Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Ballerina part 1

June 10th, I flunked the dance part of my quadrille exam for the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris. It also meant that I didn't have my Professional Dancer's Certificate. Six years down the drain. I anxiously waited for the jury to decide if I would be given a second chance in September...

I was finally called in by the jury's secretary. Three women, three men, all dancers, four of them first dancers, two of them, one woman, one man, being stars or étoiles as French is the language of ballet...

The étoile woman spoke, "You have talent and we have decided to give you a second chance. You may keep your academic grades. Don't waste your summer. I had also missed the first step. I attended Miss Margot's school, here is a letter for her..."

"Merci Madame !"


Back home, Papa and Maman read that opened letter, "Have you read it ?" I sheepishly said that I didn't, Papa read, "Isabelle is very talented, please save her as you saved me, be as severe as you were with me..." I blushed.

Next day I pressed the buzzer of an impressive Paris 16th mansion. I was welcomed by an aging secretary, "Bonjour, we only take recommended pupils..."

That wasn't the warmest greeting. I showed her the letter from "my star". She had a strange smile, "I remember that imp !" She allowed me to enter and lead me to her office.

I stopped in my tracks, I had just seen a girl my age, about 18 years, with a red tartan school skirt held up with clothespins, her white knickers were down to her knees, she was exposing a crimson derriere. I didn't have time to take in more details, Miss Secretary snapped, "Now you know what happens to naughty girls !"

In her office she gave me a brochure, "We only take full boarding pupils. You are allowed out Saturday morning after breakfast unless having to serve a detention. Our fee is 5,000 Euros per week, payable in advance. If you can't pay we will assess your potential and eventually offer help. Please tell me know if you are able to pay..."

I was having the image of that girl dancing in my eyes and took a few seconds before answering, "Huh, yes, my parents will pay, it won't be a problem."

"Very well, I am booking you and expect you to register within 24 hours..."

One of our chauffeurs drove me back home. I didn't see the Parisians streets on the other side of the thick tinted windows I again saw the picture of that girl displaying her well reddened bottom and thighs...

Papa and Maman read the brochure. As usual Papa was the first to chime, "I inherited my father's business, he had two employees, I have two thousands..." Maman added, "Three times a week, before school I helped my parents set up their market stall till they bought their shop..." Papa concluded, "We are of course dreaming of our daughter becoming an étoile, it would be our life achievement, much more than our millions ! It is about having the you have the will ? After six years of hard dancing lessons we feel that you do... and a good spanking will do you a world of good !"

I had read the brochure, I knew what they meant about a spanking...


School uniform will be supplied and consist of a red trimmed grey cardigan, white blouses, above the knees red tartan pleated skirt, ankle socks, bra, and knickers, all white, and black shoes.

For running, gymnastic, and morning dance practice, sports bra and shorts or wrap around mini dance skirts will be provided, please bring your trainers.

For your afternoon dance programs you will wear your own tutu with T.shirt, dance bra, and knickers, all white, please bring your pointes.

Daily Schedule

Morning schedule : Up at 7 am, five kilometre run in the nearby Bois de Boulogne, breakfast, two hours of ballet choreography, and two hours for repeating dance movements à la barre

Lunch buffet

Afternoon schedule : After a twenty minutes nap, three hours for your dance programs with videotaping your performances and reviewing them, and twenty pool lengths.


Minor offence means a bare bottom spanking with a small leather paddle.

A repeated minor offence or a regular one means the martinet on the bare bottom and thighs.

A repeated regular offence or a serious one means the tawse on the bare bottom and thighs.

A repeated serious offence or a very serious one means the cane on the bare bottom and thighs

Slacking, laziness, misbehavior, etc, will be assessed and rewarded according to that scheme. All pupils who have failed their Quadrille exam will be punished on arrival...


I didn't sleep too well, the words of Papa and Maman about a good spanking doing me a world of good and the image of that girl exposing her well chastised bum played a devilish saraband...

With my pointes and trainers in a backpack I pressed the buzzer of Mademoiselle Margot Dance Academy....

Miss Secretary welcomed me, expedited the paperwork, and lead me across the marble hall to a small office with a panned door reading Matron and Storeroom. Miss Matron looked matronly and did smile when she said, "Take off your blouse and bra..." I blushed and obeyed. She measured my breast and gave me a white bra to try on. She tugged it to make sure I had firm support and gave me two more. Next I was given a white blouse and she measured my waist and hips before presenting a short pleated skirt in a red tartan. "Please try it on..." I did and it was quite short !

Once fully kitted I felt as if I was again a junior schoolgirl with shoes, ankle socks and long bare legs. I carried a large bag as she led me to a dorm. I was surprised to discover and old fashion dorm with a night stand on the right side of each beds and a locker on the other side. On the way I had seen that the school had 3 dorms, it meant 18 girls...

Matron ordered, "Sort your things in your cupboard and I'll be back in 10 minutes." I was curious and explored. The dorm had attached communal shower, a row of sinks, loos, and tall mirrors. It was all spotless. I also found a panned door reading dorm mistress.

Miss Matron was back and she opened my locker where I had casually dropped my bag. She frowned and grabbed my ear as if I was a ten years old, sat on my ready made bed before pulling me over her knees, brought one of my arm behind my back, raised my skirt, pulled my knickers down, pushed a knee between my legs. I got my first ever spanking. Actually I vaguely remembered my English nanny having spanked me a few times. 

 She vigorously smacked my nates and thighs, I must have received one hundred smacks, my derriere and legs where throbbing when she pulled me up. "Pull your knickers up !" I danced and rubbed. She grabbed me by the waist, lifted me as if I was made of straw, pulled my skirt up, bared my bottom and spanked me again. "I haven't allowed you to rub !" I pedaled and lost my knickers. She had me back on the ground and picked up my knickers. "Sort your cupboard !"

A few minutes later she opened the panned door of the classroom and closed it behind my back. I stood there red face with both hands rubbing my skirt over my blazing re-knickered derriere. "Come in young lady, I am Miss Maïa, stand before the class and introduced yourself..."

 As I walked down the aisle I realized that my skirt didn't fully cover my burning thighs. I stood in front of the class, all the girls were staring at me, with a contrite voice I introduced myself, "I am Isabelle..."

"How old are you Isabelle ?"

"I am 18 Ma'am..."

"Why have you been sent to us ?"

"I have flunked the Paris Opera Quadrille exam..."

"Were you given a second chance ?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I am to take it again in September..."

"Will you be with us for the whole summer."

"Yes, Ma'am."

With a long transparent plastic ruler she indicated the blackboard. "Study the diagram of that choreography and suggest the next movement..."


To be continued

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Zerte drawings 1

Zerte drawings 1


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Saturday, September 19, 2020

The red tennis knickers part 4 and epilogue

A week ago Miss Coach Grizzly had promised me a pair of red tennis knickers for the competition with the London club. I vividly remembered her words, "For the games, next week, you will wear the red knickers I'll be giving you later....even if your butt has mostly recovered its natural color everyone will know that you have been a naughty girl..."

She hadn't delivered those red knickers. I prayed that she forgot, my derriere was still decorated with fading medals, my frilly tennis knickers were doing a great job of covering the evidence of my naughtiness. Insulting an umpire, what was I thinking ! Jeremy had enthusiastically massaged my bum with Arnica mornings and evenings. I have to say that I had enjoyed morning I was late at the bank...

I was pulled out of my erotic reverie by Miss Grizzly Hildegard standing in front of me. She handed me a pair of flaming red satin knickers. "Put them on and be quick about it unless you want another spanking !" I didn't argue ! They felt tight and once they were up I realized how brief they were. I tried adjusting them, but it was impossible, they were a size too small.

I was in front of the tall mirror tucking them left and right when Miss Coach Davenport entered the locker room, "Lets get them girls !" I was still tucking my punishment knickers when she added, "Come on Josy, those red knickers are well deserved, and you're not going to declare forfeit on me !" My team mates chanted, "Don't be a chicken !"

I entered the court with quite a blush and hurriedly sat while our names were pulled out from an old fashioned top hat. Nancy was first, I kept my legs tightly closed. She won and I applauded instead of jumping up and down as my teammates.

We were tied when I was called on the court. There was only one more player after me. I could win the competition for our club. For my first service I heard part of the crowd mouthing a surprised, "Oh!" I knew that they had discovered who was our club's naughty girl. 

My adversary did well returning my ball, but I whacked it back with a vengeance. She didn't have a chance, I massacred her... it was a knicker down defeat !

 We won the tournament and my teammates and our crowd applauded and chanted. Jeremy had climbed on the bench to cheer.

 Later I carried the silver cup to our locker room our coach was beaming with a strange smile.

 "Josy, I'm impressed. It's been a while since I saw someone at this level play with this kind of focus. After your laundry, you may return those knickers to me instead of Miss Hildegard. She has agreed to donate them to the team in recognition of today's victory. They seem to do wonders for motivation. Speaking of which: that paddle is wasted decorating my office. It will see good use in the coming weeks!" We must have looked slightly apprehensive at this prospect. "Don't look at me like that", Miss Davenport continued. "I only pretend to know nothing about your secret team initiations ... this paddle is good for more. It will help us win the nationals!"

Everyone cheered for that idea, and as we changed we made plans to celebrate today's victory, the others acknowledged that it was my acquaintance with the red knickers and the spanking that had brought about this turn of events. "Thanks a lot, Josy," Nancy said, "I'm really looking forward to feel that paddle again." She was teasing, of course, but not entirely sarcastic. Part of her really meant it, and why not? No pain, no gain they said, and after today's taste I really, really wanted to win the nationals.


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The red tennis knickers part 3

I was again sitting as a good girl at the bank, meaning that I was no longer squirming in my seat as a naughty girl with a well smacked bum. At the Frivolity Shop, Nancy couldn't help an occasional rub, and didn't model her latest lingerie collection. She invited Jeremy and I for dinner. Her boyfriend teased, "She made the team at the tennis club, she got a sorority paddling, wan't to see her well reddened derriere ?" It was quite mean, but Nancy had a surprising glint in her eyes... Jeremy with a wide grin answered, "I would..." I interrupted him with a resounding smack to his closest thigh.


A few days later at the tennis club we were preparing for a major competition with a London club. Miss Davenport had turned into a sergeant major. She was drilling us into various muscular exercises. On the grassy slope by the courts she had us doing press ups, legs up pedalling, abdominal crunches. She also regularly threatened to use our sorority paddle. "A crimson bare butt paddling in front of the whole club might work wonders..."


I mused... Our skirts are quite short, there must be more than freedom of movements and tradition about that... Nancy's upper cheeks blushed as red as her lower ones with the toe touching exercises... Thanks to Jeremy's massages my bum had recovered its peachy condition... We also had some steamy evenings... There must be something more about having a burning bottom...


My reveries were interrupted with Miss Martinet Davenport calling us on the main court, "We have one of the umpires visiting. Please welcome Miss Hildegard. We politely applauded. Nancy whispered, "She has a mustache !" I hushed, "She looks like a grizzly." She announced, "Girls we are going to have games as if on the day of the competition..."


Miss Davenport paired us. We all had to face a team member a touch above our league, for me it was Edith. She has a bitchy reputation. She also played as a bitch with aiming for the sidelines. 


After two controversial sidelines which weren't spotted by Miss Hildegard Grizzly Umpire I exploded. "Its out ! All of her sidelines were out ! She deserves a red card ! Then I over stepped the mark, "Do you need a pair of glasses ?!"


She jumped down from her tall umpire seat and charged towards me blowing smoke. "I am going to give you a red card of my own !" She had me draped over the net with my bottom up in the air. She pulled my little skirt out of the way and yanked my frilly tennis knickers into my rear valley. I was virtually bare bottom in front of the whole team and a few more courts. She took one of my shoes and walloped my bum. I pedaled with each strokes. I couldn't see how crimson she was tanning my bottom, but I could feel how she scorched it. She obviously had plenty of experience, and had me bawling as a well punished school girl. When she decided that I had enough she pulled me up from the net, and both my hands flew under my short skirt to rub my incandescent derriere.


 "For the games, next week, you will wear the red knickers I'll be giving you later....even if your butt has mostly recovered its natural color everyone will know that you have been a naughty girl..." She also allowed me to rematch. I was well motivated by my throbbing bum. I gave her a few of my best cannonballs, I had put my back into them ! I eliminated Miss Sidelines in two sets.


Later in the locker room after shower, Nancy teased, "There's a pair of crocodiles eating your moons !"

"Huh! What?"

"She printed the Lacoste logo of your shoes on your butt !"

I was sure that she was teasing, but I looked. "I don't see any crocs, but I feel long sharp teeth eating it, grgrgrgr!


Next day at the bank I was again squirming in my seat...




To be continued...

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The red tennis knickers part 2

A week later I returned to Wheels pretending that my bike needed to have its brakes adjusted. I had rode it to the shop and I was wearing shorts which had me blushing when I bought them. Jeremy had a hard time to take his eyes off my shorts to work five minutes on my bike. He also invited me for lunch at the municipal pool...


A few more weeks and Jeremy had peeled my shorts down, and I didn't blush. Nancy, the Frivolity Shop owner who had persuaded me to buy those mini shorts, triumphed with, "I told you so !" when I told her about Jeremy...


Meanwhile at the tennis club my name card had climbed the scoreboard. I was still far from the top, but I was now above the pack. I had significantly improved my game and I was ambitious. I wanted to be part of the team...


Miss Davenport was the team's coach. Ten years ago she was a star. With Nancy we watched her drill the girls of the team, "She's a martinet !"


A week later I took the plunge. I approached the impressive Miss Davenport. "Good morning Miss, I want to try for the team, ple... plez..." I stammered as I saw the paddle on the wall of her office. It was engraved with the words, "Team paddle - Drop your knickers naughty girl !"


Miss Davenport laughed, "Its the team's sorority paddle..." She teasingly added, "I don't use it...maybe I should..." I wasn't too reassured. She told me to at least score even with Jennifer the latest member of the team.


It took me three games to beat Jennifer. I was applauded and invited to the team's private luxurious locker room. I had quite a surprised when I saw that Jennifer was holding the paddle, and said, "You are going to be traditionally welcomed into our sorority !"


"Huh!" That's all I could say as I eyed that paddle.


"You've read what the paddle says ?!" I sure did, and more than once. Jennifer ordered, "Take off your knickers, bend over the back of the settee and spread them !"


"You can't be a member of the team till you have been baptized !"


I was hesitant, they chanted, "Don't be a chicken !"


I blushed a red as a peony as I took my knickers off. I went over the back of that settee, and probably couldn't blush more when Jennifer flipped my little skirt up and repeated, "Spread them ! That's also tradition !"


I gritted my teeth, and they took turn at enthusiastically smacking my very bare bottom. I couldn't help bawling as when I was punished as a school girl. I got a baker's dozen and my derriere was throbbing when they were done. One of them gave me a rub with a cold flannel, and they all chanted, "She's one of us !"


I wanted to retrieve my knickers, but Jennifer pinched them, "According to tradition the newbie is to remain bare butt for the reminder of the day !" She also had me sit into the settee. I was told that it is a privilege since its usually reserved for the top two players. The leather was cool for my burning bum and I again blushed as I realized how my skirt had ridden up. I wanted to pull it down, but I was offered a tall glass of champagne.


Jennifer loaded my bike into the booth of her car and drove me home. I was thank full. She also returned my knickers and gave me Epsom salt. I had a long soak. Next day I called Jeremy. He had quite a laugh and gently rubbed my bum with arnica.


A few days later the whole club saw my still very red bum when I trained with the team. A curious newbie was told, "She's the latest member of the team..."

  Nancy wants to try for the team, she will have to at least play even with me. I will be her mentor as Jennifer was mine. She demurely asked, "You will be easy on me with that paddle ?"

"Soz, your getting only two from me, and one from each member of the team..."




To be continued...

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The red tennis knickers part 1

I am twenty four and my name is Josy. I relocated a few months ago. It was a job offer I couldn't refuse. I am finally making the money I want. It is a lovely market town and I am the bank's credit manager. I sold my London studio, and for its price I bought a convertible Mini Cooper and a house in a picturesque neighboring village.

Monday morning at the bank there was a very athletic young woman asking our receptionist if she could leave brochures for the waiting area, "Its the new mag of our tennis club..."

"Oh! Please let me have one, I used to play in college..."

"We'll give you a shot at the team !"

She had said that tongue in cheek with a challenging smile. That imp reminded me of the last time I had spanked my younger sister.

The brochure was superb,


One hundred years of women tennis stardom!

On my way back home I stopped at Wheels to buy a bike. The manager was dishy. He helped me load my new bicycle into the Mini. "The name is Jeremy, give me a call if you have problems re-attaching the front wheel..." I took his card and thanked him. He looked great, he could be a change from my ex wimpy London boyfriend.

For the rest of the week I rode my bike to work, and every evenings I hit a good number of balls against my garage's wall. When Saturday came I felt great and wearing shorts and a backpack with my tennis racket I called at the tennis club.

It was an old fashion club with a comfy lounge with leather chesterfield sofas and chairs. One could smell the polished parquets, and sensed century old traditions. There was an impressive mahogany scoreboard with name cards for all the players.

It wasn't a cheap club, but I was told that I would be refunded if I cancelled within the first month. Miss Registrar handed me a navy t-shirt and a white pleated skirt, "They are seventy pounds, a second set is fifty, none refundable. You will wear your own white knickers, socks and bra..." A card with my name was inserted at the bottom of the scoreboard. I was offered a test game with a coach, "Court number 4 in 20 minutes, don't be late !"

The locker room was amazing with superb wood paneling. I frowned as it was communal, I am shy. It was deserted when I changed into my outfit. The tall mirror confirmed that the skirt was quite short. I closed my locker with the key I was allocated, and reported at the assigned court. The coach had me running left and right, back and forth. I didn't lose my footing and hang on. I even scored a lucky point, only one. Her conclusion was, "Not bad, not bad at all !"

She paired me with a girl named Nancy. She had made a great choice. Nancy was a good player, better then me, but I could pull a few fast ones by her. We had a couple of exciting games.

Showers were next. They were communal showers. I hadn't shared showers since I was in school. All the girls were naked, and I was still wearing a towel when Miss Imp who had delivered the brochures at the bank chanted, "Lets see your birthday suit newbie !" I felt my ears tickling, and knew I was blushing as red as a tomato.

A few more girls chanted, "Show us what you have newbie !" Nancy was real nice, she gently released my nervous grip on my towel. It dropped to the floor and I was revealed. Miss Imp applauded, "You're a beauty, my name is Michelle." All the girls, one by one gave me high five, and mentioned their first names. I was adopted.

Under the showers two girls had a cat fight, and one of the older girls called, "Strip tennis duel !" They were back into their outfit...

Nancy lead, and we followed all the girls to a discreet tennis court. The two feuding girls were evenly matched, and had quite a fight. They first lost their t-shirts. Then one lost her skirt and was quite embarrassed. She struggled and eventually had to take her bra off. She had lost, she stood red face in her white tennis knickers. Michelle teasingly added, "She's lucky, it could have been till losing her knickers..."



To be continued....

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