Thursday, June 3, 2021

Curiosity part 1

The CEO of the Manchester Courier had just hang up his cellphone, and his ears were still ringing with the voice of his wife, "They have beaten my baby at your barbaric school!"

"Has she complained?"

"No, she only said that she got six strokes of the cane for fighting."

"Did she say why she was fighting?"

"She was helping a junior who was bullied."

He smiled, proud of his girl defending a junior.

"Why isn't the point! She has six horrid stripes across her bottom!"

"Did she ask not to return to her school?"

"No, but I want you to investigate!"

"Yes dear, I will."

The paper was her father's. He had no choice, he flipped a switch on his intercom to call his secretary, "Please ask the Director of Publications to send his three youngest female reporters."

Ten minutes later, Pamela stepped out of his office, and the other two had plenty of questions. "No idea what he wants, he only asked my age."

The three young women were again waiting with the older secretary when the intercom buzzed. "Please send back number 2, and others should return to their departments."

I was standing in front of the CEO for the second time. The wheels of the home movie between my ears were spinning fast.

"Take a seat Miss, Miss?"

"Priscilla, Sir."

He took in her mini skirt, her shapely legs, her pert breasts. He smiled, she is as fresh as a daisy and sounds determined.

"Please tell me more about yourself."

"I am twenty one, after my O and A Levels I graduated from the Manchester School of Journalism, and joined the Investigator four months ago."

"Why journalism ? With A level you could have gone into Law School."

"I am the daughter of Adam Pulitzer, the free lance reporter."

"Ah! I understand. Adam is an old friend. If you accept the mission you will be able to give all the details to your parents."

"I am offering a few encouraging bonuses. Your contract with us will be confirmed although you haven't completed your one year trial period. You will be attached to the SID."

He again called his secretary, "Please have Alex join us."

"The SID, Special Investigations Department under the authority of Alex, my deputy."

After a knock on the door, "Alex, please have a seat. If Miss Priscilla accepts the mission she will join the SID, you will have Human Resources adjust her salary and etc."

Joining the SID! It was a dream. A red badge, parking space, executive cafeteria, no need to punch the clock, and an increase of about 40%. I'll be able to buy my Mini!

"For the duration of the mission your salary will be doubled, and you will sign your first reportage. Interested?"

"Whoa! Yes Sir!"

"You are to join undercover the Burntwood Boarding School for Girls as a 6th former."


"If you are caned you will get an additional bonus."

"They have corporal punishment?!"

"Yes, and I do hope that you get six of the best!"

"I see."

"Do you accept the mission?"

"Once the mission is completed I will remain with the SID?"


"I accept."

"Very well, you are not to reveal your identity."

"I understand, and I won't."

Alex, the deputy CEO accompanied me to Human Resources for my red badge and adjustment of my salary. There was a number of raised eyebrows!

Back home I proudly showed Pop my red badge.

"Your CEO has already called. I remember my first under cover job, I got a broken nose."

"I might be caned."

"It won't be the first time, and I added several smacks with my belt instead of a bonus!"

We both laughed.

Mom helped me buy a new *young lady's blazer* and white blouses. I don't have much breasts, but I do have more than a few years ago. There was no need to buy new skirts and shoes. She also helped me prepare my suitcase, and added tubes of Arnica and Aloe Vera with a teasing smile. 

When Pop drove me to the airport I looked at least four years younger with grey knee high socks and a matching pleated skirt which felt shorter than my usual minis although its the same length. Two hours later I landed at Edinburgh. There was a uniformed driver with a sign waiting for me.

 An hour later Burntwood Boarding School came into view, it was most impressive. Huge old buildings, sports fields, vast greens with a lake size pond, and plenty of schoolgirls in uniform. The chauffeur carried my suitcase and led me to the Registrar's office for paperwork. Miss Registrar was as welcoming as a prison door. I saw on her desk a thick booklet of detachable Punishment Request Forms. I was seventeen, again.


To be continued...

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