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Summer homework part 4

Last night Béa and Jacques had been busy, and she was quite loud! There had to be something about having a fiery derriere, and the need for a fireman. I didn't need to be inspired by her lustful moaning. I pulled Alfred, my ever ready bunny, out of my beauty case. I was thankful to have spare batteries! I later dreamed of Adrien, Jacques' cousin to be joining us tomorrow. hoping that he will be as dishy as Béa promised...
Next morning Béa gave me an outfit similar to hers, and we looked like sisters. 

The skirt was short, and to me it felt even shorter! She twirled in front of her floor length mirror, and teased. "If you're not careful you will show your knickers!"
Earlier, after my shower, I had checked my bum in the bathroom mirror, and was relieved to see that the spanking of my thighs had completely faded. There was only a faded shadow over my bum. It would be mostly hidden by my knickers. "Phew!"
As I was tugging down that miniskirt which made me feel like a schoolgirl, Béa pulled it up, and laughed. "That girl was spanked, well spanked, and its still showing!" I called her a minx, and adjusted my mini with a frown. "Grgrgrgrgr!"
As suggested by Jacques we did our best to hide our ages, and look as young as possible. I tied my hair into bunches, and helped Béa with tying hers into pigtails.
Béa explored her cupboards, and got red hair ribbons that worked well with our outfits. I tested some of her rouge on my cheeks, and after trials and errors I got the perfect shade to give us youthful rosy cheeks.
Jacques approved. "You both look perfect, barely eighteen!"
We saw how he had also worked on his look with having skipped a shave, and even added a touch of grey to his hair. He didn't look old enough to be our father, but he could pass as a vacationing teacher coaching two young ladies preparing to resit their baccalaureate.
We were ready, and he sternly announced. "We are now going to the market, and I am going to buy a martinet."
We pulled long faces although we had agreed to his discipline program. We must have hoped that he wouldn't go all the way to actually buying a martinet. The spanking we got yesterday had been more than convincing. I imagined martinet thongs straying and decorating my thighs. I tugged my miniskirt.
It was a small market, and we had parked at the nearby car park. Lets go naughty girls he said, and Béa protested. "You don't need us to buy a martinet, we'll wait for you in the car."
I supported her with. "Yes! Its too embarrassing!"
Jacques sternly told us. "You have both flunked your exams because of laziness, and I know the cure!"  He stepped out of the car, walked around it, opened Béa's door, and with a perfect sequence pulled her out by an ear, opened a rear door, sat on the seat, brought her across his knees, raised her miniskirt, and pulled her knickers down for a fiery bare ass spanking.
When he finally released her, she was very fast to pull up her knickers over her crimson bum, and adjust her skirt. She hastily returned to her front seat with quite a pout, and Jacques called. "Chloe, you're next!"
I sat frozen on the back seat of the car. He walked around it, and with the same sequence as for Bea pulled me over his knees, raised my little skirt, yanked my knickers down, and spanked me as a disobedient teenage girl.
We hadn't notice any witnesses, till we heard. "There's a well spanked young lady!"
I was lucky that they had been on their way when Jacques helped me out of the car. "And now you are both tagging along as I am going to buy a martinet!" With upper cheeks probably has red as our lower ones we followed him.
As we approached the busy market, I was quite self conscious of my fiery bum under my very short mini and hoped that no one would guess that I was fessée cul nu comme une gamine impertinente. We refrained from rubbing our fiery bums, and eyed each other as if asking ourselves how much we want these exams. Béa looked determined, and I thought that it wouldn't be right to let her down.
Thanks to our bunches and braids we were relieved not to draw more than the attention of a few old lecherous geezers drooling over our long legs.
We again blushed as a vegetable stall owner advertised his tomatoes, " red as the bum of a well spanked young lady!"
We eventually found the only hardware stall of the market selling martinets. At each ends of the stand were bunches of martinets hanging from the tarpaulin roof.
We again saw the girl from the bookshop. She was with her parents, and we clearly heard her father. "I would like a martinet to teach this lazy girl a lesson about better applying herself."
 The ageless lady led them to the other end of her stall. "Over here I have martinets with good leather tongs for older naughty girls." The girl in question blushed crimson while tugging down her shorts.
We were next, and I felt my upper cheeks burning as hot as my lower ones when Jacques asked. "I would like a martinet for big lazy girls."
The old lady selected one, and handed it to Jacques. "That one should teach them a lovely dance!"
The old lady wrapped our martinet into a page from an old newspaper, and we returned to our car.
Back home Jacques ordered. "Do hang your martinet behind the kitchen door, and prepare yourselves to take a dictation..."
Chloe and Béa
To be continued...
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