

I sighed, "Leather paddle, strap, and up to eight strokes of the cane..."

I loudly added, "And bare butt!"

Mum protested, "Language Amelia!"

I again sighed.

Mum hissed, "Its about time that you get what you richly deserve !"

"Soz Mum!"

Pop also sighed, "Its a pity that I couldn't bring myself to tanning your hide."

Her father added, "Same here ... we are guilty... and our mamby pamby education system hasn't help."

Later at night I mused, "I have never worried about my school work. It was smooth sailing till my O-level. I got them by the skin of my teeth. It should have been a warning. I ignored it and failed my A-level. I hate to admit it, but Mum might be right about getting what I deserve..."

Amelia and Emma

To be continued...

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