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Lafayette Girls, from France to the US part 3

Over dinner Mary-Anne asked her parents to sign the form for me to join the Raging Cajun Cheerleaders as they are my loco parentis.

Her father teased, "Careful! Their coach has a paddle!"

Mary-Anne minimized her father's tease, "Its only a leather paddle." She also hastily changed the subject and told me, "We won the state's football championship for the past six years, and our dance team travels all over the southeast to give half-time performances.”

Next morning, Saturday, we were both dressed with jeans shorts and tops from the cheerleader team. It was a short drive to the college's sports field with Mary-Anne's Jeep Wrangler. I mused that when back home I'll ask Papa to buy me a car.

At the the Raging Cajuns Cheerleaders' Club she introduced me, "This is Marie-Jeanne de La Fayette, she's the French girl who co-won the exchange program with me. She's staying with us."
The GI Jane coach, warmly welcomed me, "Bienvenue Marie-Jeanne, I am Jane."

"Thank you Ma'am!"

Next we were out on the field with cheerleader skirts, and after some warming up exercises. Our coach told Mary-Anne to show me a wheel and a forward flip."

I executed the moves, and added a couple of back flips. 

Miss GI Jane was happy, and went back inside to get the boom box for testing me on a dance routine. Meanwhile we teased the boys. A girl took her knickers off and raised her skirt before touching her toes.

The boys applauded, it was great fun! We couldn't see or hear Miss Jane returning as a few more were reaching for their panties, and the boys were hollowing as wolves

Miss Jane wasn't wasn't too happy. She marched us into the locker rooms. On the way she got a leather strap from her office. Then she scolded us, “That was a lewd display. You're not going to start acting like tramps when I’m around. Line up, take your panties off, and one by one you will step forward and apologize before bending over the punishment trestle. You will all get six strokes."

A few girls eyed me. I had no doubt that they were curious to see if I was going to chicken out. I took my knickers off and hung them from one of the pegs before lining up. Bare from my navel to my socks I wasn't the only one blushing. I felt the more acutely all the eyes that were on me. I had only taken the first step, my baptize of fire was still ahead.

I stepped forward, and apologized, “I’m very sorry Ma’am.” Then I bent over the trestle and grabbed the lower rail. I blushed crimson as I imagined what I was showing to my new chums. I didn't give more than one "AIE!" for each strokes. Later all the girls gave me high five.

After showers we changed back into our jeans shorts and clean cheerleader tops. We had a look in the tall mirror of the locker room, "Whoa! There's no doubt that we were strapped."

I echoed, "And my derriere is still on fire. That was a fiery baptism!"

"Hurry up we have to report at the Lafayette Historical Society."

The LHS receptionist beamed, "You're a real de La Fayette!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"And you won our competition, that's amazing! You have to visit our museum."

We did, and were welcomed by a matronly guide who immediately noticed our cheerleader tops and redden under-curves peaking under our shorts. "You've joined our cheerleaders team, well done, and you have already tasted southern discipline, hahahaha!"

I blushed.

A number of tourists eyed us. A French mother probably from Marseille considering her accent, was admonishing her naughty daughter, which looked about our age. "En Louisiane c'est la paddle !"

Her father added, "Cul nu !"

I blushed the more.

Our guide showed us a collection of old swords, "Mary-Anne's great great etc grand father was a blacksmith. He was the second born, he had no claim to the shop back in France. He sailed with Lafayette and made swords instead of plows. Here is one that was used by your ancestor."

Mary-Anne added, "After the Independence he made a fortune in the manufacture of farming tools, and Dad has branched into construction machinery."

We were lead to the office of the museum curator, both Presidents of the Lafayette and Clermont-Ferrand exchange program were visiting. The French one frowned when he saw that I was strapped. His American colleague laughed, "We are keeping her on the straight and narrow!" The French official nodded his approbation, and added with a smile, "I sure hope so!"

We mumbled as we escaped, "Mean old farts!"

A reporter caught up with us. "I am to interview the two of you for the local gazette". Mary-Anne gave me high five, "We're famous!"

Marie-Jeanne and Mary-Anne

To be continued...


PS : That part was written with help from our friend Jayent, an O&P player.


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