Saturday, April 3, 2021

Forest Hill part 6/6

Sophia had said, "The guys won't be too happy with those Requests for Husbandry Chastisement..." I had agreed with her, and prepared Eric with his favorite pasta in a rich cheese sauce and bacon. After dinner when I felt that he was in a good mood I took the plunge.
"Hon, please don't be upset..."
I felt like an idiot with such a lame approach...
"Why would I be upset dear ?"
I gave him the form. He first raised one eyebrow and soon raised the other one.
"Speeding ! Have you thought how dangerous those old cobbled streets could be ?!"
I offered a pity full, "Huh, soz hon, I won't do it again..."
"That's for sure ! Get me your hairbrush !"
It was a plastic one, and he smacked his hand with it before shouting,
"Mr Constable said "severe" I am not going to give you a tickle-booty spanking, I am going to roast your butt ! Get the blue ping pong paddle !"
I almost wet my knickers when I gave it to him.
"Hold your skirt up !"
He slowly peeled my knickers, I would have loved the feeling for a playful hand spanking or even a more severe one, but it was to be the ping pong paddle.
After a dozen whacks with it he stopped, phew !
"Argh! This is no fun ! I want to feel your luscious ass under my palm. I want to feel it bouncing and warming up..."
I knew it was silly, but I said it anyway, "I do prefer your hand..."
He continued the spanking with his hand, he also smacked the back of my thighs, "You will have to keep your skirt down to avoid advertising that you were again spanked !"
He stopped and kept me on his knees, my bum was throbbing. Next he sat me on his knees, and we soon moved to the sofa...
Next morning, the guys had already gone to work, when I visited Sophia. She playfully lifted my skirt, "Oh my, this young lady was spanked !" She poked each of my cheeks with her index finger, "The mark of a ping pong paddle !"
I wrestled her onto the sofa, raised her skirt, pulled down her knickers and pinched her bum, "Another well punished naughty girl ! How many with that paddle ?"
"About a dozen, he didn't like it, and you ?"
"Samo, he said that he likes to feel my luscious ass bouncing and warming up under his palm..."
We laughed and rode to the City Hall at a more sedate speed. We mostly pedaled above the saddle.
The burly constable was in office, and he welcomed us with a wide grin, "Ah! Good morning young ladies ! To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit ?"
I tried to smile. What cheek ! As if he didn't know ! He was obviously playing cat and mouse. "Good morning Sir."
Sophia added, "We are returning those Request for Husbandry Chastisement..."
I chimed, "We were chastised !" I refrained from adding, Do you want to see the evidence ?
"Excellent ! I am hoping that you will pay more attention to our street signs .... or you will be again visiting Whipping Post Lane !"
In unison we offered our best, 'Yes Sir !' and ran when dismissed.

After those incidents we were very well behaved !
Erika and Sophia

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