Thursday, April 22, 2021

Echo part 5

As soon as I was back home I raised my skirt and delicately peeled my knickers in front of the tall mirror in my bedroom. I had four vividly red almost purple welts from my caning, and an overall crimson derriere from my belting. I now knew the price of a D and an F. I stepped out of my knickers, and in the kitchen I hurriedly filled three ziploc bags with ice cubes. Having returned to my bedroom I dropped on my bed and gently laid the bags of ice cubes on my punished bum and thighs. For a few milliseconds my bottom and thighs were again on fire, then relief followed. I slept on my tummy as a well chastened lazy schoolgirl.

I was awaken by my radio alarm clock, and again inspected my bum. There was no doubt that I was well punished. I philosophically mused out loud, "Lesson learned !" I rubbed my nates and thighs with Arnica and hurried through my morning routine.

When I opened my window I again saw Apollo and hastily hid behind the curtains as I was still butt naked. I would have loved to wear soft baggy sweatpants, but a sore butt reminded this big schoolgirl to obey Ma'am's rules. I choose more covering school like knickers, and an A-Line skirt which was only an inch above my knees. I guessed that it wouldn't fly as much as a pleated skirt...

I mostly rode above the saddle as I pedaled to the med school. Natalie caught up with me. "What did she do to you yesterday ? You had the building shaking as you bawled out !"

I couldn't help blushing as I told her, "She caned me, four strokes, after twenty with the belt for an F and a D..."

"Oh! Whoa! How's your bum ?"

"Sore !"

With her gym slip flying she continued to her college, and I locked my bicycle in the bike-shed. 

I fidgeted in my seat most of the day, that reminded me to pay attention to the professor.

When I could finally call it a day, I waved for a few friends and rode off. I was desperate for a rub with Cold Cream.

Then I was sent flying by an idiot with a scooter who ran the red light. "OUCH!" I landed on my sore derriere with my skirt up my thighs and a scrapped knee, and tears of pain.

The friends I had waved off were immediately back. Meghan offered a hankie for my teary eyes. Marjorie got paper towels and water from a nearby cafe to clean my scrapped knee. Meghan helped me up while Marjorie pulled down my skirt. We sat at the cafe and I was offered a stiff drink. Meghan was the first curious cat and went fishing, "You have red marks on your thighs..." Marjorie didn't go fishing, "You have been belted !"

They offered me a second stiff drink and got one for themselves, then it was confession time. Meghan with quite a blush admitted that she still gets the belt from her mother. Marjorie also blushed when she confessed, "I get the cane from my father, and it stings like the Dickens !"

Then they teased me, "Are you going to tell us or are we taking down your knickers ?" I blushed as much as them when telling, "I have a tutor. She's a retired science prof ... and she belted and caned me for my D and my F of last week..."

"A retired science prof !"

"Now we understand how you rose from being an average student to be one of the top five..."

"Yes, we kinda knew that your D and F were accidental..."

"If you have time, you're going to meet her. I am asking her to pick me up. I can't walk home and push my busted bike..."

"Soz Ma'am, I had an accident... I am at the Crossroad Pub, on the terrace with two friends..."

Ten minutes later she was here with her Vauxhall. "Good afternoon girls, thanks for having taken care of her..."

She sat next to me, pulled my skirt out of the way, "Let me examine your knee.."

I blushed as my belt marks were quite visible...

She manipulated the patella. I squealed, "Ouch!"

"You seem all right... I will nonetheless call our neighboring doc..."

She helped me into the passenger seat. Meghan and Marjorie loaded my bike into the boot.

After the doc's visit she brought me a lovely chicken stew. She was very kind, I was thankful...


To be continued...

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