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Farm Life continued with The Gym, part 2

Debbie and Ingrid after their gym lesson.

"Ouch, my bum is on fire! I feel like a schoolgirl who was spanked by the PE teach."

Ingrid laughed. "You're no longer a schoolgirl, but you sure were spanked by the PE teach, and lucky to have kept your shorts and knickers."

Debbie teased back. "And you, naughty girl, showed your fuzzy peach!"

"Don't know about Josh and you, but for Hans and I, it’s spanked at the gym, spanked at home."

What Ingrid had just said made the little wheels between my ears spin wickedly and my recently spanked bottom tingle.

When Josh was back from work, I ran to give him a big hug with a pouty naughty girl's face. "You signed me up for spanking at that gym! Now, I have to wear red trimmed shorts, which means that I should be spanked when slacking!"

"And were you spanked?"

"Yes! A long and hard spanking with my shorts pulled up into my crack! Grgrgrgrgrgr!"

"Then you must have deserved it!"

"Not fair! I was fourth for the two miles run, and only the first three were exempt from slacker treatment."

"Serves you right! Next time you'll run faster, and it will give you a nice shapely, firm bum."


He didn't like that! He grabbed one of my hands while saying. "Hans has a great policy with Ingrid, spanked at the gym, spanked at home." He pulled me over his knees, raised my skirt, pulled my knickers down, and spanked me.


After fifty fiery smacks, he helped me up, and I danced on the spot rubbing my throbbing derriere while my knickers dropped onto the floor.


It stings!
 "Pick up your knickers, and hang them from the doorknob of the kitchen's door so that anyone visiting will know that you are bare butt under your skirt."

With a teasing pout I obeyed and started to prepare our dinner when my iPhone rang. It was Ingrid. "Twelve strokes of the martinet for having had a bare ass spanking at the gym!"

"Ouch! Josh adopted Hans' policy of spanked at the gym, spanked at home and I got my butt well roasted."

Ingrid giggled. "And I was shagged while bending over our dining room table, and it was juicy!"

"Ah! Lucky girl! I am rubbing my bum with one hand, and preparing dinner. I might add more chili in the fish curry."

After dinner, the extra chili paid off, and we were too busy to watch the television.

Next morning, Ingrid and I were back at the gym. We ran and exercised, as if our bums were on fire although they weren't, and we did well as they kept their natural peachy color.

After a snack at a very French bistro we went shopping, by the indoor fountain of the Centre Commercial we overheard a group a girls chatting. They were schoolgirls, and couldn't have been more than eighteen. A brunette had just teased a pretty blonde. "What are those marks on your legs?"

Another brunette added. "Don't tell us that your cat has scratched your thighs. We know martinet marks when we see them."

A red head dotted the i and crossed the t. "She flunked her bac, and her papa gave her la fessée au martinet."

 Another blondie wickedly asked. "Was it cul nu in front of the whole household?"

The blonde girl was now blushing crimson, and tugging her miniskirt, that was tell tale enough for another brunette to hiss.

"She didn't have time to prep her bac. She was too busy having all the boys in the school screwing her!"

 A couple of girls were mouths opened.

 "What?! She even pinched my Jeremy!"

 Another girl echoed that. "Everyone knows that your Jeremy could never keep it in his pants."

 "Well, right, anyway, that fessée serves her right!"

 At this point, blondie left with her friends, and we saw martinet welts peaking under her mini as she walked away.

Ingrid's knowledge of French was better than mine, and she translated the best parts before telling of her klopfpeitsche whipping when she had flunked her abitur. " klopfpeitsche is German for martinet, and Mutter had me wear my usual miniskirt! It was uber embarrassing, but it attracted Hans, and he was my first!"

After that confession, she wanted me to tell her how I met Josh. "He's three years older than me and had already started his engineer school when I was preparing my A-levels. Papa had hired him to help me with math. One day, he was early for my lesson and Mom was spanking me with her nasty hairbrush for a poor grade.

She interrupted my punishment and told me to open for him. I was rubbing my skirt over my already warmed up bum when I opened the door for him and Mom bellowed from the living room. "Take Joshua to your room and come back here. I am not finished with your spanking."

From my room, he must have heard every smack as well as my silly bawling. I fidgeted in my seat during the whole lesson. He was a gentleman, and didn't say anything. Two days later he was waiting for me in front of my school, and tah dah!"

Debbie and Josh

To be continued...


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