Sunday, October 2, 2022

Crimson Manor Country Club part 3

Monday I was back at work. I have a great new job. I am the second assistant to the VP. He likes me, and Mrs Forsythe, his first assistant, has taken me under her wing.

At 5 PM I changed in the loo and rushed. I just about bumped into her. She noticed my DA uniform, "Crimson Manor Discipline Academy, excellent program!"

High above the saddle, I pedaled as fast as I could, and my flying skirt was greeted by a few whistling boys!

Alas, I had no doubt that I was late when I reported to the fitness room supervisor. He gave me a red card reading 6, and sternly ordered, "Take it to Mr Martin-Lewis!"

I gently knocked on the door with the gold plate of my coach. Through the door, I heard his booming voice, "Enter!"

"Good evening Sir, I am very sorry, I am late for my fitness exercises..." I gave him the red card.

"Late more than 5 minutes, naughty girl! You were warned about being late. You will be punished. Take off your skirt and knickers for the martinet."

I didn't keep my hands in front of my curls for long. He showed me the higher handlebar on the gym machine in the corner of his office. "Grab it and don't let go, or I'll use a strap!"

With the martinet, he whipped my bottom and thighs, back and front. I did quite a dance with plenty of, "AH! OH! AIE! OUCH!"

He ordered, "No rubbing! Shorts on, return to the fitness room, and start on the treadmill!"

I stuffed my kilt and knickers into my backpack, pulled out my skimpy shorts, and slowly eased them up my decorated thighs.

Back in the fitness room, I couldn't help rubbing my stingy thighs. Adrian, the fitness coach grabbed me under his arm, pulled my little shorts as far up as they would go and spanked my already burning bottom and thighs, "You were told not to rub! Treadmill number 7 and you run it till it beeps, or else!"

As I walked toward the designated treadmill, at the other end of the large fitness room. I realized that I was spanked in front of everyone, and hurriedly pulled my mini shorts out of my neither region. Then I stepped on the treadmill, and ran with a vengeance. I made it beep and bleep!

Later, after having changed back into my DA uniform, I stood in front of the tall mirror of the changing room, and saw that my kilt was too short to hide my martinet decorated thighs.

As I rode back home, I tried to keep my miniskirt down. I wasn't too successful, and a few boys laughed. Once at home it was a tender mercy that the two neighboring old biddies weren't about!

I had a long soak with Epsom Salts and looking back on the day's event, I had to admit that I had cut it close, way too close. 'And you were also late for work! You have been asking for the martinet! Serves you right!'

Next morning, I had a serious dilemma, what to wear for the office? Wearing trousers was out of the question. Mrs Forsythe had once said that a good girl wears a skirt. I didn't have any skirts reaching under my knees. I had to make do with a straight skirt which was my longest, and it barely reached my knees.

Till lunch at the cafeteria, I hadn't drawn any curiosity. That's probably why I neglected to properly tug my skirt as I sat in front of my lunch tray. Mrs Forsythe joined me and discreetly whispered, "Pull down your skirt. You don't want to advertise that you got a martinet whipping. I'll let you leave earlier from now on." I felt a hot flush, and knew that I was deeply blushing. I hastily tugged my skirt. "Thank you Ma'am."

Around 4:45 PM, Mrs Forsythe suggested the small archive room behind our office for me to change into my Crimson Discipline Academy uniform. It was indeed more comfy than the loo. Once she saw me dressed with my mini kilt, she gently teased, "You are the picture of a naughty girl who was well punished." 

 I tried pulling on my kilt to hide the marks left by the martinet, but it was useless. I took the stairs for a more discreet way down to the corporate parking, and my bike.

I was a very good girl at the academy. I was paired with Daniella for tennis. She again won, but I made her work hard for a small victory. Our coach said that I have made great progress. Then he had Daniella running all over the court while I returned balls from the machine to strengthen my forehand. Next we traded places, and I was running all over the court with our coach threatening me to remove my knickers.

As usual the showers were almost cold and Josy, the swimming coach teased us, "Goose pimples are good for the skin!"

Louise reminded us, "Saturday morning it's the strap or the tawse for those who were punished twice during the week!"

I stammered, "b... b... but my first spanking was part of my assessment."

"You're a newbie. It will be the strap."

Amelia sighed, "And the tawse for me."

Michelle, the other new girl, who was also told to expect the strap instead of the tawse mused, "I remember my father's belt. That was hot!"

Louise laughed, "Mr Martin-Lewis is probably more fit than your father, be thankful it won't be the tawse!"


To be continued...

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