Thursday, May 13, 2021

Eilean Beithe Academy part 2

A week later at the Glasgow airport I looked back on the past week while having a snack...

After the interview, on the way home on the tube I had pulled on my miniskirt to hide the belt marks decorating my thighs, but it was quite futile with my still reddened left cheek. It was obvious for everyone that I was a well punished schoolgirl, and I was blushing as I felt like one. I overheard two old biddies, "At that age there's nothing better than a good skelping to keep them on the straight and narrow..." I blushed the more.

Over the weekend I did plenty of thinking, "They have great professors explaining every lessons till you have understood them... and the belt will make sure that you apply yourself... and you did deserve that belting for your failed A-levels... and... and..."

zzzzzzz... zzzzzzz... I dreamed... I was told to take my skirt off, and with my knickers feeling very tight I eyed the tawse on the desk. The coach was called out. While waiting I burned with curiosity. I eventually couldn't resist, I ran that tawse between my fingers... I hadn't heard the coach coming back, but I sure heard her booming voice ordering, "Take off your knickers, you are going to be feeling that tawse across your bare bottom !"

On Monday the face of the matron of the secretarial pool was priceless. I had arrived at 10 AM wearing jeans and told her that I would be coming back to buy the firm !

I moved my things out of the apartment, my favorite aunt had offered a room. I didn't have a boyfriend to call, I had dropped him a month ago. He was a wimp.

At the Starbucks of the Glasgow airport my cellphone blooped, it was a texto telling me to find the Eilean Beithe coach in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn across the street. I pulled my suitcase on wheels and found a white bus with two dozen girls my age wearing miniskirts. They were smiling, I smiled back. I already felt a camaraderie...

The chauffeur had a listing and called out each of us. He carefully identified us with picture ID attached to his paperwork. As we drove off we figured out the younger girls preparing to retake their A-levels, and the older ones who would be working on various university entrance exams. We joked, "Juniors and seniors !"

The girl next to me on the bus chirped, "You're a junior ?"

"Yep, and my name's Jenny for Jennifer, and you are ?"

"I am Sally, also a junior and signing up for two years..."

I answered, "Samo!" with my old schoolgirl slang. 

We both laughed !

Two hours later we discovered a smallish remote village with very few shops, a church, and a tavern. It sure wasn't a tourist spot. After a twist of the main street we saw a superb Scottish castle on a small island. It was linked to the main land by a narrow causeway which was closed by a chain bearing a sign reading "Private !"

We were gathered in the largest room of the castle which was also the dinning hall with long old wooden tables and antic wood paneling. We immediately noticed a crest with a cane, a tawse and a small birch...

Someone whispered, "Eilean Beithe means birch island..."

"Welcome to the Eilean Beithe Academy young ladies, "I am the Principal, my name is Mr McTavish..." He introduced our professors and the staff before taking us on a tour, "Over there you have the gym with its equipment." We were next showed two old fashion classrooms, "One for juniors preparing A-levels and one for seniors preparing university entrance exams." We giggled, we had already figured the juniors and seniors. Each classroom had the same crest...

Then it was the dorms, "Juniors are 4 to a dorm, seniors are 2 to a room. You may pull the light proof curtains between your beds for privacy. Your names are on the doors. You are to now change into your uniforms, and you will be inspected in the gym in fifteen minutes..."

Sally pulled her a blue tartan mini kilt out of the bag on her bed, and held it at arms' length. "Whoa! Its short !" Juniata pulled a pair of white knickers and chimed on, "I can't remember when I last wore white knickers !" Amanda added, "And no boys around to tease..."

None of us were late for the uniform inspection. The seniors wore red mini kilts. A very fit lady introduced herself as our P.E. Mistress. "First thing first all those with long hair are to braid them or tie them into pigtails or bunches..." As she inspected each of us she gave out blue scrunchies for juniors and red ones for seniors. We brightly blushed when she lifted our kilts to make sure we were wearing the regulation knickers. 

"Get your vaccination cards, we are going to have you medically inspected by the village doctor..." Two minutes later she ordered, "Line up by two, juniors first, seniors behind, and follow me..." She also very sternly added, "No funny business ! I won't hesitate to spank any of you in the middle of main street !" That sure got our attention. We marched down the causeway, pulled our kilts down as we stepped over the chain. We were all very self conscious of the amount of leg we were showing…

The few old timers of the tavern enjoyed our parade while most villagers were blasé. At the medical office a nurse took us four at a time and ordered, "Strip! Don't make me repeat myself or I'll call your mistress..."

We obeyed ! She measured and weighted us, and completed a card for each of us. Then, carrying that card and our clothes we were showed into the doctor's office. He was male, and we were naked ! While three of us sat on cold metal chairs he took the blood pressure of the fourth one, and thoroughly examined her.


To be continued...

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