Saturday, November 7, 2020

Wuthering Moors part 3

Alicia and Betty trooped into class with their 'chums'. Whispering for each other
"Its like going back in time !"
"Just like Westworld with the sisters being the Indians !"
There was two classrooms, it meant about 15 to 20 girls per classes. A mean looking sister presided our class. It was an old fashion classroom with the teach's desk on a platform, and old wooden desks with attached seats. Betty shared with Louise, and Alicia shared with Jenny. As we sat we took more details such as the old blackboard with a chalk written warning, "Cheaters will be caned !" A school cane hanged between the blackboard and a huge map of Yorkshire.
"Good morning young ladies, we are going to have a nice dictation. As usual the pass mark is 12/20. Less 4 points per grammar and vocabulary mistakes, less two points for other mistakes..." She slightly raised her voice as she added, "And a bare bottom spanking in front of the whole class for those who fail !"
Alicia's eyebrows danced, Betty grinned. Alicia knew why, Betty was a spelling bee at their old school. Alicia wasn't, and she was also concerned by that bare bottom spanking in front of the whole class. At their former school, with the exception of rare dorm smackings, punishments were administered within the teachers studies.
Alicia sweated, it was a challenging dictation for O or even A levels. Jenny seemed to sail through it. The present perfect, the toughest tense, a nightmare ! Once done, the mistress picked up our work and told one girl to recite a poem she had to learn as a penance. All of us were told to remain quiet while she corrected.
Alicia didn't have to hold her breath for too long. "Alicia zero ! Come here !" She stood and remained hesitant. "Don't make me fetch you !" The teach stood, pulled her chair away from her desk, stepped down, grabbed Alicia by an ear, and had her bending over her knees in front of the class. Then she pulled her skirt up and yanked her knickers down. Alicia mouthed a surprised, "Oh!"
 It was a severe spanking. That nun must have been gardening for years and she had leather hands. Alicia must have got a hundred smacks. Her bottom and thighs were crimson, and she showed all her girly secrets to everyone in the class. "Oooouuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccchhhh!!!"
Then she pulled her up by another ear, pinned her skirt up with clothes-pegs and tugged her knickers down to her knees before ordering, "Stand by the blackboard with your hands on your head." We saw that she was blushing almost as red as her bum. Two more girls were similarly spanked and joined her.
Then it was the mid morning break and Betty was bursting with silly questions. "How was it ? Is your bum still ablaze ?
"It was fiery, and my butt and thighs are still throbbing !"
"You showed everything to everyone ! Naughty girl !"
"I know ! I couldn't help it, especially when she started smacking my thighs !"
"That was so .... ah .... so intense .... and..."
Betty had a suggestive smile, "And you're excited !"
Alicia blushed some more, and a bell interrupted them. They returned in class. The next nun wrote four equations on the blackboard. "The passing grade is 10/20. You have 30 minutes." Alicia with a devilish grin for Betty returned her work in 20 minutes.
The 30 minutes were up. Alicia was told to pick up the papers. The nun corrected them and shouted, "Betty come here ! Now !" It took no more than a few seconds for Betty to moon the class. That nun was a marathon spanker and after 100 spanks Betty's nates and thighs were glowing, and she had revealed her button to the whole class. Her skirt was pinned up, and with her knickers at half mast she had to stand next to the blackboard with her hands on her head. She was joined by three more girls.
  It was time for Alicia to laugh, "Whoa ! We saw your clitty ! Naughty girl !"
"Ouch! She roasted my bum !" She rubbed her skirt over her derriere.
Alicia teased, "Don't stain it !"
Betty tried to grab Alicia's skirt, "Its airing time !"
Alicia pulled it back...
A nun barked, "No fighting ! Both of you 3 demerits !"
Then it was lunch and all the girls who were spanked had quite an appetite. Jenny and Louise asked each other while smiling for Alicia and Betty, "Haven't they added 6 dems now ?"
Alicia and Betty
To be continued...

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