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On the farm part 1

The old hag who's my school's Principal caught me with Joshua. I was kissing him breathless and he had his hands under my skirt after having lowered my knickers. Yummy! Mum wasn't too happy
"Aunt Martha told me to give you six of the very best."
Mum only grounded me for a month, "Phew!"
Then I flunked my A-levels. Mum was upset. To say the least! On the mantle Pop's picture with his glorious medals seemed to frown. Mum kept repeating, "What am I going to do with you?"
I refrained from telling her that I will marry a rich bloke.
She had me go to my room, and I guessed that she would he calling Aunt Martha. I listened from the top of the stairs.
"She was caught by her Principal with a boy. She had her knickers down!"
"No, I didn't cane her, I couldn't..."
"Then she flunked her A-levels."
"What am I going to do with her?"
"You're right, I have been too soft."
"Sending her to you!?"
"She won't be much help on the farm..."
"O-levels with honors! Your Agnes is such a good girl. You must be so proud !"
Next morning Mum had me on the train for Aunt Martha's farm. Four boring hours of train. One pimpled face boy kept eyeing my skirt. His mother obviously didn't approve of my mini. I uncrossed my legs and gave him a great view of my knickers, he blushed crimson. Fun! At the Brandon station I recognized Aunt Martha and Agnes.
I exchanged pecks on each cheeks with Agnes. I like her, she cleverly hides her game. Aunt Martha hissed, "What is that trollop skirt?!"
"Its a miniskirt Aunty!"
"Elizabeth, my girl, I am going to straighten you out!"
Agnes made a grimace as if to say. Ouch!
An hour later we had arrived at the farm.
Uncle Tobias waved from atop his tractor. The place looked even bigger than when I last visited. Aunty told Agnes, "Take her to her room and make sure that she wears a proper skirt or dress for dinner, lend her one of yours if need be."
Agnes helped me unpack, "What are those? Knickers?"
"They are shorts, silly!"
"Shorts, yes shorts, indeed!"
All that could be disapproved by Aunty went into the lower drawer of my commode. Jeans followed the shorts as I was told that we are to wear dresses or skirts with bare legs.
"What are those?"
"Tongs to wear under short shorts."
They went into the lower drawer. Then she pulled Alfred.
"Oh! What is that!?"
"Alfred, my muff driller."
"Your muff driller! Oh my, you're a naughty girl."
"Don't you have one ?"
She blushed, and I took that for a no.
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Of course!"
I wickedly smiled and offered, "Do you want to try it?"
She was crimson.
"But first, are you still a virgin?"
She was as red as a ripped tomato, and shook her head with a telltale grin.
"Naughty girl yourself!"
She hurriedly added, "Mum doesn't know!"
"I'll never tell! What's his name?"
It was time for dinner, sorting out the rest of my things had to wait. Agnes gave me a dress only two inches above my knees. "I'll find more stuff for you later."
The dining room was amazing with a great fireplace, a long heavy table made of real wood, as well as tall carved chairs. Uncle Tobias and a couple of his partners could be heard having pre-dinner drinks in the nearby lounge with wood paneling and comfy leather chairs.
Aunty was in the kitchen with two maids and told us to set the table for eight. A minute later, we had barely started to set the plates, she appeared with a three feet long springy school cane, "Lizzie you are going to be punished for that trollop skirt of this morning. Raise that dress, lower your knickers and bend over with your elbows on the table."
"Buh... buh... but Aunty!"
"Do it now, or tomorrow morning you are back on the train!"
I blushed crimson as I realized that the two maids were watching. Aunty smacked that cane on the table with a menacing, THWACK!
"Hurry up !"
With cheeks flushed with shame I raised my skirt and lowered my knickers before assuming the required position.
  Both strokes were so fast that I didn't cry out till after the second one. Mum having never given more me that a few hand spankings I wasn't prepared for such a sting. I felt my eyes watering, and my bum was fiercely burning from two incandescent stripes.
"Pull up your knickers, adjust your dress, hang that cane from your chair, and resume helping Agnes with setting the table. Later you will keep that cane behind the door of your room."
Uncle Tobias and his associates joined us. They of course saw my red face, my brimming eyes and the cane hanging from my chair. For the whole meal I kept my head down, painfully shifting on my chair as a punished girl.
Later, after having helped clear the table Aunty reminded me, "Lizzie picked up your cane and hang it behind the door of your bedroom. It will remind you to be on your best behavior while with us."
"Yes Aunty..."
Agnes joined me a minute later with a small jar of balm. "Skirt up, knickers down, don't be shy! I already saw it all!"
I remembered the two maids having seen it all, and couldn't help blushing while she gently rubbed my bum. I mused, "Boy did that sting! Do you also have a cane hanging behind your door."
"How many have you had?"
"It depends ... its usually four, or six, but I once got eight."
I had a nightmare that night, and it woke me up. I soon realized that it wasn't a dream as I massaged my two cane welts. Sniff... I was caned on the bare in front of just about everyone. Sniff...
Elizabeth and Agnes
To be continued...

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