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1965 - part 10

Maggie opened the door. Her cheeks were as red as mine. We stepped back against the wall. Our well caned derrieres exposed by our rolled up skirts were temporarily preserved from curiosity. They took their hats off, and we saw that Uncle Ed had hung our canes from one of the clothes pegs. They didn't say anything, and we couldn't blush more. They were greeted by Maggie's parents. So far so good we had been able to keep our bums away from their gaze.
Aunt Dotty introduced me, "This is Béatrice, our French Rotary exchange student. Edward promised her father that she will have her A-levels with honors, and so will our Maggie." I offered a discreet curtsy with the wall still behind me.
Then Aunt Dotty ordered, "Maggie and Béa please bring the aperitifs." We knew that our misfortunes would soon be exposed. We rushed towards the kitchen and bumped into each other with "Aie!" and "Ouch!" We heard three very clear, very surprised, "OH!" They had now seen what we had tried to hide with following the walls. They must have also remembered the two canes hanging from the clothes peg in the foyer.
We disappeared into the kitchen and overheard Uncle Ed explaining, "They were caught by bobbies with some unruly schoolgirls protesting the cane. One of them had a cardboard sign reading "No to the cane".
Maggie's aunt summed up, "Such impudence!"
"We gave them six of the best which should teach them that good girls are not to be involved in street protests."
We both had prepared our trays. We took deep breaths as we returned to the lounge with our well caned derrieres on display. I took the right side of the coffee table and exposed my punished bottom for Mister Vicar and his lady. Maggie offered a close up of her punishment to her cousin."
Having poured the drinks we were invited to seat on the leather footstools at both ends of the coffee table.
Aunt Dotty questioned Adriana, "How are you doing in college my dear ?"
"I am doing well my aunt."
He mother proudly added, "She is on the honor role!"
Her father had to grill me, "You must have a very good knowledge of our language to be taking our A-levels."
I smiled, "Maman is half English." I wriggled, my bottom was still stingy.
I beamed from ear to ear as Maggie fired a broadside at Adriana. "Have you ever been caned?"
She blushed crimson as she answered almost in a whisper, "It was long time ago. A year before my O-Levels." Having said that she no longer whispered and sounded sarcastic as she added. "I learned the lesson the first time, and didn't need a reminder."
I thought I saw smoke coming out of Maggie's ears. I guessed that she would have slapped her left and right if she didn't have a throbbing bum.
Dinner was ready. The party moved into the dinning room with those wicked wicker chairs. Maggie and I did most of the serving which was a blessing of sorts. We got some respite from the wicker dinning chairs, but we did have to keep showing everyone our well punished butts.
As Maggie I got my A-levels with honors. Aunt Dorothy, Uncle Edward and Maggie flew to France with me. Maggie is going to stay with us for a year to improve her French. Papa and Maman warmly welcomed them. They also thanked them for having worked a miracle with my average grades. Uncle Ed gave Papa a cane. "The miracle cure was six of the best applied to her bare bottom!"
A week later while we toured Reims and the Champagne region. Maggie and I had too many glasses of bubbly, and we sang rude songs. Uncle Ed showed Papa how to use a cane. He demonstrated with Maggie who got four fiery strokes shorts and knickers down to her ankles.
I got no pity from Maman, "Béatrice baisse ton short et ta culotte !"
 Papa's aim wasn't too accurate I got one across the top of my thighs. I danced and rubbed. Uncle Ed did tell him that breaking position means repeating the stroke, but I was spared that as Papa had poorly aimed. I got my four, picked up my shorts and knickers before joining Maggie in the corner with my burning nates, and we sniffled together. Maman was merciful and gave us Cold Cream. We thanked her, and went to my room to rub our burning bums.
Next morning Aunt Dotty told Maman that we should wear our shorts. "It is embarrassing and salutary for girls their age to show that they were punished as little girls."
Needless to say that the whole neighborhood discovered that my parents have learned how to properly discipline their young ladies.
Before returning to the UK Uncle Ed gave a second cane to Papa, "Its for Maggie." He also hung them from the clothes rack in the entrance. Visitors to our house will know that we are still punished as schoolgirls.
A few days later for our first day at the university our derrieres were still well decorated. Maman had agreed with Aunt Dotty, girls should wear skirts or dresses. With my miniskirt I had to be very careful not to show the welt across my thighs.
It was going to be another stingy year, and I need a new boyfriend...
Béatrice and Maggie
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