Saturday, January 2, 2021

Aunt Roberta part 6 and epilogue

I stepped out of Miss Roberta's row house with a desperate urge to rub my fiercely burning bum, but I didn't dare because of the mini market across the street. An eighteen year old schoolgirl in uniform frantically rubbing her butt would for sure have all the neighboring boys laughing and chanting, "She had her bum smacked, well smacked, and smacked crimson !"
For another poor report card Miss Roberta had caned me on the bare in front of my friends Harriet and Nancy. Six times the cane had whipped my nates. Six agonizing stripes of fire.
 Then she had me stand next to the blackboard of her small school room with my hands on my head, skirt rolled up, and knickers spread between my legs. I cried buckets, and didn't care that my chums could see everything...
That was my first caning and it wasn't the last one. All my report cards did improve after that punishment. Mum said that it taught me the lesson I so richly deserved. I didn't argue. She might send me back to Miss Roberta for a few more strokes. True that laying on your tummy with a fiery derriere tends to persuaded one to reread the preps...
The three of us got our A level with honors. Harriet's mother and Mum paid for our driving lessons. We also started med school. Nancy took an exam with the Royal Post Office and was appointed as postal inspector in Scotland.
Harriet and I still have tuition with Miss Roberta and she lately said that she would belt our thighs and have us wear short school skirts ! We weren't too worried because she has often made that threat and never implemented it. However we are still not allowed to wear jeans, but we don't mind too much as the boys love to peak under our skirts, and we find that so exciting !
She decided that since we are big girls she will forgo hand spankings or the belt and use only the cane. "If feeling lenient I might use a tawse..." We pulled long faces and apprehensively rubbed our bottoms when she announced that.
When I got a fail grade for a chemistry test I expected to be caned. I wasn't disappointed ! At the age of twenty I was punished as a school girl, with having to remove my knickers and raise my skirt for a bare ass caning. Six fiery stripes had my bum dancing as I held onto the chair I was bending over. I was well punished. "Ouch!"
I didn't expect that she would pull me out of her study by the ear and lead me to stand in front the wall in the corridor as a punished teenage girl.
Worse was the surprised mimics of two younger girls waiting for their interviews when Miss Roberta raised my skirt to expose my decorated derriere.
She held the report card with the infamous big bright red F against the wall, “Hands behind your back young lady. You are to hold this card against the wall with your nose during your corner time. Don’t let it fall to the floor or I shall revisit your bottom..."
I remembered when I saw Nancy in a similar predicament on my second visit to Miss Roberta... I blushed to my ears as my blazing bum felt so naked...
"In fifteen minutes, while keeping your skirt up, you will be asking for your knickers..."
Lilly, Harriet and Nancy

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