Thursday, June 17, 2021

Curiosity part 5

Next morning for the ritual gym exercises and run I pulled up my white newbie shorts and the girls from neighboring dorms teased, "Prissy was a naughty girl, and the crocodile has bitten her bum!"

"Croc! Croc! Croc!"

Adriana the white knight came to the rescue, "Leave her alone!"

They didn't have to be told twice.

I questioned Lucinda, "How do they know it was the crocodile belt?"

"Because the marks on your thighs wouldn't be as red with an ordinary belt, and they aren't wide enough for the tawse and too wide for the cane."


Monica added; "You best not be late for the gym assembly or will also have palm prints."

I wasn't.

While jogging I reflected on the previous evening, my roommates were very helpful with after spanking care. I feel bad to be hiding that I am actually an undercover reporter.

Next was the uniform inspection. It was most humbling to be told to lift my uniform skirt. Everyone could see the marks decorating my thighs because of the shortish kilted skirt, but raising it meant showing the marks escaping my knickers.

I enjoyed breakfast. I knew that I wouldn't be able to have fried eggs and bacon forever, unless I run at least five miles every morning.

The first class was math and the professor was waiting for me, "Miss Priscilla please join me on the stand with your Punishment Slip."

I knew that I was blushing as I stood on the stand in front of the class. I handed my P.Slip. "Please tell us how you were punished for that shameful grade."

"I was belted, Ma'm."

"Please give us more details!"

I was given twenty strokes, Ma'am"


"It was on the bare, Ma'am."

After that last detail I felt a hot flush, and must have blushed as red as a fire engine.

"Lets see if you have learned your lesson. Please solve the equation on the blackboard."

It was surprisingly easy. Having learned the formula sitting on my pillow with a well reddened bottom had helped.

Next was French and Madame la prof pulled a martinet out of her satchel. "This is a French martinet it is very useful for encouraging lazy girls." I had tasted it when in France. It sure wasn't as severe as a belt and the marks fade in a day or two, but the six leather tails are quite stingy and always had me dancing.

Cheryl failed the French grammar exercise and was called to the blackboard. She again failed. Madame wasn't too happy, nor was Cheryl when she had her skirt pinned up. The French whippette *teased* her thighs, but it didn't jolt her French brain cells. Her knickers were lowered, and she blushed as red as a mail box. She got la fessée cul nu au martinet, and she had to write that on the blackboard.

After our afternoon PE class Cheryl and I returned to our dorm room in need of a shower. We were quite surprised to find Lucinda and Monica on their tummies with their skirts up and bare bum adorned with vividly purple stripes.

"What happened?"

"We were caught cheating, and we were caned, sniff, sniff."

Cheryl understood that her encounter with the martinet didn't compare with the cane, and she helped us prepare cold flannels. Meanwhile I gathered our soothing cream and Arnica gel. 

I noticed on their bed a paper ribbon with 7 red plaited stars. "What are those for?"

They answered in turn, "We are to stitch them onto the front of our knickers, on the right hand front side."

"Next time we are punished it will mean an extra stroke."

"An extra stroke per star whatever the implement used."

"And in the case of a hand spanking an extra spank?"

"Hahahaha! Silly bizom! An extra dozen smacks."

"And an extra six if the martinet."


We helped them stitch their stars.

Later I was up in the middle of the night and in the loos to type my report on my cellphone. Alex had left a text message, "The boss is real proud of his daughter, and no bonus for the belt!"


To be continued...

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