Saturday, January 16, 2021

Girl Guides part 2

We followed Camilla and Dorothy with our backpacks. They led us to the storeroom where another sister welcomed us with, "I heard that you forgot your French girl guides uniforms..."

We blushed as we imagined that the whole camp must have heard or seen our spankings.

The storeroom sister smiled, "Since the French uniform is similar to ours with a knee length navy pleated skirt and a blue short sleeve blouse I should be able to work something... but I don't have blue white and red neckerchiefs... you will have to wear our yellow ones..."

"Our girls wear blue knickers, but French girls wear white, and I happen to have a dozen pairs of white serge knickers. Same for the knee high socks, blue for our girls and white for you. Same beret for us and you, and let me look for something..."

While she had disappeared I teased Cécile, "You are going to be so cute with a white petite culotte and your red bum !"

She giggled, "We were spanked in front of everyone as naughty teenagers !"

I laughed as discreetly as I could, "Its like we have traveled back in time. We are again girl guides ! I remember being the naughtiest one..."

"No way ! I was the naughtiest !"

I challenged her, "We'll see about that, the first one that rubs her butt has lost !"

"You're on !"

The storeroom sister was back and she had two small tricolor cockades. She pinned them on our berets. She was real nice, and we warmly smiled as we thanked her. "And I also have French flags for your shoulder patches !" We again smiled. Then we stopped smiling when she programmed a small machine to print name tags and gave us needles and string, "You are to sew your name tags on everything !"

We followed Camilla and Dorothy to our chalet. One the way a few girls giggled, "They are the French girls that were spanked on arrival."

"No surprise with the short miniskirts they were wearing !'

"That's two for the record book !"

The chalet was quite small with four beds in a common bedroom and a few comfy chairs. There was also a cubicle with a loo and a sink. Cécile exclaimed, "What! No bathtub for my evening bubble bath !"

Camilla laughed, "We have communal showers !"

Dorothy teased, "The French princesses are going to be roughing it !"

They showed us how to sew our name tags, but we soon had enough of that tedious work. When I pricked my finger I asked if they have any glue. They did, and I glued my name tags ! Cécile wasn't much better with sewing and followed my lead. Camilla and Dorothy just about laughed their heads off.

A bell rang and we understood that it was time for dinner. We only had sandwiches aboard the train and were famished. With our new "French girl guides" uniforms we followed our roommates.

The dinning hall with a roaring fire place was superb. The buffet prepared by the girls on kitchen duty was great. The tomato soup was very spicy. Sister Maria presiding the sisters' table called the girls who had prepared it, "Its too spicy, two demerits !"

We saw them adding their demerits under their names on a big blackboard. I spotted our names and whispered for Cécile, "Your name is there as well !"

Camilla and Dorothy told how we have glued our name tags, and every girls around our table giggled. We cleverly smiled. Sister Maria had sent a deputy on patrol and she stood across our table facing Cécile and I. She asked with a frown, "What's so funny ?"

I cockily answered, "Nothing Ma'am !"

"Are you being impertinent ?"

"I wouldn't dare Ma'am !"

"Finish your soup !"

"Yes Ma'am, and its a great soup, it isn't that spicy..."

"I'll be keeping an eye on you !"

"I am honored Ma'am."

One of the girls around our table laughed, "That was Sister Josephina, she isn't the brightest light bulb."

Another girl gave me high five, "You were brilliant !"

Cécile asked, "What about those demerits ?"

Several girls answered, "Every Monday after breakfast Sister Maria adds them..."

"If you have less than 5 they are erased."

"If you have 5 you are spanked."

Cécile was still curious, "What if you have more than 5 ?"

Another girl teasingly answered, "You get a few more smacks !"

One more girl laughed, "The basic spanking is 50 smacks, and its ten more per additional dems..."

Camilla added, "It is said that you get the belt if you have 10, but so far we haven't seen any belting for demerits."

I asked, "We got 50 smacks when we were spanked ?"

Cécile giggled, "I didn't count them !"

Dorothy nodded, '"Yes you got 50, and you were lucky to have kept your knickers !"

Camilla added, "And not to have to stand in the corner with your red bum on show !'

One of the more teasing girls chimed, "We heard Sister Maria telling you that next time she'll take your knickers down..." She smiled for Cécile, "We'll see if you are a real blonde !"

She gave me the same naughty smile as she added, "And we'll also see if you are a real red head !"

Cécile and Brigitte

To be continued...

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