Sunday, January 28, 2024

Farm life part 2

Next morning we were awaken early by quacking ducks. We didn't mind. We were in bed early, and had a great night! Since it was still warm, I decided to wear a summer dress similar to the one of Manon. Josh teased me for my little girl white cotton knickers.
We joined our hosts for breakfast, and what a feast it was with fried eggs and bacon. Henri chimed. "Real breakfasts aren't only for les Anglais. On a farm we need plenty of energy!"
Charles, his brother, asked Josh if he would like to drive the tractor to tow the harvester, and explained. "We grow the ducks feed, organic corn and oats, and today we will be harvesting the oats."
Claudine asked me if I want to help with feeding the ducks. I enthusiastically accepted. Josh gave me a kiss and a pat on the bum. Claudine and Manon giggled as I saucily wriggled it.
I again wondered if Josh has seen that martinet, and we were off on our first day on the farm. "Heigh-he! Heigh-ho!"
Claudine lead the way to the barn next to the ducks' hangar and explained. "The ducks are fed a mix of corn, oats, peanuts, vitamins and milk."
I helped Manon empty two 50 pounds bags of cracked corn into a gigantic mixer. Claudine added a 50-pound bag of oats. I was asked to add a 25 pound bag of peanuts. Manon followed with 3 liters of mixed vitamins. Finally, it was a dozen large milk containers. They saw that I was surprised by such vast quantities and explained. "Give and take a hundred or two. We have at least a thousand ducks."
Then the mixer roared, and like them I had my hands covering my ears.
Two employees reported that the ducks mangers were clean. The giant mixer was tilted to be half emptied into a huge funnel connected to pipes leading to the next door ducks' hangar, and their mangers.
We saw the ducks rushing, and they were even louder than the huge mixer. Yesterday, Manon had said that ducks are natural gluttons, voracious could be another appropriate adjective. A smaller mixer was prepared with less corn and more milk for feeding the younger birds, and once it was emptied into their system of mangers, a truck blew its loud horn.
We opened the gates of an empty enclosure, and armed ourselves with brooms made of twigs. The truck driver opened the rear gate of its trailer, and we pushed the young birds out of the truck, and into their new home. Next was loading older ducks into the truck. I was kinda sad, as I understood that they would be taken to the processing plant.
We had a break for mid morning coffee with the truck driver, and Henriette, the men's mother, had left her kitchen to join us and sign the paperwork. Once the lorry and its driver had left, she went with us to the ducks' hangar. She examined a few of the new birds, and helped us adapt their feed with a 'small' blender the size of a fridge. It was basically oats, milk, and sugar. As that mixer was about to be half emptied in the mangers of those small birds she frowned, and hissed. "That funnel isn't clean!"
She grabbed Claudine by an ear, ignored her grimace, pulled out a stool, sat, and bent her over her knees. 
I felt my eyebrows dancing when I saw her raise Claudine's miniskirt, and lower her knickers.
I was opened mouth as she soundly spanked her now bare bottom. It wasn't a schoolgirl spanking, it was la grande fessée, as they say in French. Claudine wriggled her butt in vain attempts to avoid the vigorous smacks.
 Henriette caught one of her arms, and brought it behind her back before locking her legs with one of her own. Then she resumed the spanking with alternating between her bum and upper thighs. Claudine loudly sang. "OH! AH! AIE! AIE! AIE! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!"
She was finally released, stood with her knickers around her ankles, and with both hands rubbed her crimson nates which well exposed by her still raised skirt. It was obvious that she wasn't too concerned by that shameful show, attempting to sooth her fiery butt was the priority. She apologized. "I am..sorry Mammy."
Henriette told us to get the baskets for the boy's lunch. Claudine pulled up her knickers with a grimace. I must have looked quite silly as I stood frozen on the spot. Manon laughed. "Don't tell us! You've never received la fessée!"
I felt a warm glow, and knew I was blushing.
Claudine also teased while rubbing her dress over her derriere. "Look at her blushing like a naughty little girl who spilled the milk! Maybe she needs to learn what happens to naughty little girls?"
I was crimson as we climbed aboard an old jeep with the picnic baskets. After a short drive we caught up with the men in the fields. They had created a table and seats with balls of hay. Once we had handed sausage sandwiches, we sat on those balls of hay. Claudine jumped back onto her feet. "OUCH!"
Henri, her husband, laughed. "Let me guess, Henriette gave you a fessée. What for?"
Claudine blushed and pouted, but she had no choice, she had to answer. "Mammy said that the funnel for the duckling's feeding system wasn't clean enough."
Manon added with a mischievous grin. "Fessée cul nu in front of Debbie."
Her hubby gallantly took off his waistcoat for her to sit comfortably. While I again blushed, I was surprised by the sparkling eyes of Josh.
Debbie and Josh
To be continued...
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Skirt up, knickers down and spanked!

You are invited to role-play with us !

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