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1965 - part 7

A few days later we had our monthly report card. I had a D minus in math, and I knew that a simple D meant four strokes of the cane. I remembered Uncle Ed having warned me, "Béa, C minus in math, you best pull up your socks up or I will pull down your knickers for the cane! I have promised your father that you will have your A-Levels with honors!"
I had no doubt that Uncle Ed would make good on his promise. He had given me a spanking for having lied and a belting for having smoked. On both account I had to admit that I did deserve to be punished.
I slowly rode back home. Maggie waited for me. I again had to ask about the cane. She again said that it stings like the Dickens. "And you will have stripes for a week..."
Apprehensively I asked, "Will I get extra because of the minus attached to that D?"
"Nah, its your first D. If it was me I would get five."
There was no more dallying about, we were in view of the house. I parked my bicycle under the bike-shed and followed Maggie inside. Aunt Dotty had prepared chocolate chips cookies and they smelled great. We were told to help ourselves, and...
"Let me have a look at your report cards."
Maggie was first and her mum said, "Its so so, you have barely made the average minimum grade."
I was next and kept my head down as I gave her my card. She must have first read my average grade, as she said, "Well done..." but she stopped in mid sentence. "D minus in math! You can prepare your French derriere. In England girls who have poor grades are caned." She paused and added, "On their bare bottom!"
Our report cards were left on the coffee table in the lounge. Upstairs in my room I struggled with my homework. I was so nervous. Maggie was very nice except when she told me that the first caning is the worse. I pulled a face and she grinned, she was teasing. Then we heard Uncle Ed's automobile.
We listened from the top of the stairs. "Honey am home !"
"How was your day ?"
"Exhausting lectures. Have I seen our angels' report cards on the coffee table."
"Yes, and they are so so. Maggie barely made the average grade, and she has no D, you might want to give her a good spanking as a warning. Béa got a fair average, but she got a D minus in math. You should take her knickers down for a taste of the cane."
We didn't have time to dwell on what we had overheard, Maggie's father bellowed, "Girls I am waiting for you in the lounge."
We didn't keep him waiting, and I immediately saw the cane on the coffee table. I looked up and saw Uncle Ed holding our report cards. "Béatrice you were warned!" The use of my whole first name instead of my Béa diminutive wasn't a good sign.
"In this house a D is 4 strokes of the cane. Since it is your first canning I won't be adding an extra stroke for that minus. You are going to be caned. Lower your knickers, raise your skirt, kneel on that chair and hold its back."

I felt my cheeks blushing as my hands reached under my skirt to lower my knickers. I blushed the more as I bared my derriere and felt my skirt rising while bending forward on the chair. I was quite self-conscious that my skirt was no longer covering much and I tried to keep my legs tightly closed. I felt so ashamed.

I felt that I couldn't blush any redder, but I probably did when Uncle Ed flipped my skirt up. He picked up the cane from the coffee table and made it sing with a practice swing, I shivered.

It was ten time stingier than the belt, and that sting sizzled my derriere
Both my hands flew to rub my poor nates. Rubbing didn't help. The pain continued to grow!
Since its your first stroke I won't discount it. If you again break your position or rub the stroke won't count."
Again the initial stingy pain grew and grew into a fiery stripe burning across my bum.
"OH! OUCH!!"
As with the previous strokes the pain again grew in intensity and I bawled.
"OH! AH! OUCH!! Sniff..."

My fourth stroke was actually my third, and I could no longer differentiate them. My derriere was a throbbing inferno. "Sniff... Sniff..."
The fifth one, was my fourth and it whipped my under curves. I danced with both hands clutching my punished bottom. 
That stroke didn't count, and it was repeated. I had received six strokes instead of four. The famous six of the best. "Sniff... Sniff..."
"In the corner with your hands on your head."
With my knickers around my ankles I slowly went into the corner, and my bottom was incandescent. "Sniff..." I was well punished. "Sniff..." I resolved to ask for help with math. "Sniff..."
While I was sniffling in the corner Maggie received a fast spanking as a warning for her border line C minus average grade. I lost count after 47 smacks.
Béatrice and Maggie

To be continued...

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