Thursday, June 10, 2021

Curiosity part 3

Dinner was fine, the buffet was great. We hadn't ran and we weren't spanked, phew! Our roommates had warned us, "They have newbies wearing white socks to keep their eyes on them."

"Any misdemeanor, and its burntbutt!"

We nodded.

I got my old nickname back, I was again Prissy for Priscilla. Cheryl was asked if she still got her Cherry, we laughed as she blushed.

After dinner, since we didn't have any homework, we explored the two telly rooms and choose the one with a movie.

Lights out was at 11 PM for 6th formers.


We were awaken at 7 AM by the morning bell, and Miss Supervisor bellowed, "Shorts, T-shirts and trainers for morning exercises and run."

A newbie with white shorts from the next room had forgot her bra. True that she didn't have much in that department, "PE isn't a wet T-shirt contest!" She got well roasted buns, before breakfast.

I was quite fit, and I had no difficulties with the exercises and run. Some were encouraged with smacked thighs.

Next was a communal shower. I discovered that some had met more than callous hands. I would have loved some details, but too much curiosity could expose this undercover reporter.

Then we lined up for the morning uniform inspection. Thanks to our roommates we were well prepared. I couldn't help blushing when told, "Knickers inspection, raise your skirt!"

Breakfast followed, the morning exercises had sharpened our appetites. We weren't disappointed by the buffet. I enjoyed scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, I hadn't dared having such a breakie for quite some time. I also didn't usually run 5 k in the morning.

Our first lesson was English grammar, it was a double period, an hour and a half. As a graduate with honors of the Manchester School of Journalism, I had to be careful to make a few mistakes! I would remember for my report that the professor was great.

After a break it was a double period of math. It wasn't my forte to say the least. I hadn't done any math for the last four years besides using the very basic functions of a calculator. For my O and A Levels I had reduced math to the mandatory minimum.

The professor had all the white socks newbies sit in the back of the classroom and gave us a test to evaluate our level. She also warned us, "Those who have less than 10/20 will get a bare bottom spanking in front of the class! Those with less than 8/20 will get a Punishment Slip after a bare bottom spanking in front of the class." While the newbies worked on their test she held her regular class.

The test was gradually more and more difficult, I was sure to have got the first part right. As for the following parts it was downhill, till the last one which left me in the dark ages.

The best pupils had the privilege of correcting our papers. The prof graded our work and announced, "Not bad, some great grades, and three to be spanked in front of the class. Priscilla, 7/20, what were you doing in lower 6th, day dreaming? I am going to wake you up! Please come to the front of the class."

I slowly walked down the aisle till demurely standing in front of our teacher's stand. She stood, took her chair out from behind her desk, and grabbed my ear as if I was ten. I had no choice but to follow my ear till across her knees. She raised my skirt and pulled my knickers down, I felt a hot flush and my ears tickled, I was for sure blushing.

She spanked as hard as our supervisor, she alternated between my bottom and thighs. She went around from my left bun to the right one from one thigh to the other. I couldn't help stomping the floor. I had to be thankful not to be full moon in front of the class, I would have showed everything. She didn't tire; she spanked me till I whimpered.

Then she stopped and told me to stand, "Don't rub, hold your skirt up and keep your knickers down while I write your Punishment Slip." I stood and displayed my throbbing and for sure crimson derriere and thighs to my classmates. For my greater embarrassment the math geniuses of the front row were giggling.

Punishment Request Form

Name of pupil : Priscilla

Form or Class : 6th B

Reason for punishment :

Failed math test : 7/20

Such a bellow standard grade is evidence of laziness... 

Severity level requested :

Normal, Severe, Very Severe

Punishment administered :

Signature :


I was allowed to adjust my skirt and knickers, and red face I returned to my desk. I sat and read my Punishment Slip, I noticed the mention of ‘laziness’ and the underlining of ‘severe’. I had to admit that I had always been lazy with math. I kept my eyes on my desk, I didn't watch the other two newbies being spanked. I was happy that Cheryl wasn't one of them.

Later while having lunch our roommates Monica and Lucinda had a look at my P.slip as they call it. They both nodded in agreement, "Its the belt."

"Or the tawse."

"Nah, its the belt, she's a newbie."

Cheryl asked, "How many?"

"At least a dozen."

"That would be very lenient."

I chimed, "Oh! Twelve with a belt will sting..."

Lucinda added, "For sure!"


Priscilla aka Prissy

To be continued...


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