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1965 - part 5

Today it was PE for the boys and through the large windows of our classroom, quite a few of us watched them. We could also ear them as one window was opened. Sister Josephina noticed how we were distracted. She told Daniella to close that window and to pull the blinds down. No more boys in shorts with hairy legs to take our minds off her boring lesson.
The bell rang, and we joined the boys, now back in their uniform, for lunch at our shared cafeteria. As usual I sat with Eddy, and after our meal we sat in the sun. His hand again accidentally landed on my knee and I again didn't jump out of my knickers. He toyed with the hem of my kilt and teased, "There's a spider on your lovely thigh..."
"Should I smack it?"
"Too late! It's now hiding under your skirt!"
The bell for afternoon classes rang. Eddy joined his classmates, and I joined mine. God knows what would happen if we had shared the same classroom!
After classes, Eddy was as usual waiting for me behind the bike shed. We weren't alone! Quite a few boys were waiting for their girlfriends. Maggie and Freddy were having one of those breathtaking kisses that I was hoping to share with Eddy. She started wiggling her bum when her boyfriend's hands reached for her derriere. She blushed crimson when he asked, "What's wrong?" No one heard what she whispered into his ear, but I knew. I had seen Uncle Ed give her a belting for a mean pink slip from Sister Hilda.
Eddy had me following him down by the nearby pond and we sat in the grass which tickled my thighs. The little spider was back on my knee, and I got a breathtaking kiss. When we caught our breath he lit two long movie star cigarettes. I tried to act as cool as Brigitte Bardot, but I coughed. It was my first ciggy, and I coughed some more and drew unwanted curiosity from Sister Josephina, probably taking a shortcut back to her convent. I was issued a pink slip to be signed by my loco parentis. Eddy gave me a hug and accompanied me back home. He offered to tell Uncle Ed that it was all his fault, but I refused.
I didn't wait and gave my pink slip to Aunt Dotty. She frowned as she read it, "Smoking! When Edward comes back from work, your bottom will be smoking!"
Maggie helped with my homework as I was too distracted by my impeding doom. "Will I be caned ? I am so afraid of the cane!"
"Nah, it's your first serious offense. It will be the belt."
I was half reassured.
Two hours later, I heard Uncle Ed's automobile before Maggie. She suggested that we sit atop the stairs to eve-drop on their conversation.
"I am back, Honey!"
"How was your day?"
"I got a bonus... A small one."
"That's great!"
"Is that a pink slip on the coffee table?"
"Yes, Béa was caught smoking."
"Oh! Silly girl."
"Disgusting habit. You have to teach her a good lesson."
"I will!"
A millisecond later, "Béa please join me in the dining room!"
Maggie again tried to reassure me. "He didn't mention the cane."
I was head down, staring at my pink slip on the maple wood table and tugging down my kilt, which seemed shorter and shorter as I was scolded.
"Smoking is disgusting and it will ruin your health if you develop the habit."
I stammered, "I am v... very... so... sorry Sir... I'll never do... do it again."
"My belt will make sure of that!"
"P... p... please Sir!"
He pulled me by the ear as a little girl.

"Lower your knickers, raise your skirt, hands on the sofa."
I again pleaded, "Please Sir."
"And don't dally if you don't want more."

I just about felt my ears blushing as I took the ordered position and tried not to imagine what I was showing.



It was loud, and for a split second, I thought that the whole neighborhood had heard it. Then I felt a stripe of fire across my bottom.

Another one had followed below the first one. Two stripes of fire were now burning my bum.
"Aïe! Aïï!! Aïïïe!"
One more and I my whole bottom was on fire.
"OUiCH! OUiiCH! OUiiiCH!"
And another one sizzled across my under curves.
"ARGH! Aïïïe! OUiiiCH!"
I danced from foot to foot, wiggled my scorched derriere, and it didn't help.
"Sniff... Sniff... I am v... v... very sorry... sniff..."
I got ten instead of the usual dozen since it was my first belting.
"If you are ever again caught smoking, it's the cane!"
"Sniff... I won't smoke again, Sir, sniff... I promise!"
"In the corner till dinner, don't rub and keep you skirt up."
The last one had whipped my upper thighs, and they were burning even more 
After my corner time, it was dinner. I shamefully kept my head down and my eyes on my plate while wiggling on my wicker dining chair.
Later, after having helped Maggie clear the table and do the dishes, I followed my sister to her room. She gave me a gentle rub with cold cream and I reflected, "That was so fiery, I can't imagine the cane!"
Béatrice and Maggie
To be continued...
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