Sunday, December 10, 2023

Alicia and the magic ring part 7

Saturday morning we had a shopping spree, and Lucinda led the way to Connaught Avenue and its fashion shops. We didn't push the door of Peacocks. "Its for our Moms! The wildest colors they have are dark blue and brown!"
We went to Nicola and Priscilla, and said that we want to be colorful. We looked like sisters with pleated minis in the typical orange and yellow of the 70s.
 Next we had a burger and chips with the boys, and we dragged them into the Jules and Jim shop. We nagged them till they got bell bottom pants, and shirts that would pick up disco lights.
Jonathan, Lucinda's boyfriend was a year older, and he drove us to the party with having borrowed his father's car. He drove very carefully, he wanted to be able to regularly borrow it!
Amelia's house looked like a Californian postcard transplanted into Essex. Her parents were indeed loaded, but she was a very nice girl who never showed off, and an honor student. She warmly thanked all of us for the small presents we had brought her. We were amazed to discover that she was allowed to use the house's largest lounges for her party when most birthday parties were held in garages.
She also had a disco ball with lights, and more important, Sticky Fingers, the latest Rolling Stones. We soon rock and rolled with flashing lights, and caught our breath with slows to the tune of Riders on the Storm. Not to forget giggling girls who were lucky to have boyfriends with adventurous hands.
We soon found out that those more adventurous boys had brought beer, and the rock and rolling became faster with The Who and Black Sabbath. Amelia's boyfriend did his best to keep an eye on the beer drinkers, but little did he know that a few rogues also offered to add gin in the beer cans.
Step by step the party became wilder, but there was no real pandemonium. Jonathan and Brian initiated us to smoking our first cigarettes. They assured us that it was only tobacco, and we were right to trust them, but we nonetheless coughed. We also tasted beer with gin, and danced the more.
It wasn't a wild party, but is was a great one. Brian led me to a quiet corner, and had me purring with a hand way up under my skirt, and I enthusiastically returned his breathtaking kiss. We helped Amelia clean up, and had a few too many last drinks, plus another ciggy without coughing this time.
Jonathan had been more reasonable, and drove us back home. I was past my curfew and being true to been eighteen in the 70s I asked Brian to give me a hand for the climb atop the garage to my bedroom window. He had a huge smile as he waved me off, he must have had more than a glimpse of my knickers in the process.
So far so good till I rattled a few roof tiles which had the neighbors' dog backing. Grandpa/Pop had a look outside, and he waved for me to be quiet! I smiled, and overheard Grandma/Mom telling him. "Don't tell me that it is a cat! It's Alicia. Its one AM she's way past her curfew. I will tan her hide!" I lost my smile.
Then Grandma/Mom caught me entering my bedroom through its window.
"You are past your curfew young lady!"
"I am very sorry Mom."
I had tried to look contrite, but I was glowing with being tipsy.
Then she grabbed one of my hand, and pulled me closer to check my breath!
"You have smoked and drank!"
"Don't lie!"
I offered another pitiful. "Very, very... hips... sorry Mom."
That hiccup didn't help.
"Tomorrow morning, before church it will be six of the best!"
I prepared for bed thinking, so much for the permissive 70s. I fell asleep with that mean little voice telling me not to take of the magic ring. You deserve the cane for all the partying which led you to fail your A Levels in the present.
To be continued...

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