Monday, May 31, 2021

The Eilean Beithe ring revealed...

                     The Eilean Beithe ring...

 Why the unicorn one may ask...

The unicorn is a legendary creature
A symbol of purity and grace
Wild and free only a virgin could capture a unicorn

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 7 and epilogue

Back at the castle after mass we had a nasty surprise. Miss PE announced "Jennifer and Johanna, fighting means the punishment skirt when on the island..."

We had of course heard of the punishment skirt for the meanies who cheated, drank, smoked or worse ! We were going to be the first p.skirted girls this term.

Miss P.E. officiated. She had us taking off our kilts and standing there in our red punishment knickers exposing our well caned derrieres while she opened an old cupboard. She pulled out two punishments skirts, blue tartan for me as a junior, and red tartan for Johanna as a senior. We adjusted them and blushed as spring thistles when we realized that our knickers peaked under our front hemline. Although we would be wearing them only within the privacy of our castle and its island, we were still quite embarrassed. We nonetheless wore them as brave EB girls!

 Later Sally teased, "There's a flash in the woods behind the beach... It must some of those retirees from the pub with binoculars... Hahahahaha! They will see your bare bum with those skimpy p.knickers!"

I thought about denickering her on the causeway, but the thought of visiting the Headmaster while already wearing a punishment skirt helped me cool down.


We all took our A-levels with flying colors and honors. A year later Sally and I were also among the two five to be admitted at the prestigious Cambridge law school. We had no problem securing grants and easy work at the library. Each summer we returned to Eilean Beithe for additional lessons.

Each time the grades of our past year were closely examined, and we were caned for all grades below C. One year I got ten strokes and again had to wear the dreadful punishment skirt...

We graduated on top of our classes, and added another year to be specialized into international business law. Numerous law firms made tempting offers, we refused them. We developed our own business as associates. We were very successful, we fought our cases with teeth and nails. Eilean Beithe girls are fearless and they never give up.

We moved into fashionable Mayfair. We had a huge poster of "our castle" in the waiting room. We wanted a partner, we wanted a girl like us... We were quite disappointed. All of those we had interviewed lacked backbone. The backbone that you are taught with severe discipline.

One day we found a girl standing mesmerized in front of the picture of "our castle." We exchanged greetings, and she said, "Its a surprising castle..."

We sensed that she was testing the water.

Sally nodded and I added, "Have you been there?"

She further tested us, "Isn't it the EB castle?"

She hadn't spelled out the name and Sally with a wide smile returned the question, "Do you mean Eilean Beithe ?"

I noticed how she had blushed, and decided to push her, "You are an EB girl?"

She blushed crimson. Sally gently caught her left hand, and we saw her silver Eilean Beithe ring.

I showed her mine, and so did Sally. I chimed, "We are sisters!"

She stammered, "You.. are... b... both... EB... bb... girls!"


We hugged her, "Welcome aboard partner!"

"B... b... but I have no capital to be an associate... and no experience... I graduated a month a go..."

"Don't worry about the capital, we'll work it out! What was your record?"

She understood the question and answered without hesitation, "Twelve strokes and punishment skirt... It was my second year at Cambridge..."

We took her to our bank. We didn't need to be introduced to the young lady VP. I told our new partner, "Your left hand, on the desk, please..." Johanna, our banker, immediately had her left hand next to hers, with the same small silver ring..."

For our first case together we took down a battalion of lawyers...

Jennifer and co

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 6

The winter was history and I was on both roll of honors. The academic one and the naughty girls one. I was even within the top three with Sally for the second one, my derriere hadn't suffered from the cold !

It was Sunday and we were allowed to wear civies. I had chosen a cute dress with tiny flowers to celebrate spring. I wanted to look as a young lady of twenty two years, not as a naughty schoolgirl with decorated thighs. I also wanted to seduce Alex, the country club's dishy riding coach, but a senior was already wriggling her bum in tight jodhpurs for him. She even stuck her tongue out at me. "Grgrgrgr!"

I had to wait for the Monday afternoon riding lesson to have another opportunity. I was very careful with the morning English grammar dictation and the following math class. I didn't want a sore bottom for the riding lesson. I was lucky and a few hours later I pulled my jodhpurs up as tight as possible !

As I ran towards the stables I was suddenly pushed into a puddle of mud. That senior hissed, "He's mine !" I jumped back on my feet, and a second later she was sitting into horse dung. I shrugged and moved on, but she again attacked me, and scratched my right cheek as a wild cat. I punched her lights out. Miss P.E. came running. I immediately said that she started it, but I was ordered to change back into my dress and to return to our castle. I was fuming...

She revived Miss Senior, and made sure that her nose wasn't broken.

Later, back at the castle Mr McTavish our Headmaster passed sentence. It was the cane for both of us. I thought it was unfair and protested. I was told that it was unladylike behavior to have knocked her out. "Not to mention that you could have broken her nose !"'

A formal caning wasn't an everyday occurrence. It was to be the first one of the year. It was to be on Sunday morning after breakfast in the gym. We had the whole week to dread it ! A day later Miss Senior apologized, "...and you can have him." I told her that I don't mind fair competition.

The day of our atonement had come and we didn't have much appetite for breakfast. Angela, who had attended a boarding school explained, "I saw that cane, its a junior cane, it will be very stingy... It is about avoiding too much bruising, and the more so if whipping your thighs... The marks won't last more than a week..." I had received a few strokes of the cane in detention, it was devilish. I wasn't too reassured, but as an Eilean Beithe girl I wouldn't chicken out !

At the appointed time, with quite a blush, we stood bare from our navel to our knee socks by the gym's exercise bars. Our roommates were told to attend the ceremony. I was relieved that it wouldn't be a full assembly caning...

"Jennifer you will be first, grab your ankles..." I shamefully offered my bottom for punishment. I soon heard a swish followed a split second later by a sharp thwack, my bottom felt as if it was cut, but I knew that it wasn't. With the cane that pain grows in intensity till you bawl out,


I could feel each stroke till the third one, with the last three my whole derriere was on fire. I had, for the first time, received the famous six of the best, and my eyes were watering. Then my upper thighs were whipped twice.


I was sniffling as I stood facing the wall with my hands on my head exposing my blazing bum and throbbing thighs. Miss Senior was similarly corrected and she cried out as loud as me.

Next we weren't too surprised when we were given the infamous red punishment knickers. After having received a caning it was expected. Finally we were told to get dress, "Hurry up we have a service to attend, and pull up your socks!"

We kept our skirts down with both hands as we marched with our friends and supervisors towards the church. The old timers at the pub weren't too disappointed, they still had our lovely legs to watch...

In church the EB reserved wooden bench looked unforgiving. For a few seconds it was cool and soothed my still burning derriere, then it became harder and harder. I was happy to kneel for prayers. I blushed crimson when I heard a surprised "Oh!" behind me. A church mouse had seen my streaked thighs...


To be continued...

 NB: All drawings are original EB drawings

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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 5

A few months later, winter was around the corner and we were issued thicker kilted skirts. Amanda laughed, "Whoa! They are almost longer !"

Mr McTavish, our Principal, announced that we would be spending the weekend in Edinburgh to visit its castle and the Scottish National Gallery.

We enthusiastically rose earlier because of the drive. We were thoroughly inspected. We all had to raise our skirts to show that we are wearing white uniform knickers. Quite a few gathered flaming red hand prints, and had to re-polish their Mary-Jane shoes.

Breakfast was sandwiches onboard our coach. With a four hour drive time was precious. The small meandering Scottish roads didn't help. We sang all the silly songs we could think of,

"One hundred girls sitting on a fence...

A boy telling his mate, that one isn't wearing any knickers !

She is a brunette !

Ninety nine girls sitting on a fence,

A boy telling his mate, that one isn't wearing any knickers !

She is a red head !"

We dozed off... We waited for the single onboard loo... We dozed off... We stopped at a rest stop and there's was a bus load of boy scouts. Juniata lead us into again singing, "One hundred girls sitting on a fence..."


She didn't go further, Miss PE had smacked her skirted derriere ! The boys laughed, and she blushed as she hurriedly retreated onboard our coach.

It was 10 AM when we parked in front the imposing Edinburgh castle.

After the threatening spikes of the portcullis, we started our visit from the high grounds with the spectacular views of Edinburgh from the different walls. Our history professor commented, and he was great as he explained the special relation between Scotland and France. We continued with St Margaret's chapel, and eventually entered the Royal Palace to discover the private apartments, the Stone of Destiny, and the Crown Jewels. When the one o'clock gun was fired. It was time for a snack of fish and chips...

Then we returned to the palace to continue our visit with the Great Hall, the Queen's collection of embroideries and the kitchen ! Our professor explained, "A girl needed a minimum of manners to be a chamber maid... and the lady of the manor's maid would know how to read and write... girls without education worked in the kitchen as scullery maids, washing pots and pans..."

There was a sign for "Caution wet floor !" and I had already stepped in soapy water. The floor with old polished stones was indeed quite slippery. While our profs weren't looking I felt silly and did a Holiday on Ice number. Sally also stepped in the water and joined me for a Rock Around The Clock dance while our friends kept watch.

Sally slipped but she didn't fall. I did as she had let go of my hand. I took down a few old copper pots and a pan with me. The noise was deafening ! Our faculty caught up with us. They weren't too happy.

Miss PE grabbed my ear as if I was ten, and pulled me behind the curtain with the sign reading "Adults only !" I discovered a drawing that didn't require a caption.

(Not an EB drawing...)

The small window less room offered an old trestle and some antic contraption that looked like two chairs set back to back. Miss passed sentence, "Misbehaving scullery maids were birched, and you are going to found out how it felt like !"

She picked a small birch from a nearby hook, pulled me down over those chairs, raised my skirt, pulled my knickers down to my knees and whipped me. I got ten strokes and I tried to keep quiet, but eventually bawled when she smacked my upper thighs,


I knew that visitors would hear me, but I couldn't help it.


Then she pushed me out of the kitchen's punishment room with my knickers still around my knees, and grabbed Sally by one of her braids. I hurriedly pulled up my knickers and rubbed. I was surprised that I wasn't worse for wear beside having a super fiery bum. Although I had received only ten strokes I had a very good idea of what it was like to be birched as a scullery maid !

Sally was as loud as me and a few visitors poked their heads into the kitchen's doorway. They saw me frantically rubbing, and there was no place to hide my shameful blush.

Moments later our party left the kitchen. Sally and I were red face and trying to be as discreet as possible when rubbing our skirts over our blazing derrieres. We also tried to refrain from rubbing when we came across more visitors, but they all seemed to have knowing grins. We understood that the whole castle had heard us, and we blushed the more.


To be continued...

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 4

The next few days were peachy, till the chemistry class. I already knew that I wouldn't be the next Marie Curie. We had nicknamed our chemistry professor Mademoiselle O for oxygen, or was it O for the famous novel. She had patiently explained her lesson before giving us a quiz, and she was furious. I was the object of her wrath. "Jennifer, 7/20 ! The lowest grade of the class, and bellow 8 ! I have never seen such a poor grade in my class, I am going to give you something to remember how to better apply yourself !

After having told me to remove my knickers she had me sitting on a front row desk facing the classroom. That was surprisingly innocent till she grabbed my legs and pulled them up. That sure was no longer innocent ! I blushed as red as a cherry ! She whipped my derriere and thighs with a tawse.


I was well punished. I would for sure have decorated thighs for three days, but I also had to admit that it was well deserved considering my lack of efforts and resulting lousy grade...

That afternoon it was tennis at the country club. It was a weekly mandatory lesson. There was no escaping it, and no hiding the fact that I was tawsed. I overheard a young couple, "That my dear is the picture of a good tawsing. Next time you are wasting my money I'll borrow a tawse from Eilean Beithe and redden your bum and thighs..."

"I am very sorry Hon..."

"...and you will wear one of their mini kilts !"

"Please don't, I won't do it again..."

Saturday morning I had to redo the chemistry prep. I sighed, I could have been riding the whole day. I would have to be content with the afternoon, if I reach the minimum 12/20 grade for the detention quiz on the first attempt...

Late morning was the dreaded quiz, and I miserably failed it ! My riding afternoon was lost. The Detention Supervisor announced, "I will see you after lunch !"

Sally one of my roommates, and one of the few who had to attend an afternoon detention also known as double detention warned me, "Its the cane !"

I wasn't late for my Detention Part Two ! Mister Detention Supervisor joined me with a switchy cane. I shuddered for the hissing sound it made as he switched it through the air. I was going to be caned ! "Take off your skirt and knickers, write Detention on the blackboard, and grab your ankles, its two strokes for your failed morning quiz !"


I had never been caned before, the pain grew and grew in intensity till I bawled,



For the second stroke I had let go of my ankles, but I hadn't rubbed and wasn't given a penalty stroke.


 "Sniff... Sniff... Sniffling..."

I could feel those two incandescent cane strokes burning across my derriere. I desperately wanted to rub them, but I didn't dare and endured them. I was given a handkerchief and while I dried my eyes, Mr DS wrote on the blackboard the quiz questions I had failed. He gave me clues to help me answer. I figured out two and failed the other two.

"You know the drill, grab your ankles, two more strokes !"





After having dried my eyes, I was given more clues. I finally understood my mistakes. He gave me back my skirt and announced, "After the cane its punishment knickers !" I pulled up the pair of red string knickers he had given me. I acutely felt how my intensely burning butt was fully bare...

On the way back to my dorm everyone was cheerfully returning from a fun day at the country club, and I was pitifully tugging down my shortish uniform skirt. I was quite surprised when my roommates welcomed me with, "Turn around and raise your skirt naught girl !"

I uttered one of my best, "Huh!"

They explained, "Its a tradition ! When you had a double detention you are to show your bum to your roomies..." They laughed and chanted, "Show us your butt ! Show us your butt ! Show us your butt !" They chanted louder and louder, I imagined all the juniors joining the party... I blushed crimson, turned around and shamefully raised my miniskirt.

They applauded, "Four cane strokes and punishment knickers, not bad for a first double detention !"

Juniata added, "On your bed, on your tummy for after canning treatment..."

She very gently rubbed my welts with cooling Arnica gel, and Amanda gave me four cherry chocolates from our special reserve. I gave one to Juniata with thanks.

Amanda added, "Tonight our bath tube is yours for a long soak with Epsom Salts..."

Next day was Sunday and we had to attend the service. I asked the day's supervisor if I could wear proper knickers. "Punishment knickers are to be worn at all time for three days ! You will have to be careful to keep your skirt down."

I did keep my skirt down, with both hands ! As we marched by the pub Sally mused, "Sorry old timers, its curtain down !"

Later, I skipped the country club. I felt that riding might not be the best idea. Tennis with punishment knickers or the pool with a thong bikini weren't too appealing. I read my chemistry book on my bed and on my tummy.

Three days later I was quite happy to be again wearing my EB schoolgirl knickers. I also promised myself to dump all my strings, thongs and tangas when back home ! After that warning I carefully prepared all my lessons. I even made the roll of honor !


To be continued...

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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Eilean Beithe part 3

Having returned to our castle we were gathered in our classrooms and given name tags to hand sew onto our knickers, brassieres, blouses, kilts, blazers and cardigans. A few had to be taught how to sew. That took us till dinner. We had a great meal with fish Florentine and rice. We cleared our plates, and watched a program on the big screen telly. Then we were asked to debate, "Jennifer tell us what you thought..."

I stood, "Huh... It was..."

I was immediately interrupted, "Jennifer you were told twice before that "Huh..." is unladylike language. I was grabbed by one of my bunches and pulled over a pair of trousered knees, my kilt was raised and my knickers pulled down while one knee was pushed between my legs and my arms caught in a firm grip. I felt well exposed and blushed accordingly...

I was severely spanked with some old leather slipper. I had never imagined that a spanking could be so stingy. I was told to pull up my knickers and again asked for my opinion. I stood sniffling with both hands up under my kilt rubbing my blazing bum. "Sniff... sorry... sniff... Sir... I meant to... sniff...say..."

Later, in bed I heard Sally through the curtains, "While being spanked you've showed everything you have, we now know that you are a real red hair !" I laughed, "We'll know soon enough if you're a real blonde !"

Sunday with full uniform and self conscious of our short skirts we marched through the village to attend mass at the old stone church.  Old timers at the pub feasted their eyes...

Next we were allowed to dress as we wished, as long as we wore skirts at least three inches above our knees. We discovered a local farm called the country club with a tennis court, horses, and were offered to share the Sunday roast.

Monday morning we were awaken by a bell and the none too melodious voice of Miss P.E. "Gym kit and in front of the castle in five minutes..." After a pause she added, "I will spank the last one..." We scrambled ! We didn't have time to think of what those small shorts covered or didn't cover. 

Sally was the last one. Miss P.E. grabbed her under her arm as if she was as light as a feather. She pealed her shorts and knickers down and soundly spanked her bottom and thighs. With her feet off the ground she pedaled. A few minutes later as we jogged alongside the loch, I teased her back, "We now know what you are a real blonde !"

After showers and having donned our uniforms we were inspected. "Juniata ! Please adjust your tie..." She did, but it didn't hold. Miss Inspector investigated. "You haven't closed the top button of you blouse !" She grabbed her pigtail, pulled her down over a chair with her kilt up and her knickers down. Her spanking echoed throughout the castle. Someone whispered, "A real brunette !"

Our first lesson followed a superb breakfast buffet. It was English grammar with the teach who had spanked me yesterday evening for my unladylike "Huh..." He told us to seat and announced, "Take a dictation, less 4 points per major mistakes and less 2 for minor ones. A grade below 12/20 means a classic spanking, under 10 and you will taste Mr Wacker. He smacked my desk with a leather paddle. It made a loud cracking sound, I almost jumped out of my knickers.

Sally corrected my work and I corrected hers. Susan collected our papers. Mister English Grammar checked them. Then he stepped down from his teacher's stage and grabbed one of my bunches. I was to be the first dictation victim ! He dragged me up on the stage. I grimaced and hobbled as I followed my hair. He let go when I was draped over a stool. "9/20! I am going to teach you a lesson !" He pulled my kilt up and dragged my knickers down before severely roasting my derriere and thighs with Mr Wacker,


"Take your kilt and knickers off and correct your errors on the blackboard...."

Next he grabbed Marianne by an ear... Half the class was spanked. Then he went over each of our mistakes. He was for most of us the first teacher to take the time to do so. It was also a first to be standing skirt less with bare fiery bottoms and thighs on display while writing grammatical rules on the blackboard. We knew that we would remember them forever ! The bell chimed and we were allowed to dress. That spanking with Mr Wacker showed for the whole day !

It was math after the break. I was very lucky not to be again spanked. Some weren't so lucky. Deborah aka Debby had a second helping of Mr Wacker. Her thighs were glowing when it was time for lunch. It was again a great buffet, and we were taught how to peel an apple with a fork and a knife as proper young ladies.

Miss P.E. announced, "A lady should know how to ride, every Monday afternoon we will teach you how to ride at the farm country club..." She also added, "Every afternoon you will have a sporty activity except Wednesday when you will be writing an essay.

Tuesday is swimming, Thursday is karate, Friday will be a team sport, Saturday and Sunday you choose the activity you want to repeat."

She sternly added, "Saturday is also about redoing the lessons you failed. In detention you will redo the prep and take a quiz till you reach the minimum grade of 12/20..."

Then it was our riding lesson at the country club. It was a short walk on the other side of the village. I always wanted to learn how to ride. We were issued jodhpurs, boots, hats and etc. For all our activities at the country club we had a reserved private changing room with lockers and showers.

I was afraid of feeding the bit to my horse and I had to be helped, but I did manage to saddle her on my own. Our riding coach was dishy and called me "a natural". We returned around 5 PM, and were back in our classrooms for supervised homework till dinner...


To be continued...

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