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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

From another O&P player

Hi, I'm Sam and I'm very pleased to meet you.
I'm a schoolgirl at Oaks and Pines, a very posh school for naughty young girls. Oh Yes! We're very naughty! We make St. Trinians look like innocent choir-girls. We're constantly looking for new ways to have fun and trying to avoid being caught by the teachers.
It's so embarrassing, being seventeen and spanked by a teacher and on my bare bottom too. Oh I wish I'd worn my school knickers. So unfair! I hadn't expected a surprise inspection. Please Miss, not the slipper as well. At least I avoided the cane this time. I haven't always been so lucky.
But please don't be scared, as the girls will do their best to protect you and to be quite honest, the teachers are pretty fair.
I've made some wonderful friends in the year I've been here. My best friend Caroline is ever so special. She's the bestest friend I've ever had. I count myself lucky to have such wonderful friends to play with every day. And it works so well here. I get to spend just the right amount of time with them. Sometimes it's just minutes and at other times much longer. It's for me to decide.
I'm so glad I came here. It's been the time of my life. I've never been happier than with the friends I've made and I can't see myself ever leaving. I never thought I'd say that about a school.
And really, with a hug and a cuddle from Caroline, I'll soon forget my spanking.
I would love to see you, so please come and join us. I promise, you won't regret it. It'll be more fun than you can possibly imagine. You've nothing to lose. Just give it a try.
Big, Big Hugs,

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Monday, September 26, 2022

An Oaks and Pines School Day

Thank God for alarm clocks... I was up ten minutes before the wake up bell, and already dressed for the morning exercise routine. I was having a tall glass of orange juice mixed with sparkling water when I heard, 


With great consideration she repeated her kind invite... 


After a routine of exercises which included toe touching we jogged into the nearby woods...

Next was showers and to dress impeccably for the uniform inspection. The teach on duty pulled your skirt up to make sure that we are wearing the regulation knickers. A few newbies who still hadn't sewn their name in their knickers had their thighs smacked 

Finally it was breakfast time. Miss Ahlers and her team had set up the usual superb buffet with fried eggs, crispy bacon and sausages as well as fruit salad and cereals. One didn't starve at O&P!

All too soon it was time to run back to our dorm rooms to prepare our satchels. Mine was ready and I was already latching my bike on the trailer behind our school bus. Mr LeBoeuf, the O&P chauffeur blew the fog horn, and we were on the way to the Montreux International Campus.

A newbie wanted to know why we had classes at both O&P and the Montreux International Campus. I chimed, "According to Miss Temple who was a great old Principal, 'The answer is blowing in the empty space between our ears!' "
A few boys and boyfriends helped us unload our bicycles from the trailer, and we locked them into the campus bike-shed.

After a long morning of classes at the International Campus aka IC we had lunch at the campus Cafeteria. I had pizza and there was a great choice of toppings. We sat with friends and boyfriends for that great part of the day.
Shorter afternoon classes followed and we were eventually released. We retrieved our bicycles from the bike-shed and rode back to chateau O&P with our boyfriends from the neighboring Residence du Lac, aka RDL. Another part of the program we didn't want to miss !

We had mid-afternoon tea and Mrs Ahles famous cookies, before our O&P additional classes.
"Later I saw Tanja sitting on the bench outside a teachers study. "Huh? What happened?"
My petite brunette friend pulled a face. "Teacher thought I wasn't paying attention."
"And were you?" I asked with a wink. "It's impossible the way he's droning on all the time."
I had been a good girl, and before my homework I visited our stables with our horses, donkeys and Ellie our baby elephant...
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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Crimson Manor Country Club part 2

From the large window of his office, Mr Martin-Lewis, my coach, showed me the running track zigzagging between flowery bushes and sculptured shrubs, "I will time you. You already know what will happen if you aren't giving it your best."

I knew and ran, and ran, and came back panting!

Mr Coach had a frown as he recorded my time. "I am going to teach you how to do better!" I didn't dare tell him that I had done my best. He took two steps to grab one of my wrists, and with one swift move I was pulled across his knees as he sat on a straight-back chair. I felt my shorts being pulled down, and I had a hot flush, I was blushing. I was again a schoolgirl about to be spanked on her bare bottom by the principal.

He spanked my derriere and thighs. I shamefully pedaled my legs. He brought my right arm into the small of my back and one of his legs over mine so as to lock them, and continued my spanking. I hadn't heard him count the smacks, and I was too busy wriggling my bum under the smacking inferno to count them!

"Pull up your shorts and run again!"

 I had never received such a severe spanking, my bottom and thighs were throbbing. I ran, and ran as fast as I could. It was quite an incentive to know that I was showing to everyone about my crimson bum thanks to the mini shorts, and not to discount my well reddened thighs. I saw the waitress from earlier dressing the tables for dinner. She seemed to have a 'serves you right' grin. I found a second or third puff of breath to speed up.

"Bravo Julia, you have gained 47 seconds!"

He gave me the same mini kilt outfit I had already seen. "You will always wear your Discipline Academy uniform when visiting the Country Club. That also includes the commutes." A small monogrammed backpack with my original clothes, and a spare uniform were also added.

He offered his attached bathroom for me to dress. I looked back in the tall mirror behind the door. If I walked carefully, if the wind is merciful, I wouldn't show that I was spanked like a naughty schoolgirl.

Back into his office, he inspected me and even readjusted my cardigan. Then he slowly walked around me, and suddenly pulled up the back of my shortish kilt and smacked my thighs till I danced on the spot.

"This is to remind you to always give it your best on the first attempt. Next Saturday you will report for your first assessment and confirm your membership. During the week, you will have a training programs tailor made for you, and supervised by my assistants." He finally let go of my kilt, and my thighs were burning.

On the way back home, the wind wasn't too merciful. I twice had to catch my skirt. Next time I'll ride my bike, I'll be home faster!" Worse was to come. I had to bend down to pick up an Amazon parcel too big for my mailbox. I overheard two old ladies.

"Mildred did you know that our new neighbors have a girl?"
"Nope, and look at her thighs, she won't be able to hide that she was spanked at school."
"When I was a girl, Papa said, spanked at school spanked at home."
"At her age it was the tawse or the cane for me."
They obviously didn't know me, that was a relief. I hurried up the stairs to my new apartment. As soon as I had closed the door, I stood in front of my standing mirror and bend down as I had to for picking up that big box. I felt my upper cheeks glowing as I saw my crimson thighs and knickers doing a poor job of covering my well spanked derriere.

I wasn't upset. I thought that it was well deserved. "You want to be able to run a marathon or not? And learn how to play good tennis, yes or no? Next time you give it all you have from the first attempt."

Next morning I raised my mini kilt in front of my tall mirror. "Phew!" my bottom was as good as new. I took my bike out of the garage and leisurely rode to the Crimson Manor Country Club. I was scheduled for swimming a few dozens pool lengths. 

It was a relief to know that the country club's pool was privatized for the Discipline Academy girls. I reported to the pool master, "Good morning Sir, I am Julia, a new girl, and I don't have a DA swimsuit."

"Good morning, Julia, you have been assigned cabin number seven where you will find what you need."

I discovered a large towel and a modern high cut one piece swim suit. I held it up at arm's length and understood that it wouldn't be too covering for my bottom. Once I had pulled it up I felt my upper cheeks warming up while my lower ones were mostly at fresco.

I was quite self conscious of my skimpy cossie, but soon reassured when I saw  that all DA girls were wearing the same swimsuit. I again reported to the pool master. He assigned me a lane. A very fit woman in her early forties introduced herself as Josy. "I'll be timing you." I nodded, and she warned, "Don't pee in the pool! There's a special chemical, and you will be spotted."

I gave it all I had, and Josy was satisfied, "Phew!"

The girl in the next lane had disappointed her. She pulled the back of her cossie into her rear valley after having bent her over her knees. Then she gave her a very severe spanking, and told her to redo her lengths. We saw that the back of her swimsuit was still up into her crack, and fully exposed her crimson bum.

Later, by the showers, I met a few girls. They were all in their twenties, as me. I told of my goal of running the Paris Marathon. One of them, named Daniella, enthusiastically chimed, "Same here, and we'll have a romantic dinner at a street side café on the Place Saint Michel, with a pair of dashing young Frenchmen."

I gave her high five, "I am game!"

Michelle, the girl who had to be encouraged, was rubbing her bum with her mini kilt, and we guessed that she is a newbie when she said, "Whoa! I have never received such a severe spanking."

Johanna laughed, "Hahahaha! That was only an appetizer! Wait till you get the martinet or the strap!"

Another girl named Amelia added, "And it's the martinet each time you're late!"

She was curious of the martinet as I was.

Johanna answered, "It stings like the devil, but it doesn't bruise. After two days, the marks are gone."


To be continued...

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Colorized and edited drawings with help from a friend

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