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Dial a spanking part 2/2

Then it was that Friday afternoon after school. We had dressed with tick jeans and several pairs of knickers. Betty had left a post-it on her door, "I am at Annabella's house across the street..."

We nearly jumped out of our jeans and numerous knickers when we heard the front door bell. He was as old as grandpa.

"Betty and Annabella ?" We nodded. "I suppose you know why I am here?"


He frowned, "Its, 'Yes Sir!' "

"Huh! Yes Sir!"

"Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"Sorry... Sir, please come in."

"I would like a tall glass of fizzy water, please."

The drink was hurriedly fetched and offered.

"I take it that you have no thicker jeans, and wearing a dozen pairs of knickers. Take it all off and come back with the miniskirts and knickers you were wearing earlier in school. Annabella you have one minute, and Betty you have two as you will get your mini from your home."

I hurriedly changed, and my skirt felt shorter than usual.

He had sat at our dining room table and told me to remain standing in front of it. Betty joined me a few seconds later. We were both tugging down our minis.

"Please let me have your report cards..."

We picked them up from the coffee table, and sheepishly handed them.

"Annabella, an average of 9.10/20..."

"Betty, 9.70/20..."

"Your parents have honored me with letting me decide what punishment you deserve for such poor grades."

"From now on your minimum average requirement will be 12/20 since you are having a second go at your A-levels."

"I will be visiting each months, and you will be punished till you have reached that average grade."

"I am not going to waste my time giving you a hand spanking. You deserve at least a belting, but I will be lenient, it will be the martinet. Come Monday when back to school you basically won't have any marks left on your bottoms, but you might still have a few faded stripes on your thighs."

We gulped!

"With a belt the welts will for sure last longer."

We double gulped!

"Roll up your skirts, lower your knickers, and keep your hands on your head."

We stood there frozen...

"Do it now or I am leaving, and your parents will have to deal with you."

We remembered the threats from our respective parent. We blushed as red as roses, very red roses! Demurely standing with our rolled up skirts we pleaded,

"May we please keep our knickers Sir."

"No! Its bare bottom as naughty little girls!"

We blushed to our ears as we slowly lowered our knickers, and shamefully kept our hands in front of our curls.

"Hands atop your head!"

We had a blushing competition as we obeyed.

Then he walked around us as he lashed our derrieres and thighs with his martinet. It was stingy, very stingy, it reminded me of the day I ran too close to nettles.


Betty echoed, "Aie! AIE! AIE!"

We danced, and when we lowered our hands to protect our behinds we got more on our thighs. If we protected our thighs our bottoms got more. A few backhand lashes explored uncharted territories and surprised us...



The music of the martinet had stopped, and we were still dancing as well chastened naughty girls. Our bottom and thighs were ablaze and decorated by multiple welts, some of them were purple and would for sure take longer to fade. We rubbed and rubbed some more, we no longer cared what we were showing.

"No rubbing! Hands back on your heads!"

We got a dozen additional strokes for having rubbed.



"Stand facing that wall with your hands still on your head, while I complete my report for your parents."

Sniffling we stood with our blazing bums and thighs on show.

We were finally ordered out of our corners. "You may dress, and you will wear those miniskirts when back in school!"

"Next month I will continue to be lenient, and will be satisfied with an average of 11/20. If you don't reach that grade it will be the belt!"

We tried for pity from our parents, "He was mean! He whipped our thighs, it will show in school!"

They answered at it was richly deserved!

We tried tears. Pop turned the telly on to watch a ball game. Betty texted me, "Tears didn't work ! Mom raised the sound of her music!"

We rubbed our stripes with all the creams we could find. It was no use. We refused all invitations during the weekend, and studied together. 

On Monday we only had a few faded stripes on our thighs and they didn't raise any attention. "Phew!"

A month later with average grades short of the required lenient 11/20 we were belted. Again, standing butts naked with our hands atop our heads, our punishing grandpa whipped our bottoms and thighs. He didn't count the strokes, we also didn't count them, we were too busy dancing. It was one hundred times, or a thousand times more severe than the martinet.


Betty echoed, "Aie! AIE! AIE! AIE!"

Our derrieres and thighs were throbbing, and we had severe wide purple welts. We already knew that we would have to wear our miniskirts till they have disappeared, and those marks would for sure show when back to school on Monday. We were well chastened...

Monday came and as expected our minis couldn't hide our welted thighs. We were teased to no end. The boys got an eyeful, and the girls were very mean. They chanted,

"Belted as naughty little girls !"

"Was it on your bare bottom ?"

 Later, when our boyfriends weren't around, one boy pulled my skirt up by surprise and everyone saw my well punished bottom...

Annabella and Betty

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