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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Oaks and Pines Role-play Game Introduction

At Oaks and Pines, the girls are schooled in Switzerland, with a rigorous routine of classes, homework, and old fashioned discipline.  
Oaks and Pines prides itself with its 'family' atmosphere. 
Parents send their daughters to O&P to ensure the best results, and the girls are strictly kept to their lessons, the Principal and Tutors do see to that !  
The school is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, near  Montreux, in the shadow of the majestic Alps. 
An 18th century castle- set in a large arboreal park - serves to house the school. Schoolrooms, tutors' studies and apartments, Library, Dining Room and other facilities are located on the ground floor. On the first floor, each girl is provided with a comfortable individual room. It is to be noted that the girls’ rooms have no doors, which is a considerable aid to keeping mischief in check.   
Mischief happens, it would be irresponsible to pretend otherwise. Fortunately the school's superbly trained and  dedicated faculty is quite prepared to address any infractions that may occur. It sometimes happens that the only way to get a pupil's undivided attention is to put her over one's knees and warm her backside. In serious cases sterner discipline may be required, and use of  the cane is not unheard of.   
In our role-play game you enter the world of your fantasy,  playing the part of a high school aged girl. 
You design your character, give her a name and invent her family and schooling history. Yo tell us about her previous experience with corporal punishment (and what your expectations are in that area)  
If you are interested in joining our role-play game, as a pupil or teacher we invite to visit our Oaks and Pines website at : 
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And to prepare a profile – introduction of your role-play character to be send  to :
With submitting this application you are representing that you are over the age of 21 years. Should the owner or moderators feel that you have misrepresented your age you shall be unsubscribed. 
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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Dial a spanking part 1

I am twenty one, my name is Annabella, or Anna or Bella, and the heads of the boys spin on their axis when they see me! I enjoy that to no end! I have a boy friend, Eric, who's bursting at the seams for having bagged one of the best looking girls in the school. I have very few friends among the girls, beside Betty, who isn't an ugly Betty. Hahaha! We are neighbors, we have known each other forever. She knows how she looks great, and she also works the boys around her little finger.

Last year both of us flunked our A-levels for the second time. Pop refused to pay for my driver's license, and same for Betty with her mother. It was the first time for our parents to be so mean! Parent wise we both have been unlucky. I lost my mother and Betty lost her father. Both our remaining parents are very successful, and they work just about night and day. They basically give us whatever we want.

Household workers call us princesses and regularly tease us with mentioning, "When I was a girl I got a few beltings and they did me no harm. Now with the EU's mamby pamby no spanking politic the kids are spoiled!"

The first report card of the new term had arrived, "Annabella needs to pull her socks up or she will again flunk her A-levels..." Pops had left it on the coffee table. That mean old biddy from school had spilled the beans. I overhead my father on the phone talking to grandma,

"I can't... she looks so much like her mother... It would be like strapping Louise!"

A few days later I found on the dinning room table a flyer which had me frozen in my tracks,

Dial a spanking

If you can't do it yourself let us do it for you

Act before the irremediable !

Retired educators with experience of old fashion discipline

from before the schools ban on corporal punishment.

Give us a call or visit our website...

(We do not deal with individuals under the age of 21 or over 25)

I texted Betty, she had found the same flyer. We decided to shred them ! Little did we know that our dear parents were already busy on their computers. If we could have looked over their shoulders we would have read,

Please answer the following questions for a tailor made spanking.

First name : ?

Age : ? (Between 21 and 25)

First offence : ?

Repeat offence : ?

First punishment : ?

Repeat punishment (Please give the reference of previous punishment(s)) : ?

How severe do you feel the punishment should be : ?

(Please take notice that we don't do "black and blue")

We feel that all punishments should be administered on the bare bottom, any objection ?

Please select at least one of the implements from the following list,

Hand spanking

Short leather paddle

Wooden hairbrush

French martinet



Scottish tawse

US high school wooden paddle

Rattan junior cane

Rattan senior cane

Would you like us to decide what punishment will be best suited ?

Do you require a subscription with monthly visits for 3, 6, 9 months or a year ?

Last but not least, you are to inform the offender of our visit, and our punishment should be willingly accepted.

In the future we want to offer supervised homework, would you be interested ?

We also didn't hear how they discussed it all on the phone,

"Yes, I agree, repeat offence...”

I really have no idea about the implements...

Same here...

Whats a French martinet ?

According to Wiki its a short multi-tail type of whip with a wooden handle and about ten short leather lashes, traditionally used for correcting teens...

I'll let them decide whats best...

They should be treated the same...

Yes, agreed, let them decide whats best...

You're taking a subscription?

Oh yes. I don't want her to again flunk her A-levels!

Have you checked the supervised homework box?

Yes! I work 10 hours a day, I am dead when back home.

OK, we're done!

We now have to inform our princesses...

Lets have lunch this Sunday?

Yes, and let them cook it!"

Betty texted, "They want us to cook lunch on Sunday!"

I immediately answered, "Sounds fishy!"

We didn't overdo the cooking, "Not going to sweat in the kitchen to be told that they have called Dial a Spanking!"

After lunch were weren't surprised when they mentioned how they aren't too happy with our report cards. Betty's mother added something which had us thinking, "When your father left us we would have starved if I didn't have my A-levels and a degree."

Pops added, "Don't you want more from life than marrying a rich guy and making babies?"

We remained silent, their arguments had hit home.

"Your are both going to be punished! We have called a specialist, he or she will be here Friday afternoon."

"We are hoping that you will accept your punishments..."

"And amends your ways, or you will be further punished!"

"What if we don't accept?"

Pops opened fire, "We will restrict your cellphones to emergency calls only, cancel the cable telly and cut your pocket money, restrict your Internet connection, and sale your bikes."

Betty's mother added another salvo, "We will stay home for all coming holidays, no school outings, grounded every weekends, and during the week back home straight after school..."


"For how long?"

"Till you have your A-Levels..."

Betty's mother frowned, "No! Till you have a degree!"

"This regime will be amended according to your grades." Pop was so generous!

The coup de grace came from Betty's mum, "And we will have a yard sale with all your fancy clothes and toys."

"May we please have a minute in private."

"Your mother is a meanie with her yard sale!"

"Your father isn't too cool with selling our bikes."

"We'll be under house arrest."

"Surprised they didn't mention ankle bracelets!"

"We'll be socially dead."

"We'll lose our boyfriends."

"We don't have much of a choice."

Annabella and Betty

To be continued...

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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Red knickers!

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And this Saturday we have a new 4 hands story with our friend Asa :

Asking the Neighbors

part one 

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