Sunday, June 2, 2024

Summer homework part 2

After having waved off Jacques' sister and her kids, we went to the supermarket. All holidays start with a trip to the supermarket to fill up the fridge. Jacques would have loved to avoid it by cleaning the pool, but the robot had cleaned it during the night. Béa, who wore a shorter and more swirling dress than ever, enticed him. "You will be seeing plenty of lovely girls wearing miniskirts with long suntanned legs, and some might even be wearing mini shorts!"
Thanks to having traveled two days before the rush, the supermarket wasn't overcrowded. Jacques was relieved, and lucky to enjoy the view offered by a young lady having to bend down with a miniskirt at ras-le-bonbon to grab some cans from the lower priced shelve. As soon as the brazen imp had moved on, Béa asked if he had seen her knickers. With an embarrassed grin he nodded. She laughed, and I couldn't help giggling.
We returned to our rented SUV, with a well-filled shopping cart for which I had duly contributed. We stored away everything while Jacques lit the barbecue. We prepared a huge mixed salad, and our bbq chef grilled lamb chops. It was a lovely lunch by the pool. As Béa, I was about to have another glass of wine when Jacques reminded us. "Don't forget that you have to resit your exam for the bank's FOREX department. We are going to the library to buy some exercise books for the two of you."
We drove into town, and found its largest bookstore. Jacques went straight to the summer homework department with us in tow. We somewhat felt out of place as we realized that we were older than the boys and girls accompanying their parents. 
 Jacques continued to the other end of the display, where the age difference wasn't as obvious. We saw exercise books for resitting the baccalaureate or preparing various exams. I blushed, as I understood how everyone must have guessed that I have to resit my own exams.
Jacques, as a college professor, knew exactly what we would need, and choose a collection of exercise books, all of them in pairs, one for each of us.
It was then that we overheard the conversation between the father and mother of a miniskirted young lady. The father had picked up a program of math for the baccalaureate, and mademoiselle who was for sure two years behind for that exam frowned.
Her mother answered her frown with. "We will be buying a martinet at the market, and it will be la fessée cul nu if we aren't satisfied with your work."
Her father echoed. "And since you're a no longer a little girl, it will be my belt for grades under 8/20."
Her mother further added. "With your cheeky bikinis, shorts and miniskirts, everyone will see when you have been punished for poor work."
We didn't see how the girl reacted to that program, but I felt a warm glow as if Jacques had outlined the same program for us. I also noticed that Béa was blushing.
On the way back home he stopped at some office depot and picked up a free standing blackboard. I wasn't too surprised, Béa had told me that Jacques never does things in half.
After having set up that blackboard, he said that he first needs to assess our levels and weaknesses. He had us sit at opposite end of the dining room table for a 100 questions quiz, and he timed us. Phew! It was like being back in school.
Béa teased him while he corrected our work. "Will you be giving us la fessée, if you aren't satisfied with our grades?"
His answer surprised both of us. "Do you feel that it would encourage you to better apply yourselves if I did?"
Béa lost her sense of repartee, and only had an. "Oh!"
As for me, it was a blush, and my imagination made me blush the more...
 We hadn't actually answered his question, he didn't further mention such encouragement, and gave us the results for our first quiz with a frown.
"Not great, barely average. Chloé, 57% with several weaknesses for grammar and history, but done well with the math and sciences. Béa, 54% with weaknesses in math and sciences, but done well for the grammar and history."
He gave us back our corrected quizzes, and explained all the questions we had missed on the blackboard. He did great. "I will give you lessons to learn, and regular quizzes to be sure that you have learned them, but for now lets enjoy the pool!"
That night I had a naughty dream, Jacques was giving Béa a spanking. I woke up when they both said. "You're next!"
Chloé and Béa
To be continued...
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