Saturday, November 21, 2020

Wuthering Moors - Epilogue

Last night I had moaned as a well punished schoolgirl caught with a naughty book, and purred as a kitten when Betty had applied the girls' after spanking balm to my blazing derriere
This morning Betty said that we should end our back in time schoolgirl adventure since we had matching bums, hers with a twelve strokes belting and mine with six of the best with a cane.
The WiFI was repaired and we called our hotel...
We didn't want to leave on empty tummies, we would have breakfast. Unwittingly the uniform inspection nun had me salute the school, "Alicia, step out of the line up, hands grabbing your ankles." I obeyed, I didn't want my stripes to be rewarmed !
She pulled my skirt up, "Alicia was caned last night..." That wasn't too surprising, yesterday Betty had showed her knickers and belt marks, but the nun did have a surprise for me. She yanked my knickers down, and I showed my stripes and more to the whole school ! "Let that be a warning to all of you !" I immediately felt the hot flush of a tomato like blush.
 After breakfast Antonnia gave us a roll of duct tape and two bottles of water, "Thats three liters, keep the temperature down, drive slowly till topping it up..."
We were lead back to the basement and we changed into our short shorts. Jenny giggled, "That girl was caned and that one was belted !" Louise had us bend forward, "I can see a second cane mark atop the one decorating your under-curves." She turned to Betty, "No need to bend forward, belt welts clearly visible across the back of your thighs." Antonia laughed, "Two naughty girls escaping from school !" We thanked them and we hugged...
We walked along that country road and a farmers truck with a few boys in the back honked while the lads whistled. We found our red jalopy and Alicia as the handy one leaned on the fender to repair the hose.
A motorbike stopped, the full covering helmet was removed, and revealed a red head boy, "You girls need help ?"
Having said that he discovered the details. "Whoa ! You have been freed from that remedial school down the road ?"
 We blushed and laughed, "Our car was down, our cellphones wouldn't connect, and the girls took us in for a couple of nights..."
"They had us disguised with their uniforms..."
"It was an invigorating experience !"
The boy laughed before asking, "Ah! Whats wrong with your car ?"
"We have burst a hose. I have repaired it with duct tape..."
"I'll have a look while you're pouring the water..."
"Two minutes later, no leak, you should be ok, I'll accompany you to the village..."
"Give us a minute to change into more discreet jeans !"
"Oh no !"
"Oh yes !"
Alicia and Betty