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1965 - part 4

 After that eventful morning class it was lunch at the cafeteria shared with the boys from the neighboring college. What luck it was to have a co-ed cafeteria. Eddy waved for me to join him at a table for two. He stood, gave me a chaste peck on each cheek, and pulled my chair as a perfect gentleman. I beamed.

We had very British mash and bangers, it was simple but good. He asked how was my first morning in school en Grande Bretagne. He had said that in French and his accent was funny. He tried more French lines, "Vous êtes trés jolie mademoiselle !" He was fun. I told him about the spanking in front of the class of Bella and Daniella. He said that he would have loved to be a fly on the wall. I laughed as I said, "You're a naughty boy!" We had finished our lunch. He took my tray and came back with cups of tea. We sat on a bench in the sun and his hand gently landed on my left knee. I didn't jump out of my knickers.


A few weeks later Maggie got a C minus, it wasn't a spanking offence in Uncle Ed's book, but Sister Hildegard wrote "Poorly prepared lesson !" in her diary. On our ride back home she said, "Pop is going to toast my buns!"

I asked, "The cane?"

"Nah, it will be the belt or the tawse..."

"What's a tawse?"

"It's a Scottish thingy, a twin tail strap. It has a nasty bite, but it isn't as bad as the cane."


After our usual glass of milk and a few cookies Aunt Dorothy ritually asked our diaries. We stood at attention in front of her and nervously tugged down our kilts which surprisingly felt shorter. "Béa, C minus in math, careful, a D means the belt."

"Yes, Aunt Dotty, I will do better!"

"Maggie what is this about a 'poorly prepared lesson?"

"It was accident Mum, I am sorry, I will do better!"

"Your father will make sure of that when back home."

She was told to leave her diary on the coffee table in the lounge, "You too Béa, leave your diary with Maggie's one. Edward needs to know of that C minus."

 We disappeared upstairs to do our homework. On the way I anxiously asked, "What will Uncle Ed do about my C minus ?"

"Probably only a warning..."

I wasn't as confident as Maggie. I tried to concentrate on my homework.

Two hours later we heard, "Honey I am home !" It was soon followed with, "What have our angels done? I see their diaries on the coffee table." A few seconds later it was, "Maggie and Béa join me in the lounge !"

As we stood in front of Uncle Ed I had this silly thought about the pluck a girl needs to be wearing a miniskirt in front of an upset father.

He started with me. "Béa, C minus in math, you best pull up your socks or I will pull down your knickers for the cane! Remember that I have promised your father that you will have your A-Levels with honor!"

I again almost peed my knickers, and barely managed to say."Yes, Sir, I will do better!" I wasn't dismissed and didn't dare move from my spot on the lounge's rug.

"Maggie take you knickers down to your knees, bend over that chair and hold its armrests."

As she obeyed I saw her mini kilt rise till exposing her furry bonbon. I also didn't miss her father unbuckling his crocodile leather belt. He doubled it, raised her skirt and vigorously whacked her bum.




"Oh! Ah!"

"Remember that Béa, bring back poor comments from your teachers and its my belt across your bare bottom or cul nu in French."

With this warning I shamefully wetted my knickers.



I could see the crimson marks left by the paternal belt adding up on my English sister's bum.



Her knickers had dropped to her ankles, and her dancing from one foot to the other stretched them left and right.



He add worked down her butt and had now reached the top of her thighs.



She fully opened her legs with that one. I blushed for her as she exposed her secrets. I guessed that it must have been a reflex.


He whacked the back of each thighs one after the other.

"ARGH! OUiiiiiCH!"

"ARGH! OUiiiiiiiiiCH!

 She pedaled her legs and her knickers flew.

"Béa pick up her knickers and both of you run along."

I followed her upstairs and could see her muff and the last two belt marks decorating the top of her thighs. 

I offered to rub her throbbing derriere with a wet flannel before applying some cold cream. She had blurry eyes, but she wasn't actually crying. I was surprised and impressed. She thanked me for the after spanking treatment and slowly pulled up her knickers.

Suddenly she laughed. "You have peed your knickers!"

I blushed crimson and stammered, "Huh... Huh..."

"Let me guess. It was when he warned you about belting your bare butt?"

I was red face as I nodded.

That evening for dinner we weren't too chatty, but we didn't miss the Beverly Hill Billies and I daydreamed when I saw Bev being kissed by Bill.

Béatrice and Maggie

To be continued...

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