Saturday, November 28, 2020

Aunt Roberta part 1

I am eighteen and I have to retake my A-level. Mum who just about works night and day at the hospital is quite disappointed. "I had to have my A-level to attend nursing school... Without my nurse diploma we would have been in the poor house when your dad left us... Lilly dear you don't know what the future holds for you... If need be you might have to support yourself... From now on I will take your father's belt to your bottom when you bring grades bellow C..."
It was the first time that Mum threatened to belt me. So far she had only given me a few slaps on the thighs. I wasn't convinced that she would actually strap me. I nonetheless refrained from smart mouthing that I will marry a rich guy, and again demurely promised to improve my grades...
A few days later my best friend Harriet, who is also retaking her A-level, got a D. She told, "Mom said that I will be visiting Aunt Roberta if I again have poor grades..."
I asked, "You hadn't told me that you have an aunt..."
"I don't, and I don't know who is that Aunt Roberta..."
Before dinner Mum announced, "Margret told me of a lovely retired lady principal down by the mini-market who offered to deal with Harriet's poor grades..." I had a bad feeling, and kept my eyes on my soup...
Next day Harriet told me that she has an appointment with that Aunt Roberta after classes. We both imagined that she would be offering a tuition...
"I'll be coming over around five, ok ?"
"Sure, I'll tell you about that Aunt Roberta..."
At the appointed time, as I pushed Harriet’s front door I overheard some sniffling and her mother telling her to raise her skirt. I entered the living room when Harriet dropped her skirt and pitifully confessed, "She gave me a spanking..."
Up in her room, "She is a mean old granny. She told me that she will take my knickers down if I come back !" She raised her skirt for me, and I saw that her bum was well reddened. I gave her a gentle rub with cold cream.
A week later we had a surprise math quiz and the teach was real mean, "Lilly you don't even deserve a D ! Its an F, and you will have it signed by your mother."
Mum wasn't too happy ! "You will be visiting Aunt Roberta. Harriet must have told you about her. She will know how to sort you out !" She signed my F, and made the call for my appointment with Aunt Roberta.
A day later I was quite embarrassed to be knocking on Aunt Roberta's door across the street from the mini-market. Hopefully people don't know why a school girl in uniform is knocking on that door.
 She opened, and I saw a granny as Harriet had said. She was wearing an horrible blue shirt. I felt a hot flush, and knew that I was blushing as I introduced myself. "I am Lilly and my Mum made an .... huh.... appointment for me..." She smiled and showed me one of the straight back chairs in the corridor, "Please wait there for a few minutes."
She returned to her study without closing the door and I overheard, "Nancy, consider yourself lucky, next time its the cane !" I was opened mouth when I saw a young woman of at least 25 years leave the house. She was rubbing the seat of her miniskirt, and it rose in the process, and revealed vividly red upper thighs...
"Lilly do come in ! Your mother told me that you are retaking your A-levels and got an F for the latest math quiz..." I pitifully nodded.
"I was also told that you are a friend of Harriet who visited a week ago for a D. I am sure that she told you the details of her visit..." I again pitifully nodded.
"For her D I didn't take down her knickers, but I will take down yours because an F is an appalling grade. Come here, I will first give you a taste with your knickers on..." She pulled me over her knees. and I must have blushed bright red when she raised my skirt. It was a long and severe spanking, and having kept my knickers didn't help.
She eventually pulled me back on my feet and my hands flew to rub my fiery nates. "Take your hands off your bottom and hold your skirt up, I am going to take your knickers down..."
I wanted to hide under the sofa, but I demurely obeyed. With my cheeks again shamefully blushing I felt my knickers sliding down over my blazing bottom, and the worse part was having my fuzzy peach exposed.
Then she pulled me back over her knees and I was again spanked. It was an infernal spanking. I wriggled, pedaled my legs, stomped my feet, and she grabbed both my wrists behind my back and smacked my upper thighs. "Oh! Ah! Ouch! Sniff... I am sorry. Sniff... I'll do better. Sniff... I promise !"
Finally she pulled me up and both my hands flew to rub my throbbing bum and thighs. "Hands on your head or I'll give you another spanking !" With brimming eyes and my hands on my head I listened. "If you come back it will be the belt, on the bare !"
Lilly and Harriet
To be continued...

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