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Prügeldorf part 1

Prügeldorf is German for Spanking Village! Traditional corporal punishment is known to be an effective method to encourage hard work and build character. If you are a young adult lady who feels that you have been lacking self discipline. If you have the courage to take the punishment you deserve for your slacking. Prügeldorf will teach you how to apply yourself and reach goals you haven't imagined.

All punishments will be given in good spirits, and on the bare bottom. They are to be taken with courage and humility.

Upon arrival all pupils will confess their latest shortcomings. They will be prescribed a disciplinary regime in adequacy with their confession, and punished accordingly.

Prügeldorf is an ecological village, without automobiles or motorbikes. It offers an artificial lake with a rowing club, two tennis courts, a fitness center, and a running track. You will also find meandering streets lined by small bungalows with flowery front lawns, a supermarket, a beauty parlor, a dietetic clinic and various shops. 

I had finished reading the leaflet and looked up, "It might mean well roasted buns..."

Cathy my roommate laughed, "Surely you're not afraid of a little spanking!"

"Cathy you're the one who should be afraid, you've got that exam at work and you haven't started to prepare! A spanking would do you a world of good!"

She chimed back, "Same to you dear Justine, you have at least ten pounds to shed, and our rowing machine is rusting!"


Sunday 4 pm, we were quite apprehensive as we parked our car and presented ourselves at the registration office next to the gate. We hadn't missed the huge sign reading "Prügeldorf – Dare you to be the best that you can be!"

After having signed numerous documents and paid our fees the two matrons who had welcomed us asked for our choice, "...sports or school ?"

Cathy with her exam at work obviously chose 'the cramming school'. She was issued two schoolgirl uniforms with short pleated skirts. For me it was 'sports', and I was given two cheerleader like outfits. "You are to change now, changing rooms are over there..." We were also given keys for lockers with instructions to leave behind our civilian clothes, cellphones, ciggies and booze.

I unpacked my kit and was surprised by the skimpy gym shorts. I pulled up my ankle socks, and tied my trainers. Cathy pulled up her knee high socks, and closed her mary-janes. We returned to the registration office. I was very self conscious that my cheerleader skirt was quite short. Cathy's school uniform skirt was the same length as mine, 14 inches, as mentioned by the brochure.

Next was the moment of truth as we faced the Punishment Officer. We knew that we should be punished on arrival. She was middle aged and sternly told us, "I am waiting for your confessions young ladies." Cathy was first, "I have an exam at work, and I haven't as yet prepared it..."

I was next, "I have at least 10 pounds to shed..."

Judgement was passed, "Its the severe regime for both of you." We pulled long faces and were told. "If we go only by the number of cane strokes the normal regime is up to 6 or 8. The severe one is up to 8 or 10. If you come back it will be the very severe regime with up to 10 or 12 strokes."



We had lost our vocabulary!

"Take off your knickers, bend over those trestles. I will be lenient, you will receive six strokes, the famous six of the best!" We shuddered as she had her cane whistling through the air with practice strokes...

We had a blushing competition as we took our knickers off. Then we bawled and shamefully pedaled our legs, but we took our punishment till the last burning stroke across our thighs. We were sniffling when we gingerly pulled up our knickers. We were nonetheless proud to have taken our punishment.

 We had to stop rubbing our blazing bums as we attached the red pin for the  severe disciplinary regime to the collar of our shirts. Next we only had one hand to again rub when we were given our 'Identity and Report Card'.

We were told that uniformed 'Discipline Inspector' may request them at any time and anywhere, at the supermarket, the shops, in the street, or at our bungalow. "The Inspector may punish you on the spot, and as mentioned in the brochure all punishments are given on the bare bottom. Further more you might be issued a punishment slip ordering you to report at the Correction Center..."

Next the two matrons gave us a map of the village and the keys of our bicycles and bungalow. With our kits in our panniers and we rode high above the saddles! We sure didn't want to test the elasticity of the leather saddles with our fiery bun. I saw a car with two girls our age doing a U-turn as our skirts flew while we rode towards the village.

We discovered a picturesque village with chalet like bungalows, manicured lawns and colorful flowerbeds. All the girls in their twenties were going about their routines on bikes or by foot with either a school uniform similar to the one of Cathy or a cheerleader like outfit as mine. We saw a few blue uniformed Discipline Inspectors, but no girl was de-knickered and spanked on the spot for having ran a traffic light.

Our bungalow was fully furnished and equipped. The basic supplies were offered, but the fridge was empty, "Lets go shopping, and we need some balm for our butts!" Our first stop was the pharmacy. We were the only newbie rubbing our bottom while waiting for the attendant.

She had us blushing when asking. "Belt of cane?"

We blushed the more as we politely answered. "It was the cane Ma'am!"

She gave us Arnica Montana gel. "Its for the bruising, and don't expect any miracle!"

Cathy said. "Ah!"

The lady added. "As for the pain read the notice over there!"

"Dear young ladies! We remind you that Prügeldorf prohibits the use of painkilling ointments. If found in possession or using such balm the punishment is 12 strokes of the cane at the Correction Center. Other painkillers have to be prescribed by a doctor."

Justine and Cathy

To be continued...

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