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Farm Life part 5

Next morning we weren't awakened by the ducks! Louis had promised a fanfare wake up call, and kept his word with trumpeting reveille in the courtyard.
Under supervision from Henriette, Claudine, Manon and I were going to hold the manor's stall at the village's open air market, and we had to be there before 7 AM for the setup.
Last night Henriette had given me the same red flowery dress as Claudine and Manon. All night with my derriere still tingling from my spanking for poor work with the Cahier de Vacances, I turned and tossed in bed. I imagined wearing that short dress. What if someone sees that I was spanked...hummmm...
I had already woken up Josh for an encore, and didn't dare waking him for third.
I remembered the spanking he had given me. I now knew how it feels to be given a bare ass spanking as a naughty schoolgirl, and boy, did he make it sting! During my whole time in the corner, I wanted to have my hands somewhere else...
I eventually slept, and it was now time for a steamy shower with Josh. He teased as he again caressed my bottom. "There's no doubt that you have received a jolly good spanking." I had a look in the tall bathroom mirror after having buttoned up the dress Henriette had given me and saw that it was quite short. I raised it and found myself blushing in the mirror at the sight of my still reddish bum. It was obvious that I had received une super fessée as they say in French.

After breakfast, we drove to the village. Henriette parked the truck at our allotted space near the church. She gave each of us cute little aprons decorated with the Montfort crest, and we started setting up our stall. I couldn't help anxious glances around for peeping toms.
Manon noticed that and teased. "Not to worry! Someone is bound to see your petite culotte, and well spanked bottom before the end of the day!"
I had a demure smile, which made Claudine laugh.
We were going to offer warm cassoulet from a huge simmering cauldron, fresh ducks, raw foie gras, duck sausages, and jars of jam with the famous Dordogne strawberries.
Claudine had to step on a stool to hang the Ferme du Manoir banner from the huge umbrellas covering our stall. She couldn't help blushing, but she was lucky that the market was still closed and that other merchants were busy setting up their stalls. I was the only one to see that her thighs were still decorated by the martinet.
Business was great, and we kept adding pre-cooked cassoulet into our simmering cauldron. The ducks were just about flying off from our stall. There were a number of retired Britons with grand children, the region is one of their favorites. I had bent down to take duck sausages out of the cool-box when I heard a young English girl saying. "Grandma look! That lady got a spanking." Within a millisecond, I straightened myself, tugged down my dress, blushed crimson, bent to close the cool-box with one hand while the other tried to further pull down my dress.
Red face, I replenished the duck sausage tray and heard the grandmother telling her late teenage granddaughter. "That is exactly what will happen to you if you don't do a better job with you summer homework, and it reminds me to buy a martinet!" The snoop blushed as red as a tomato, and I gave her my best teasing smile. She responded by sticking out her tongue.
Henriette was happy as she counted the day's take and Claudine had Manon take down the banner. "I had it up this morning, it's your turn to take it down. Being a touch shorter than Claudine she had to take a taller stool and the couple who had sold vegie across the alley laughed as they were about to drive off. "Une jolie petite culotte pour un petit cul bien fessé!" 
   I didn't need a translation. I understood, lovely little knickers for a well spanked bottom. I picked up one of the over ripped tomato they had left behind, and threw it at the back of their truck.
Claudine and Manon pulled me into a dance and chanted. "Elle est des notres!" I was quite proud as it meant. She's one of us. Henriette laughed in good humor!
Debbie and Josh
To be continued...

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