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Interns part 1

Early June 1958 I had completed my second year at the Bank and Insurance Academy, and I was to have my first job. Although it was to be a summer job, it wouldn't be about flipping burgers. I was selected by Red Moon Insurances to help a short staffed summer team.

Mom had helped me choose a young lady's outfit with a lovely summer dress. She noticed how I looked at the stockings with envy. She smiled, "Yes, you should now have your first pairs of stockings." I was also invited to choose a few pairs of lacy knickers. I imagined how Harry will love them...

The day came. Pop gave me a peck on each cheek before going to his office, and Mum noticed how I was squirming on my seat. I was told to stand and she pulled my skirt up. I blushed, but I didn't peep. The belt and cane are still hanging behind the kitchen door. She adjusted my stocking clips, "You don't want to sit on them all day long."

I rode my bike to work...

I reported at the receptionist of Red Moons, "I am Cheryl Thompson, Ma'am."  I was told to wait with three more girls my age. "Ms Stanhope's secretary will be calling you in a few."

Miss Secretary wasn't more than a couple of years older than us. She asked for two signatures. One for the work contract and the other was about agreeing to submit to company discipline. That word of "submit" had me raising an eyebrow. She must have noticed it, "Its standard policy..." I was none the wiser, but I didn't pursue. I was curious as to why she was squirming into her stylish swirling chair.

Ms Stanhope was early fifties, tall, very stylish and obviously expected to be obeyed. Miss Secretary followed with a clipboard as we were trooped to our new office.

We had a large office with two tall windows, and four desks equipped with typewriters. There was also a cupboard for each of us and a large table in the middle of the room. We noticed how the wall shared with the corridor and our door were glazed halfway down, and that glazing was transparent.

Ms Stanhope told us that we would be the paralegal back office of the call center. "The telephone operators will have completed forms for each callers. Their supervisor will send you the forms from callers requesting a contract. You will prepare those contracts and print them with a covering letter for the legal department to review and sign..."

As soon as we were by ourselves we introduced each other. I shared one of the windows with Patricia, who's twenty-two, as me. She was squirming in her seat and I told her about adjusting her stocking clasps. She would have to do it later, we had the visit of our supervisors. They wheeled in a blackboard with a collection of colored chalks. It was put to good use as they explained the different contracts we would be preparing. They concluded with a stern warning, "No grammatical mistakes in our mail, or else..."

Once they had left, Stella, our elder at twenty-three, chimed, "Or else what?" Susan, our youngest colleague of twenty-one giggled, "Or we'll be spanked!" I added, "We have signed an agreement to submit to company discipline..." Patricia nervously echoed, "I don't like that word 'submit'."

A young telephone operator with futuristic headphone still on her ears brought dozens of handwritten forms prepared by her colleagues, "Have fun!" We were in business.

We worked fast, we had lunch at the cafeteria and it was quite good. We met the next door team of interns dealing with requests for information, and the telephone operators. They seemed jealous of us, we overhead them referring about us as the "baby lawyers."

We were happy with our first day and some ran to catch their tall red bus while other rode their bicycles. Patricia and I discovered that we are from the same suburban village and rode together. I told Mum and Pop about my day and they reminded me to make them proud.

Next morning Miss Supervisor was waiting for us with a long plastic ruler and a large shopping bag... She wrote on the blackboard, Grammatical errors : Stella: 12, Susan: 16, Patricia: 22, Cherryl: 24 ! "Patrica and Cherryl will be punished for having had more than 20 errors." She smacked her ruler on my desk, "Take off your knickers and hang them from your chair."

I almost jumped out of my stockings with the loud ruler smacking of my desk. For a few seconds I was hesitant, and with quite a blush I slowly raised my skirt and lowered my knickers as discreetly as I could. Then I hang my new white frilly knickers from my chair. Patricia also had a deep blush when she hang her pink knickers from her chair. Everyone entering our office will know that we were punished.

I deeply blushed when she told me to raise my skirt all the way and bend over the central table. I felt my cheeks burning with a shameful blush as I imagined what I was showing. I could also hear the nearby teams having gathered in the corridor to look into our office through the glazing. Twelve times she smacked my bottom and the top of my thighs. It was as fiery as Pop's belt. I rubbed as I stood in the corner while she punished Patricia.

She pulled two brand new small doormats made of coco fibers from her bag and carefully set them on our swiveling chairs, before sternly ordering, "Skirts up ! Well up! As high as your tuft, and sit!" The prickly doormats did more than tickling our throbbing bottoms and upper thighs. She wounded up a timer, "Half an hour on the doormats, then you will be allowed to put your knickers back on. If there's a next time I won't be so lenient!"

I remembered Ms Stanhope's secretary squirming in her chair. I tried shifting from cheek to cheek, it didn't  help. I also tried shifting back and forth. That was worse with the doormat prickling parts that didn't like to be prickled!

The afternoon offered some respite, but we rode high above the saddles of our bikes as we returned home. A few boys from our village saw our crimson derrieres as our skirts billowed, and they whistled, rascals!

Back home I didn't tell about my day. I tried not to fidget into my seat while having dinner, but Mum was perspicacious. "Raise your dress!" 

I blushed and obeyed, my bottom was still very red, and the marks from the ruler were counted.

"Remember the rule, when punished in school, again punished at home." I didn't dare protest that I was no longer in school!

I sheepehsly went to my bedroom and she followed me with the old wooden hairbrush I knew so well.

 She tanned my butt before announcing. "No stockings or heels tomorrow, you will wear ankle socks and saddle shoes."
Next morning he had me wear one of my old school dress.


To be continued…


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