Saturday, March 13, 2021

Forest Hill part 3

I became close to Sophia, we have something in common, spanking hubbies !
With a blush and stammering I finally popped the question which had been on my mind for days, "Do you .... get horny .... when Jonathan .... spanks you ?"
Sophia hadn't expected that question although she probably had shied from asking the very same question. She blushed as she answered, "Yes and no, it depends. Expecting a spanking, waiting for a spanking does makes me horny, and the more so if its well deserved..."
"Phew! I am so relieved. I thought I was a weirdo ! I also love it when I have to wait to be punished. The spanking itself makes me horny as well..."
"Yes, up to about 40 or 50 smacks, beyond that it becomes different..."
I returned to the butcher. "How was your barbecue Ma'am ?"
"My hubby was furious... We had to go to the supermarket on a Saturday morning..." I instinctively rubbed my bottom and felt like an idiot, 'Why don't you also spell out that you were spanked !?"
I got a lamb roast and the butcher's wife again none too discreetly commented as I left the shop. "She was well spanked, I can tell that she was spanked !"
Next day Sophia and I went to the supermarket. It was getting warmer and we had chanced short flowery spring dresses. I hope it will fly while riding my bike. I love it when the boys whistle as they catch a glimpse of my thighs or more, it gives me a glorious glow. Last time we rode together Sophia was whistled twice and it was only once for me, "Grgrgrgr!"
With the packs of beer in our panniers and our backpacks well filled we rode back towards our village. I pestered, "They could take one car to the station and leave us a car for the weekly supermarket shopping. Sophia chimed, "I want to buy a mini but I don't make enough. The salon doesn't requires me more than two afternoons a week, having their nails done isn't a priority for old biddies !" "Same here, the nurse doesn't need me more than three afternoons a week, and Eric wont give me anything, he wants a pool !"
As usual we took the forbidden shortcut. Its a semi-private alley between properties and the river. The climb to the village isn't as steep. There's a cycle barrier and a sign clearly stating pedestrians only. It also mentions £ 50 fine for bicycles, moped, motorcycles. I feel that it is quite silly to ban bikes, they are silent and non polluting.
We had to step down from our bikes to push them through the U-chicane, and we were startled by the gruff voice of the Municipal Constable who appeared out of nowhere,
"Got you !"
"Sorry Sir ! We'll turn back..."
"Too late ! I have been waiting for the two of you for a week. You're names ? And don't give me fake names !"
"Fifty Pounds' too much Sir, I don't make more than ten quids an hour !"
"Then you should make an appointment with the Headmaster on Whipping Post Lane."
We blanched, we remembered Jonathan having told about him...
Once Sophia had stored her groceries she left a message for Jonathan telling him that she's with me. We were having iced tea when our men came back from work. They immediately felt that something was wrong with us. "Out with it !" they said. We gave them our summons. It didn't take more than a nano second for them to have us draped over their knees with our dresses up and knickers down. We each got a very thorough spanking. While we were doing the well punished dance Eric pulled his cellphone out and called the Headmaster. We couldn't believe our ears !
"Yes Sir, I am Eric her husband... Its Erika with a k... Yes, there's two of them... let me pass you on to Sophia's husband..."
Jonathan took the cellphone, "Yes Sir, they will ride their bikes... I understand, pleated skirts, 20 cm above the floor when kneeling..."
Erika and Sophia
To be continued...

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