Sunday, November 26, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 4

I shamefully stood in the corner with my bare throbbing butt on show. I was lucky that we didn't have any visitors. I was sure that most of the neighbors had heard me bawling, as I had overheard Lucinda. Although I was sniffling, I was surprised to have no self pity. I was at peace with my little voices.
Now you know what to expect for poor homework.
A bare ass belting.
Ouch! That was so embarrassing. I must have showed my cherry!
And it was so stingy! I hadn't imagined that it could be so stingy, my bum feels grilled!
That's why its called a skelping or a tanning, you choose.
Let that be a lesson to remind you to better apply yourself!
She also smacked your thighs for everyone to see that you have been punished.
Everyone will know that I have been a lazy girl. Oh! The shame of it!
Will Brian still want to go out with me?
Won't he think that I am no more than a punished squirty junior?
Ten minutes in the corner, with the timer slowly ticking was a long time. The more so with burning thighs and bum itching for a soothing rub. I fingered the magic ring as I kept my hands tightly locked on top of my head to prevent a rubbing reflex which would for sure cause Grandma's wrath. Oops! Not to forget that you are in Alicia the 70's, and that she's your Mom.
Dring! my corner time was up.
"Grab your skirt, and knickers, and back up to your room. Don't forget the belt!"
I hurried upstairs with one hand rubbing my still fiery derriere. Back in my room I searched all the cupboards, and found a soothing cream. Oh! Ah! Bliss!
I did my homework on the bed, on my tummy, bare bum up in the air. The cream had helped, but there was still a tingling. I was well encouraged to apply myself.
Later, down for dinner, Grandpa who's Pop in the 70's didn't miss the wide crimson belt stripes decorating my thighs under my miniskirt. "My princess has been a naughty girl!" I blushed the more when Mom added. "A good belting for sloppy homework. I'll make sure that she doesn't flunk her A levels!"
Before turning off my lights, I took off the ring to have a look at what I had done in the present and future. The old vinyl player was replaced with my laptop, and I replied to a few emails. I had a better day, but I still had that lousy job. I imagined the surprise of my colleagues when I resit my A levels, ace them, and transfer to the back office with the traders. I might even become a branch manager myself.
Stop dreaming! Have the ring back on, take your A levels in the 70's, and expect to be well punished for poor grades.
Next morning with the ring back on, I rode with Lucinda towards Saint Mary. We didn't feel like riding high above the saddle to show the boys that we were well punished. It was no longer fun to be wearing miniskirts!
Amelia and Betty gently teased us.
I hadn't seen Brian... So far so good!
Old Miss Fritty started her lesson with, "Lucinda and Alicia, have you had your sloppy homework signed by your parents?"
We answered, 'Yes Ma'am.' in unison.
"Bring them to me."
Walking up to her desk was a walk of shame with a few classmates mouthing ohs and ahs when they saw our decorated thighs.
Next was lunch at the canteen, with the whole school plus the neighboring boys school. We were lucky not to be the only two advertising that we were punished.
After the meal Brian joined us by the fountain of the nearby small park. Lucinda and co left us alone. He offered me a toffee. I tugged my skirt down. He smiled. We sat on a nearby wooden bench, and he had a hand on my knee. He
smiled. "You're still sore?"
"Nope, but it shows!"
"You're still the prettiest girl around!"
I blushed, and laughed. "You're a lovely white rabbit!"
His hand caressed my thigh as it moved up towards my mini. I smiled, and he gave me a chaste kiss on the lips! I opened them and our tongues met. One of his hands reached for my corsage, the other one was under my skirt.
I had glowing cheeks when I returned to class, and noticed that Lucinda was also aglow. She obviously had a new beau. Our friends were kinda of jealous. I was quite relieved that Brian hadn't turned his back on me.
To be continued...
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