Sunday, November 5, 2023

Camp Rosy Cheeks part 3

We were given plenty of empty shopping bags, and we climbed aboard the army truck we came with. The track was still bumpy, and the poorly padded benches felt harder for those with tenderized bums.


The market town was only a few miles away, and I tried to pull down my miniskirt as the truck was parked between the temple and the church. It was no used, the leather belt wouldn't allow it. 


We were told to step down, and we immediately spotted a few local boys. They were obviously waiting for the 'show'. They whistled as our friends stepped down the truck's sideboard.


We overheard. "The last few girls will be the slackers, those who flunked their exams. They will be wearing the shortest minis, and will have lovely reddened tights."


We had heard, and were already blushing. I took the two steps on the sideboard and felt their gaze reaching under my skirt, caressing my striated thighs, and tickling my skimpy gym knickers. They applauded! I felt a hot flush, and guessed I must have blushed as red as the nearby mail box. One of those pimpled imps enthused. "I saw the knickers of that red hair!" I would have loved to kick a few family jewels!


I nonetheless understood that it was the second part of my punishment, to have everyone in the village see that I was punished as a lazy girl. I reasoned that it isn't as if I were back home, no one knows me over here. I am only one of the naughty girls attending the July session of Camp Rosy Cheeks. I will be forgotten when the girls of the August session arrive. It was nonetheless very very embarrassing!


The large open air market was sprawled over the green, and Miss Chieftain plus the Mistresses lead us. They did the shopping, and the goods to be carried were passed on to us. The merchants knew them, as they are also teachers from the local college. Rosy Cheeks Camping is their side job during the holidays.


A few older girls who hadn't had the benefit of a good spanking which would have made them think twice, thought they could discreetly buy ciggies. Little did they know that one of the Mistresses would be waiting for them out side the tobacco shop.


She couldn't catch more than one of them. She caught Melissa, and she dragged her by the ear till sitting on a sidewalk bench. Then she had her in the time honored position for naughty girls, draped over her knees. Melissa tried to keep her skirt down but failed. It wasn't the first naughty girl caught by that Mistress. She expertly trussed her up before pulling her knickers deep into her rear valley. She also brought both her arms behind her back and spanked her.


It was a spanking for a big girl, those of us who saw it counted that over one hundred smacks. She was tanned and tamed when she returned the cigarettes to the tobacconist who refunded her with a smirk. She demurely thanked him while rubbing her skirt over her bum.


Back at our campsite, we weren't surprised to be told to take off our skirts, before cooking our lunch of roast chicken and chips.


After lunch we were given old fashion school slates for a spelling bee test. We sat in the tickling grass, and tried to write words that didn't even sound English. We were graded and I didn't make the grade. I was spanked. I was lucky to have reached a grade good enough to avoid having my knickers taken down.


Next was calculus, and siting in the grass with a well spanked derriere was quite an incentive to apply myself, but I again failed. This time my grade was such that I had to take down my knickers for my second spanking. Worse was to be spanked by Miss Chieftain. She roasted, and toasted my buns I couldn't help giving quite a show for my chums.


Next was swimming lessons, and I enthusiastically volunteered to be among the first to taste the cool lake water. Anna laughed when told that the lake would be cold. "She will warn it up for us!"


Clarissa and co

To be continued....


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