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Contribution from a new player...

I am Jennifer, a newbie senior pupil at Oaks and Pines. Unfortunately what was to happen in the near future was going to come to fruition much sooner. Since my arrival at school I had been punished 3 times: two spankings from Miss M for my bad word and glue tag, a collective spanking from Miss M for our stupid competition.  Miss S had already seen my bare bottom for a very severe spanking with the rice paddle in Q and I was in her sights but I had never been summoned for punishment in Miss's S study. I was dreading this moment because I had never received the cane it was a total stranger to me and saw the persistent red marks on Clara and Sam's buttocks I didn't want to lean across the settee, skirt up, panties down to receive 6 of the best. But things could be different very soon.

Morning exercises and jog.

Morning inspection supervised by Miss Ma and Miss M; all the girls were perfectly suited inside the main lobby.

I took a frugal breakfast  then We went to take the bus with our bikes on the rack.


Before first morning course I was talking with Arnaud when I saw a senior girl from V T girl school rushing towards me. I recognize the girl who probably see us in the bush.

 Gloria, a short, sporty brunette stares at me and gives me a dirty look.

 “I saw you with Arnaud, I should report you”

 “Don’t’ you dare!”

 Arnaud said nothing but made her understand that he was mine, hugging me tightly by the waist. Gloria was so pissed off. She yells at me:

 “You're a bitch, I saw you in the park, Arnaud’ hand inside your panties, you’re in so much trouble”

 “Said the poor girl who got the reputation of been a little slut, it's a compliment.”

 Girls laugh

 “You better be careful, you're new, bad things could happen to you.”

 “Try me!”

 “You’re a fucking bitch” and she turned on her heel.

 “Be careful Jen, this girl is an easy fighter.” Said Arnaud

 “You are kidding”

 “Oh no Jen she's hot-blooded and now she's going to have you in her sights.” Says Sam



After morning classes, we loaded our trays in the cafeteria. Gloria trips me and I spill my tray on the floor, it was humiliating in front of my best schoolmates. 

 “Ha ha this clumsy newbie” Gloria said making fun of me.

 I see red, I have difficulty containing my fury. Later at the table I said to my friends.

 “This bitch will pay me for it, I'm not a chicken.”

 “Watch out Jen, don't do stupid things,” says Emily

 “Be careful these girls from Veve tech don’t like when we hunt boys from RDL ”

 “Let her teach this little brat a lesson”

 “When you're a newbie you have to quickly gain respect otherwise everyone treats you like a chicken”. Adds another girl.

No one of them believe I will get revenge in the cafeteria, there were just joking.

 “Ok girls GRRRRR”! No way, I want to put down this bitch's cackle”

 I get up with the pitcher full of water, head towards Gloria's table and spill the entire pitcher on her head, it runs down her clothes and onto her shoes.

 “Don't look for me, you stupid bitch, otherwise you'll find me quickly.”

 She gets up soaked and groggy, she's the laughing stock of the entire cafeteria. She is ready to pounce on me, she grabs my hair, push me and tries to kick me with her leg outstretched, I chase her away. The fight is stopped dead by Miss A the chef lady.

 “What is this mess? You two silly girls, you will leave the refectory, lunch is over for you. I shall report this unfortunate incident. Stand in front of me, while I write your punishment report.

 She gives each of us a pink slip mentioned “Fight in the cafeteria». I was furious at being punished and on top of that without lunch, congrats Jen. I will have to explain my behavior when I return to the Chateau and should receive a severe bottom punishment. At least I won't be the only one Gloria will also pay dearly at V T I hope


As soon as arrived at the Chateau I went directly to see Miss P, I gave her the pink slip. When she saw the mention “Girl fight in the cafeteria” she scolds me:

 “Another you Miss C, you are really a trouble maker. Do you know that I also teach at O&P and I am used to spank naughty girl with my palm hand?”

I blush and say nothing.

 “This time I shall recommend a severe chastisement even if Gloria initiates the fight. Wait and see for your meeting with the ladies in charge. Up you go Miss C and stay still please”

Punishment Request Form

Name of Pupil : Jennifer C

Offence : Girls fight in the cafeteria

Punishment level required : Severe

Punishment administered : ...

Ladies signature : ... 

 I cross path with my friends in the hall, blushing anxious and ashamed

“Girls this time I am in deep trouble, Oops my bum!” (Fearful look)

 I was waiting for my meeting with Miss S the chancellor


When I was brought into her study I told my true version of the facts:

“Gloria looked for me, threatened me, and called me a bitch...then she made me overturn my tray, made fun of me in front of everyone... I had to react, I didn't want to be the laughing stock of the girls so I got up and I knocked over the pitcher... and then she wanted to hit me, I dodged without her knock and we were stopped by Miss A I am so sorry Miss S I know I should not react like that but this V T girl is a pest and for O&P honor I could not stand it.. You say that you will always believe a girl who tells the truth so that’s exactly what happens in the cafeteria” Then I was silent standing in front of her and waiting for her reaction….

 I was standing in front of the Chancellor.  After finishing my explanation, I kept quiet and waited for her comments. 

"So in a nutshell .... you were attacked then you knocked over the water jug which sounds like an accident .... was it ..... because if it was that's an end to it ... however Frau A has told me you didn't knock the jug over you picked it up walked to this Gloria and poured it over her in the process soaking some curtains to be changed and sent for cleaning ....!" 

Miss S looked hard at me and I turned red. 

"So in short you were attacked though it was hardly life threatening ... you lost your temper and retaliated and then you come in here telling me you version wad the truth, which it wasn't, and try and get me to believe it ?" 

I didn’t say a word my discovered half lie promised me a severe punishment. 

She stood slowly and withdrew a cane from the umbrella stand. I was so afraid of the cane. She pushed me across the desk swiftly pulling up my skirt and knickers so the white pants raised to clearly expose the lower part of the buttocks.  (Trembling legs) She scolds me: 

"I am able to understand if not approve of your retaliation you are aware that fighting is specifically against the school's rules ... I will not put up with being lied too." 

« Sorry Miss I would never do that again  » (rubbing my bum) 

I heard a swift noise and The cane was brought down right across both small buttocks six times as the Chancellor pushed down hard on my neck.  She made no comment as she administered the caning nor did she put everything into it.   That said the lower part of my bottom showed the red lines and my knickers hid the upper.   


Nothing had prepared me for this pain when the cane whipped my buttocks marking a red line with persistent localized pain that intensified, a slizzing streak of fire. 


From the second blow I screamed in pain while I received the third blow, my legs could not stay in place jumping on the spot. 



"There you may stand .... Do not ever lie to me again .... The curtains have to be cleaned you will receive only half your pocket money for four weeks the balance will be sent to the Campus." 

Going out of her study When I left the office I took off my panties, I couldn't stand the contact of the fabric on my red buttocks. I had tears in my eyes and a very sore bottom when I cross path with my school chums. I did not say a word pitiful.  I went to my dorm room hoping Clara has made après fessée balm to relieve the 6 red lines. Yet the canning had been less severe than those of Clara and Sam and hopefully Miss S had not pulled down my pants. I send an Email to my tennis coach pretending a fever to cancel my training. I could not play tennis with my skirt showing 6 of the best canning. I'm lying naked bum on my bed crying like a wee wee girl. I had never received the cane and it is much more severe than the martinet or the brush. 


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